Dear St. John Paul II Families,

Happy November! We are very much looking forward to tomorrow celebrating as a community with a Special Mass and Veneration of an official Relic of St. John Paul II. Please remember to have the students wear full dress for this occasion. On Friday, students may wear regular dress.

This will be a historical event and we are doubly blessed that our alumni, Alexia Zaldivar, and her Religious Order will be bringing this special Relic to our very own school. 

We are so excited to share with you that each student will be given a medal and a Holy card that will be touched to the Relic making them 3 rd class Relics. Please make sure to ask your child about this special opportunity and assist them in treasuring these keepsakes; may they serve as a light along their journey of faith.

As St. John Paul II says, “Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are.”

In Him we trust,