Dear Saint Families,

It is March! Spring Break is coming and I know we all are excited for the break, relaxing and enjoying family and friend time! 

This week we begin the Holy Season of Lent. Please join us tomorrow for Mass and the distribution of ashes which begins the Holy Season of Lent. The season of Lent invites us into a spiritual renewal by calling us to deepen our faith through sacrifice of not just the occasional – giving up desserts, but seeing the abundance of blessings we have and becoming more grateful and aware of God working in our lives. Lent allows us an opportunity to show greater love to one another emulating Christ’s love for us and to live more purely and rid ourselves of unwanted habits or hardness of heart. I pray that each of you experience Christ in a new way throughout this Holy Season of Lent. (At my parish – we have been given yet again the challenge of no electronics… media, phones, etc. and to spend time with our families!) God bless you as you contemplate how you will grow this Lenten season.

In Him,