Dear Saint families,

It is hard to believe we are already in the second week of October and approaching the end of the 1st nine weeks!  Next week, we will send you the sign up links for Parent/Teacher conferences. It is always important to us to work in a partnership with the parents as we strive to prepare each and every student academically and spiritually to succeed in life and to do God’s will. 

Recently, it was shared with me that some parents have begun engaging in public criticism of the school and our teachers. As mentioned at our Parent Nights, it takes a partnership between all of us - teachers, staff, and parents - to maximize success for each of our students. Therefore, we must understand what partnering means. Our partnership can only survive on trust and positive reinforcement, equally. To support our mission together, our Parent Student Handbook states that we must always exhibit Christian charity and respect of one another by avoiding public criticism, and supporting both the teachers' and administration's decisions. Public criticism ultimately hurts our children, undermines our joint mission, and makes it nearly impossible to succeed together.

Earlier in the year, I encouraged families during the presentation at Parent Night to “Be not afraid…to share a concern.” We want to work in communion with you, so we welcome and need input. However, our Parent Student Handbook outlines the effective method to achieve this. First, we ask that you discuss the concern with the person most directly involved in a respectful and professional manner, which is almost always the teacher. If you feel your concern is not addressed at that stage, the Assistant Principal assigned to your grade is then ready to hear further concerns, and then, after that, myself. When we implemented that step-by-step process several years ago, it was done after a lot of thought and feedback. This remains the best way to reinforce our partnership with respect for all parties, and provides the best results for the student involved.  

Being a parent myself of a middle schooler and a high schooler, parenting is a challenge everyday! The Lord has given us such responsibility. He has entrusted us with the care and gift of life (our children), what a task! We also have an opportunity to be a model for our children. This is no easy feat being that we are responsible to raise Catholic young men and women who are focused on the Lord, well educated, socially mature, respectful, service-oriented, responsible, and successful all the while navigating through friendships, time-management, and physical development.

Please understand that we know that these young men and women are a gift, each one is unique and we believe that they are on a journey as they grow. Indeed, we are all on a journey during their education! But you must trust that the teachers, administrators, and staff are all professionals with many years of experience. We understand when things need help, and we look forward to always working with you to implement your input. All the qualities we want for our children to exemplify take time through taking risks, navigating challenges, and persevering with the support of family and the nurturing community that we offer here at StJPII. Thank you for partnering with us as we grow on our path to sainthood.

In Him,