Dear St. John Paul II Families,

The “Don’t Stop Believin” Gala in celebration of our 30 years was magnificent! If you were unable to join, know that your Saint community enjoyed fun, fellowship, and an overwhelming sharing of support for our school! The Gala committee, under the direction of Sally Clark, outdid themselves and broke records in attendance as well as fundraising! We will share more with you as we close out the event. I am abundantly grateful to the committee and to all of our extended Saint family for the continuous support to StJPII!

Now as we enter into the month of March, you have received the virtue card “Temperance”, practicing self-control. This is truly perfect for our time in Lent, where we ask the Lord to help us to be mindful of those things we desire, and pray for His guidance that our desires are in balance and aligned to His. I ask that as a family you all strive to grow in holiness this Lent in practicing the virtue of Temperance. We can all exercise temperance throughout our day, even in the little things, such as: patience in lines including carpool, curbing our tongue when it is not of goodness, and remembering to listen to the Lord when tempted.

A few things I wanted to remind all of you, in light of recent events. In last week's Saints Weekly, we provided an informative article about how to discuss these types of events with your children. I want to make sure you are aware that our faculty and staff attend “Active Shooter Training” every year in order to remain aware, alert, and prepared to care for all the students here at StJPII. We also have had a safety audit of our campus with the Houston Police Department to ensure our campus remains safe. Four years ago, we installed bullet proof glass as an interior barrier. We continue to be diligent and proactive with a number of safety protocols in order to remain safe and secure including monthly safety drills.

I thank you again for your continued support and I pray that Lent will prove to be a time for each of you to experience fasting and prayer in order to be fulfilled with a new hope and love that comes with the resurrection. Remember Fr. TJ last week, God’s grace will fully cleanse us from sin…don’t forget to invite Him into your hearts.

In Him we Trust,