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   AUGUST, 2016

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    I was wondering how to start this August newsletter? ..Thinking perhaps something light, colourful and relaxed....Like long warm days of summer.

Some light summer contemplations I found....

* " Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your            feet " ....Thich Nhat Hanh

* " Life should be touched, not strangled" 
      ....  Ray Bradbury

* "O snail
   Climb Mount Fuji
   But slowly, slowly."         
        .... Kobayashi Iss

* And then there are the    wonderful verses from the  Dhammapada...

There are those who discover
they can leave behind confused reactions
and become patient as the earth;
unmoved by anger,
unshaken as a pillar,
unperturbed as a clear quiet pool.


The Buddha lived in this world as we do. And despite all the turmoil he  realized a state of imperturbability - to 'become patient as the earth'. Whatever is poured on it, burnt on it, or done to it, the earth just goes on being what it is and doing what it does. Patient endurance is not a weak option; it is strengthening and kind. With patient endurance we discover the ability to allow our present experience to be here, just as it is, until we have learnt what we need to learn. 

The comment is by ... Ajahn Munindo

May the lightness, and warmth of summer enter all hearts and help us to realize patient endurance and the gift of walking softly.

10,000 Buddhas: A labour of love is complete at a Calgary monastery
A two-year labour of love, devotion and faith is ending in triumph for a Calgary Buddhist Monastery.
Tirelessly organized by Heng Syun, a female monk at the downtown place of worship, the journey to hand-produce 10,000 exquisite Buddha statues came to fruition this last weekend.
In completing the task, the monastery's 11 female monks along with countless volunteers are also on track to raise $2-million towards the $5-million needed for a new roof and additional floor for the building at 1009 - 4 Ave. S.W.
The remarkable feat has become a worldwide effort as supporters across the globe sponsored and dedicated the Buddha statues, which come in three sizes and are laboriously produced on site and by hand.

Our Dear contributor Sarani is ( Still) away on sabbatical at this time. We are hoping she will join us again soon.
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