Dear St. John Paul II families,

Happy Tuesday! What a blessing to have 97% of our whole Saint family back at school after Harvey. It is so beautiful to be a part of this community as we continue to provide on-going love and support to one another throughout this time of recovery
Today, you will find in your child’s Tuesday folder a Virtue card! This card is tied to our theme for the year, “Celebrating Our Community of Saints”. As I mentioned in my summer letter, we will be celebrating each and everyone of us, as we are the SAINTS, and also featuring a “saint in our church” who exemplifies a virtue. We will together participate in learning how these Saints call us to develop the seven virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, & Charity. 

There is no doubt that Jesus directly had a hand in guiding me months ago to begin the year with “Hope” for Aug/Sept. What perfect timing that the Lord has given us to practice and develop this virtue during this time of rebuilding. 

Please place this card in your car, on your fridge, or anywhere with easy access throughout the coming days. This virtue card was designed to allow you as a family to grow in God’s love. Please use this to pray with your children in the morning, noon, and in the evening. Our Hope is that this tool will help your family and our whole SAINT community grow in knowledge of our Catholic faith. We will continue to provide you with a new virtue card each month as we celebrate our 30 th year!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Saints football game tomorrow!

In Him we Trust,