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   OCTOBER, 2015
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Tantric (Vajrayana) 
The White Tara deity is a mother-like figure that we visualize as the source of unconditional love, compassion, nurture, and availability. She radiates a clear white light in all directions and across the expanse of space. 
The light heals the hurt in our hearts and fills our longing for union.

'No Adaptation Required'

An Interview with Tantric Buddhist teacher 
Sangye Khandro.
By Donna Lynn Brown. 
A freelance reporter, Buddhist practitioner, and Sakyadhita Canada member.

  The Anagarika Memorial Celebration on September 13, 2015 at the Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre in Surrey B.C. celebrated Anagarika Dhammadinna's passing 25 years ago on September 19, 1990. 
 It was a day richly spent with sharing memories and photos, with friends, family and former students.

"Something that she would say to her students was: Tears are to the inside what rain is to the outside, they wash your heart.  
She taught her students to speak from their heart. There were many shared letters  and one from Ajahn Sona of Birken Monastery, said that friends on the same path are like finding diamonds on the beach - in reference to Anagarika"

Please CLICK HERE  to read this complete submission by  Bev Goodwin, who attended this event and was kind enough to share her day with us.

Committee, Eddie, Jean, Jayanta, Tenzin Dolma, 
Susan, Shurli, Leslie 
   In Sri Lanka, in 1964, Anagarika was ordained by the late Venerable Nyanasatta Thera, who gave her the name Dhammadinna. She preferred to be called Anagarika, a term used in Theravada Buddhism referring to "homeless one", a person who has given up most of their worldly possessions and responsibilities to commit fully to a Buddhist practice.

Abhidhamma study books.Probably some of the first books translated into English available to students.
"The day was a beautiful way to celebrate the teachings and the dedicated teacher, Anagarika Dhammadinna who enabled others to have a taste of the teachings for themselves.  A more detailed description of the day, and photos, are posted on the Sakyadhita Canada website     
What follows are a few personal reflections."
By Wendy McAdam
     SUKHI HONTU...'May All Beings be Happy"

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