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My wife and I recently returned from our time of ministry on the island of Saipan, and I am excited to share a quick update with you. 
Pastoral Training Session
Training Men for Ministry across Asia
For many years I have been working alongside Dr. Christian Wei through Christian Bible Church and Eucon International University on the island of Saipan. We co-labor together to further the Gospel across Asia.  

This year my wife accompanied me to the island for the first time. She enjoyed teaching several evening sessions for the ladies. 

The primary purpose of my time was to equip men for ministry. With God's help and provision, and along with the instruction of many pastors and professors, our Timothy and Titus program has now trained nearly 300 men. Praise the LORD! 

Click here for pictures and further information.
Pastor Johnny and Ms. Cathy Pike
Ministry Mentors
While on the island, it was a special joy to serve alongside Pastor Johnny and Cathy Pike.
Cold Packs
Make-shift Ice Packs
As I continue to recover from shoulder surgery, I found frozen packages of bologna worked effectively.
Partners in Ministry
We are thankful for the many opportunities the Lord has given us to share His truth across America and around the world. 
Lorri and I are leaving in just a few hours for Seattle. We will be sharing in a Family Camp over the next week. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Working the Great Commission, 

Pastor Wayne Johnson
Missions Revival