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   FEBRUARY, 2017

June 22-28, 2017
The Sakyadhita International Conference is being held in Hong Kong from June 22 - 28, 2017.  Check it out   HERE
and see preliminary information on panels, workshops, etc., under the theme of  " Contemporary Buddhist Women: Contemplation, Cultural Exchange & Social Action". The biennial event promises to offer a rich opportunity to connect with Buddhist women (and men) and exchange experiences and ideas. We are excited as there will be three Sakyadhita Canada board members presenting papers/workshops.
Sakyadhita Canada has a limited amount of scholarship funds available to help offset the costs of a monastic or layperson to attend the conference. Any interested persons are invited to contact for further information.  

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"Buddhism, Neuroscience and Mental Health: Making a Mindful Connection"

We are living in a society that is becoming increasingly aware of acts of violence and hatred bred by intolerance. How can we build a less violent and more compassionate society for our children and their children in the future? How does the practice of mindfulness improve physical and mental health?
Our experts in both the Buddhist and the scientific communities will make a collaborative effort to explore this question deeply, and to find common ground on how we can strive to alleviate human suffering. Please join us for this important conversation. 

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Find out about Buddhist women (and men) in Canada: what are their traditions, forms of practice, needs and concerns. Your generosity and kindness will help to nurture and encourage Dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha) in our day-to-day lives.

Anger is Conquered by Love

Hatreds never cease through 
hatred in this world;
Through love alone they cease.
This is an eternal law.
Dhp. 5

We are living in interesting times. It can seem like there are two opposing forces at work in the world, but if we are able to tweak our perception a little, we can see that whatever is happening is an opportunity to see where fear and anger are hidden away within the mind. With mindfulness we can determine where we are retaining, and often acting upon, a lack of love. With Right Mindfulness we can train our mind to see how the concept of self and other, is at the root of all fear and distress. If hatred, in the form of fear or anxiety, or in any of its many guises, rises in the mind, we can choose to not claim it. We can feel what it feels like in the body; we can watch how it proliferates in the mind; we can become aware of how it leads to emotional responses and the desire to act upon them; but most importantly of all, we can see how it is of no benefit to us or to anyone at all. We can choose to not buy into it. The Buddha said, "This body is not yours or another's, it is past action determined and chosen that must be experienced to be seen."* It is pretty certain that if we are here, in this world, at this time, we have in the past chosen to act in non-loving ways in thought, speech, and action. Right now, we have the opportunity to not only change the present moment, but future moments, by choosing love. We can use these interesting times to learn to always go to the Buddha's Dhamma --- the Dhamma that teaches us to cultivate loving kindness and compassion for all Beings. We can be grateful that we are living in such interesting times.


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