Dear St. John Paul II Families,

Every day I am amazed and blessed by how our students take care of one another. At the end of last week, I observed a student helping a classmate find something that was missing. Although, they didn’t know I was watching it was such a sweet sight to see them taking care of each other. I knew in that moment all of the values we hope to instill in our little and big Saints are coming to fruition.

I invite each of you to attend Stations of the Cross on Holy Thursday. All the details are included in this Saints Weekly .

As holy week comes to a close, I pray that you, through your Lenten journey this year, have grown closer to the Lord, sharing in His suffering and allowing your hearts to open deeper to love like Him. Now we can enjoy the Easter celebration of His Resurrection! Because He lived, died and rose for us, we have renewed hope and are forgiven, no matter how small or large our sin may be. Allelulia!

Have a blessed Easter!