September 2020 Edition
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All Saints Coronavirus Helpline

Welcome to virtual worship for this, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost

You can access the texts for Sunday by following this link:  
This week we return to our virtual Eucharist.
Jeremiah the prophet also returns and is feeling rather used and abused as Yahweh's faithful prophet... nothing a little TLC and some divine retribution can't fix. In Romans, Paul reaches back to the Sermon on the Mount and to Deuteronomy with some surprising results - see, he can't make this stuff up; and, in Matthew's Gospel - as Jesus and Peter trade rebukes - a deeper message floats to the surface. Be warned.

As always, we will open the worship space at 9:45 AM to give everyone a chance to do a little greeting before the service begins at 10 with a moment of reflection.
Patrick Herlihy and Cheryl Thompson are our readers, while Deb Watson will serve as prayer leader.

To join the service by pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:
If you are asked for a password, enter 014954
(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)
To join by cell phone (audio only)
Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  WHen asked for the password, enter: 014954#
To join by landline:
Dial: 1 301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 715 310 766  Password: 014954

Link to our bulletin >>> Bulletin

To volunteer please contact the office 410-257-6306
Message from Father Ken

As we grow more comfortable with Zoom I wanted to announce the opening of virtual office hours. I will make myself available for thirty minute to one hour time slots for any purpose under heaven, every Wednesday and Friday, between 1 and 4 PM. Please email me at phelpsjrko@gmail to make an appointment, (Anything from theology to baseball to mission to just checking in, the agenda is yours.)

As always, for pastoral emergencies and other urgent matters, never hesitate to call or text me at any time on 410-790-1631.
From our Music Director:

Since we are still gathering for Virtual Sunday Services and we are using primarily pre-recorded music, the need to create videos and PowerPoint presentations has become our modus operandi. It would make those presentations much more personal if, in their creation, I could use some photos that are special to our own folks. If you would like to share photos for this purpose of scenery from your travels or local scenery, flowers, gardens, wildlife...the list goes on...please email them to me at:
Thanks so much!
Deb Watson

Rector's Discretionary Fund

The COVID pandemic has placed additional stress on many agencies and organizations as they stretch resources to meet the needs presented by our neighbors for food, utilities, medicine and rent. But, those closest to home are also being impacted by this health crisis and the rector's fund is one way that our members are able to find assistance with a myriad of issues in strict confidence. Normally that fund is fed by donations made for weddings, funerals, baptisms and other occasions where the donor wishes to honor someone's memory or celebrate an anniversary. All are great ways to play forward our thankfulness. But, need is outstripping the ability to offer even nominal assistance, and so Ken+ is asking those who are so moved and able, to offer a gift - large or small - that could become a utility bill, or prescriptions or even gas to get to the job for an essential worker.

To make a contribution, CLICK HERE.  Many thanks for your generous consideration. We are all in this together.  
Principal Mission Project Update

Voting on Housing Needs in Calvert County as the All Saints Principal Ministry Mission Project concluded Friday, August 21. The Living Our Values Commission (LOVC), that conducted the vote, received 33 votes from All Saints members. All voted "yes" that Housing Needs should be our Principal Mission Project. We received no negative responses or comments. 

As a result, in accordance with the revised decision process approved by the Vestry in July, the LOVC has referred "Housing Needs in Calvert County" to the Vestry for acceptance as All Saints' Principal Mission Project. After Vestry approval, the next step will be determining and implementing a plan to initiate work on the project.

The LOVC wishes to express our deep appreciation to the All Saints members for you prayerful and thoughtful insights and responses that resulted in the Holy Spirit leading us to this very important decision for the future of All Saints. This Project has the potential of making very significant impacts for good in many ways for those in Calvert County in need of quality and appropriate housing and have beed denied that blessing for a number of reason. We invite all of you to stand ready to play a part in its implementation.
September Birthdays
Conference Call for Prayer -

Join Barbara Brown and Lisa+ Siciliano every Thursday, 7-8 pm on a conference call devoted to prayer. This is an opportunity for anyone to bring concerns and have everyone on the call pray for such concerns. (This is separate from being able to contact Barbara to arrange individual prayer.) New contact and access numbers are below:

Call: 701-802-5452
Access: 4672453   

Date: Thursday's start time: 7:00 pm
End time: approximately 8:00 pm

Contact info:
Barbara Brown, Lisa+ Siciliano;
Virtual coffee shop We will gather virtually for coffee, tea and conversation on Thursday mornings. The Coffee Shop will open at 9 AM, and close at 11. Feel free to pop in anytime, and stay as long as you like.
To access the coffee shop on your pc, laptop or smart device, just click on this link: 

Or... If you have the Zoom app, open it and enter the Meeting ID: 878 1395 1329  and then the Password: 027593 can also join us on your cell phone (audio only) 
by dialing 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the access code: 87813951329#  and then the password: 027593#  
September Vestry Meeting
The next meeting of All Saints Vestry will be virtual, via Zoom, Tuesday, September 8th, at 7:00 PM. All parishioners are welcome to "attend".
Upcoming Events
"All Saints Skills Extravaganza continues in September and October with fabulous opportunities to learn from some of our gifted members. Each will present on Zoom a fascinating and quite different variety expertise. You will not want to miss these programs.

Have you ever thought about starting your own small business, either full-time or part time. On Saturday, September 12, 10 am, Maria Feaster, owner and operator of Cobbler's Creations, for quality ladies' footwear, will teach you all the tricks of the trade for starting and running a successful small business.

Did you know that you can knit without needles? Even a guy can probably do that. But is it truly a skill you can learn or is it magic? To find out for sure, on Saturday, September 26, 10 am, join Susan Custis as she presents "Yarn without Needles". 

Who needs Jacques Pepin or America's Test Kitchen when we have Filo Blake. Filo, trained as an expert meat cutter by Nicks of Calvert, on Saturday, October 10, 10 am, will teach us the proper way to butcher and prepare various cuts of meat. Join him to improve you culinary abilities, whether in the kitchen on the grill.

We are looking for others with special expertise to share. If you have a skill, hobby, or particular interest that you would like to present on All Saints Skills Extravaganza, you are invited to join the fun. Please contact Sherrill Munn, email: or phone: 410-286-7586 to let him know your skill and schedule you program."
Share-A-Skill Extravaganza -

Do you have an antique mechanical clock that runs for a bit but then stops prematurely? Routine cleaning and lubrication were unexpected parts of owning these clocks. With that in mind, many were designed for ease of maintenance. In John Overstrom's talk, he will discuss how these clocks work and go over some basic steps you can do to get your clock running again. Tune in to Skills Extravaganza 10 a.m., Saturday, August 29, to learn more.

Tools / Materials:  Short needle nose pliers, mechanics tweezers (with 45 degree angle) or a curved hemostat clamp, paper clip or a small jeweler’s screwdriver, ½ or ¼ teaspoon measure, round toothpicks, small patches of clean cotton cloth t-shirt material or gun cleaning patches, 2-3 drops of motor oil.  Optional: small flashlight, jeweler’s eye loupe or magnifying glass, books or wooden blocks.

Join by clicking here:
Password: 844126
OR Use the Zoom App 
Meeting ID: 83771253857;
Password: 844126
OR, call from any phone: +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 83771253857
Password: 844126
In case you missed the last 2 shows , you can see using these links:
All Saints Cooks - Eggplant Parmigiana with Norm Flora  

Middle Eastern Dancing Part II with Mary Ann Munn
Did You Miss Other Episodes?
If the answer is YES, you can watch other video recordings. Simply go to our website at All Saints Cooks and Skills Extravaganza recording links can be found on the HOME page in the picture carousel.
On Friday evening, September 4, we will gather - virtually - to test our knowledge of all things trivial. Our game begins at 7 PM.  
'A Patchwork Quiz' is the working title for this month's intellectual exercise, and as the name implies, it will be a veritable potpourri of topics and categories (signifying nothing)
The game room will open at 6:40 so you have time to register your team or individual 'trivia' name and do some last minute posturing and/or trash talking with your opponents. 

Here is the link, your key to an evening of trivial frivolity:

On your laptop, pc, or other smart device, click on this link:

If you are joining over the Zoom app, enter the meeting ID and password when prompted:
Meeting ID: 854 2143 1414
Password: 018091

Feel free to invite friends and family to play. Please have them contact us at so we can identify them when they arrive for the quiz. And, before the game, please check out the specials at the Scorpion Brewery in Owings - our partner in trivia for going on six years. Through our monthly contests, we have raised thousands of dollars in support of youth leadership development in Calvert County, and also money to feed hungry families and individuals in our communities. 
The knitting/crafting group continues to meet via Zoom on Thursdays from 1 - 3 PM. If you would like to join us and are not receiving our emails, please contact Cindy Overstrom at If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can also call in with any phone. 
The next Zoom ECW meeting will be on Saturday, September 19th at 1 PM. If you are not receiving the email invitation for these monthly meetings and would like to attend, please contact Cindy Overstrom at If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can call in with any phone also. 
 Les Saints du Vin will meet on Sunday, September 13 from 4 - 7 pm
Donations of Clorox or Lysol wipes or
store brand equivalent still needed

We need people to buy disinfecting wipes in preparation for the church reopening and leave them in the church near the PA equipment. You can email Cindy to let her know items have been dropped off. If you would like to be reimbursed, you should also tape your receipt to it with your name. Many thanks to those who have donated wipes, hand sanitizer and made and donated masks. 

EasyTithe - Six Months in

This past January now seems like a very long time ago, back when we were able to move about and be with people without concerns of infecting someone with a virus or being infected ourselves. The Vestry had been discussing an alternate form of giving for parishioners to use. We had, and still do have, a PayPal account, but some felt it wasn’t flexible and descriptive enough. 

Deb Shupe headed up a review process of different online giving applications and brought her recommendation to the Vestry. EasyTithe had all the functionality we needed, so Deb and Dave went to work implementing and configuring. Usage began in the latter part of February. A big thanks to the Shupes.

Since then, we have collected over $28,000 through the application, and have 74 users, as of this writing. We have found EasyTithe to be quite flexible and configurable. We are able to easily create new forms for giving as we branch into different areas of ministry and programs. There are capabilities that we haven’t touched yet, but I’m sure we will take advantage of them when we are ready. 

The timing couldn’t have been better. When services and other activities became virtual, online giving became a way for many to support the work done at All Saints. The monthly Wine Tastings and Trivia Nights, for example, have brought in many friends of All Saints who contribute to our missions. 

If you haven’t checked out EasyTithe, take a look by going to the Parish website and follow the Giving link. Whether you want to make a one-time donation, or a recurring donation, you will find the process easy to use. However, if you have questions about how to use EasyTithe, contact either me or Deb Shupe. Please know that whether you use EasyTithe, PayPal or drop a check in mail (but please use PO Box 40), all of your contributions are crucial to the support of All Saints and our missions, and very much appreciated.

Steve Watson
Support a Permanent Prince Frederick Community Recreation Center

EXCITING NEWS! The County Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with plans for a permanent community recreation center in Prince Frederick during their 8/11 working session. The approved motion includes the following:

1. Directions for staff to continue preliminary planning in the development of the FY22 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget
2. Include construction in the FY24 CIP budget build
3. Report on the status by 12/1/2020
4. Seek grant funding from other sources
5. Research PPP (public-private partnership) opportunities
6. Solicit public input for the permanent Harriet E. Brown Community Recreation Center

Progress is being made!

Facebook users – you can stay up-to-date on the Citizens for a Prince Frederick Community Recreation Center FB page, so be sure to LIKE US and invite your friends and neighbors to LIKE US as well. Together we can make this happen…SOONER THAN LATER!
Up-to-Date Info from the League of Women Voters of Calvert County
Early Voting is scheduled for October 26th through November 2nd, including the weekend. The hours are updated to 7am to 8pm (previously it was 8am to 8pm). Calvert will still have the one Early Voting site in Prince Frederick.  On Election Day, there will be five voting centers in Calvert, equal to the number of high schools plus our early voting center. The Board of Elections is in the process of determining the best sites for the vote centers.  

The mail-in ballot applications were mailed out this week and should arrive in voter mailboxes within a week. Be sure to check your mailbox. It does include a pre-paid postage envelope to return it.  They are looking into adding two more drop boxes for the County, one in the northern end and one for the south end. Stay-tuned!

The LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS strongly encourages people to request their absentee ballots online. If you have not received one by September 8, please contact the Calvert County Board of Elections at (410) 535-2214 or visit Applications must be received by the Board of Elections by Tuesday, October 29, 2020. They also suggest that you consider dropping off your completed, signed ballot in one of the dropboxes that will be made available. This will ensure that your ballot is received on time (8PM on Election Day, November 3). Be sure to track your absentee ballot online.

Please share with family and friends via email, social media or any other way you can reach the largest population of people.  
Tithing by Bacon
Thirty years ago, who would have thought a little bacon could turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of volunteer time to care for our neighbors? Perhaps the answer is, no one, but those are the facts! For about three decades, All Saint’s Parish has been committed – and remains committed -- to tithing our income to be the hands and feet of Christ. Sounds simple, but it’s more like a miracle. You’ve probably heard individuals who actually give ten percent of their gross income for the welfare of others say it kind of takes care of itself. Once you make that commitment, and actually begin to put the money aside to realize it, it happens. That’s been the story of our parish, too. But it took the inspiration of a few people, some no longer with us, to start frying bacon and flipping pancakes to raise outreach money to let us tithe. That’s because, the “business costs” of running a parish are fairly high and pretty inflexible: utilities, salaries, insurance, maintenance, Diocesan allocation, printing and mailing costs…and you can’t keep the doors open unless you pay them. So, if the parish then really intended – as it decided to do -- to give away 10% of what comes into the parish, it actually had to raise more income to have that 10% available, including 10% of the new money being raised! So, the Outreach Breakfast – the best breakfast in the County -- was born. It has been followed by many other outreach-dedicated activities over the years including targeted gifts of individuals, Wine Tasting and Trivia donations, the Calvert Arts Festival and a host of other “who would have thought it” things. Turns out, if you make that commitment and do your best to honor it, it really does take care of itself – with a little help from parishioners and friends, elbow grease and bacon!
Outreach Breakfasts Resume!
For many years, Outreach Breakfasts have been on of the mainstays of All Saints outreach to care for others. The Breakfasts are not only fun and tasty, but we count on them to raise about $500 a month that is essential to our efforts to feed others.
Well, we’re not going to let a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of such goodness! So, starting Sunday, September 20th, and the third Sunday of each following month, Outreach Breakfasts will be “Zoomified”.  You’re invited to fix your favorite breakfast and a cup of coffee or whatever you prefer, and “bring them” to the same Zoom address that we use for each Sunday’s church service at 9:00 to share in conversation with other breakfasters. And while you’re doing that, please connect to the Parish EasyTithe link in Facebook or on the Church Website and make the same (or even better) donation that you’d make if we were at the Parish Hall together.
If you can’t make the “Breakfast”, please make your EasyTithe donation when you can, or send a check to Steve Watson, our parish Treasurer. However you donate, please include a note that it’s for the “Outreach Breakfast.”
Thank you! The Giving Back Commission is looking forward to seeing what you’re having for breakfast!
On the HeartF.E.L.T. Front
The leader for this project is Glenn Iona. If you have any questions, please contact him at (the conjunction between “therave” and “1999” is an underscore).
“We Love Calvert Arts Festival $10K Benefit for Children”  

All Saints’ Church will host The We Love Calvert Arts Festival $10K Benefit for Children to raise $10,000 for five charities that support our County’s children AND we will promote our loyal artisans ( during the month of September! The October 1 – 10 fundraiser replaces the 2020 Calvert Arts Festival.  

Please pass on the attached flyer to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors and share the flyer on your Facebook page. The more we publicize, the more successful we will be at meeting our goals! Stay-tuned for additional updates that will be posted in the weekly newsletters and on social media!
Many Wounds to Heal: Health Care (In)Equity -
How Does It Affect Me?
Don’t forget to mark your calendar now for the next BIG CONVERSATION:  Many Wounds to Heal: Health Care (In)Equity - How Does It Affect Me?  This event will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 2-5pm online. Register early to get your virtual seat!

More information can be found at
You Must Pre-register:

This year we had a very strong start to the Spudnik Garden with 16 teens and children working the garden along with 10 adult volunteers. Our teen Spudnik President Ryan Dickson-Burke recruited a number of teens from Huntingtown HS. They cleaned up the garden, took up the old mulch, put down new ground cover and new stone mulch. They made the potting soil, filled the bags and fertilized them with organic fertilizer. Then they planted cool-weather plants, including potatoes, cabbage, collards, kale, spinach, beets, radishes and carrots. They laid an excellent foundation. 

 However, after the cool weather planting, because of COVID-19, we had to stop regular garden work meetings. From late March on, care for the garden fell upon three families, the Munns and Dickson-Burkes from All Saints, and the McCauleys, Catholic neighbors who committed to Spudnik the last two years. With these three families, we could keep the number of people working at 10 in keeping with the Governor's guidance and properly physically distance. These families continued the garden by building a new children's garden, making additional potting soil, filling bags, planting warm-weather plants, expanding the drip irrigation system, harvesting and donating produce, and performing necessary maintenance. 

 As a result of the efforts of all the above, we have set a new record of pounds of produce from the garden donated to local food pantries. We set a new record last year by donating 467 pounds. This year, despite COVID-19 and a tropical storm, we surpassed that record. As of August 24, we donated 468 pounds 8-5/8 ounces with still two months left in the growing season.

 We thank all those who gave Spudnik a great start and those who have kept it going for the outstanding success of the Spudnik Garden, even in this very difficult and strange year.
From the campus

Community Events
Christmas in April Calvert County, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization that repairs and improves the homes of low-income homeowners. Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 year, with a deadline of September 30, 2020. Applications can be downloaded from

Please pass it on! Taking the census is easy, secure, and can be done online at

Last day to take the Census is September 30, 2020
Community PSA's
Community Wellness

Calvert Health offers a variety of Community Wellness programs for the Calvert community. The attached flyer lists Virtual Support Groups and Classes. For more information, contact the Community Wellness Department by calling 414-535-8233
The Calvert County Department of Public Safety announces that the Calvert County 911 call center is now accepting text messages through text-to-911 service.

Customers of the three major wireless carriers – AT&T, T-Mobile (including former Sprint customers) and Verizon – who are enrolled in a text messaging plan can send text messages to 911 in an emergency when they are unable to place a phone call. This includes those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech impaired, those who may find themselves in a situation where placing a voice call could put them in danger, or those who are experiencing a medical emergency and are unable to speak.

“We are thrilled to launch text-to-911 service in Calvert County,” said Public Safety Director Jackie Vaughan. “While a phone call is still the preferred way to contact 911, the ability to send a text message to 911 gives residents and visitors better access to emergency services, particularly for those who may have difficulty placing a voice call.”

The procedure is simple to send a text message to 911, when in need of emergency services and unable to place a phone call:
o    Enter 911 in the “To” line of a new text message.
o    Begin the message with the location of the emergency and the type of help needed – police, fire or emergency medical services (EMS).
Once the message has been received at the 911 call center, a 911 specialist will respond. Users should be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions.

Citizens are urged to place a voice call to 911 if possible; text if you can’t. Public Safety offers the following additional tips for using text-to-911:
o    Keep text messages short and simple; avoid using slang or abbreviations.
o    Photos and videos cannot be viewed by 911 call centers.
o    English is the preferred language for text messaging, though some limited translation services may be available.
o    Including an additional contact on your text message may prevent it from being received by 911.
o    As with all text messages, messages to 911 may take longer to receive, may be received out of order or may not be received at all.
o    If text-to-911 service is not available in an area, users will receive a bounce back message from their carrier telling them to place a phone or relay call instead.
o    Do not text and drive.

Learn more about text-to-911 service in Calvert County at Citizens with questions may contact Emergency Communications Assistant Division Chief Stanley Harris at or 410-535-1600, ext. 2942.
Mark your October calendar:
From the Connections Commission

Sharing information via our All Saints’ newsletters, midweek email updates and snail mail communications continue to be a work in progress. We would like to thank all who contribute the information we include and we encourage all Parish members to submit “news” items and photos that would be of interest to our Parish family and friends. 

Info and flyers to be posted in the October monthly newsletter need to be received via email by Wednesday, September 23rd. Please send information to AND This allows time for editing and clarification when needed. 

Please refer to the publicity guidelines on our website for more information.

Note: please send your submission as you'd like it to appear. We'll edit for spelling and punctuation but submissions should be written as they will appear instead of as requests.

Parish buildings are not open now, and only individuals specifically authorized for an essential service may be in them (e.g., HeartFELT food packing). Those authorized individuals must wear masks, must practice social distancing and must sanitize touch areas as they enter and as they leave. This is not a matter of personal choice and applies to everyone including volunteers, business suppliers, and contract personnel. If you note a deviation you may politely remind the individual. If you are not comfortable doing that or doing so doesn’t correct the problem, please contact a church officer.

There is now a sign-in sheet located on the desk by the downstairs entrance and another upstairs outside the ladies room. Please use these to sign-in with date and time in and out of the Hall.
1. Love and Acceptance of Neighbor: Work toward alleviating suffering and bringing healing to our communities in acts great and small. Welcome with love, compassion, and care all who engage with All Saints. Strive to bring together in love and fellowship those who otherwise may be divided. Promote equality, human rights, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all.

2. Worship and Formation: Create disciples through worship, education, and coming together in fellowship. Demonstrate and share the love of Jesus with others. Offer creative and enriching programs for adults, children, and youth. Promote worship activities that strengthen congregational relationships and bring our community together in love and mutual respect. 

3. Valuing and Sharing Our History: Respect, maintain, and share our sacred space and the stories of those who have worshipped here for over 300 years. Encourage understanding and enlightenment through listening to and learning about our history.
Worship Commission:
Deb Watson 301-801-0960 
Dennis Laurie  410-714-2533 
Parish Family Commission:
Hope Sayles
301-855-0251 or 301-467-1467 
Christian Formation Commission:
Paul Dickson 410 257-3893 
Erryn Fleming 764 913-4042 
Living Our Values Commission:
Sherrill Munn 443 404-7560 
Giving Back Commission:
Patti At Lee 202 669-5594 
Finance Commission:
Patrick Herlihy 202 603-3273 
Connections Commission:
Deb Shupe 410-231-8150 
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Property Committee:
Tom Hyde 443 684-4583 
Planned Giving Board:
Carl Bucheister 301-855-4687
Episcopal Church Women (ECW):
Cindy Overstom 410-474-0086
Calvert Arts Festival:
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Cemetery Committee:
Brian Dowell 410-257-5449
Parish Leadership

Senior Warden - Kip At Lee
Junior Warden - Patrick Herlihy
Property Warden - Tom Hyde
Program Warden - Deb Shupe
Prayer Warden - Barbara Brown
Treasurer - Steve Watson
Music director - Deb Watson
Vestry Members

Sherrill Munn
Bryan Dowell
Nate Pope
Deb Watson
Dave Shupe
Tom Hyde
Lissi Mojica
Barbara Brown