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   APRIL, 2017
Lasha  Mutual

I recently came across this lovely artist from Ontario, 
 Lasha Mutual, and she has kindly offered to let us to use her art in our new website, (coming soon), and to share some in our newsletters.
Thank you so much Lasha.

As well as doing ceramics, mosaics, and watercolours, she has recently launched a meditation app which features 108 White Taras, as well as other Buddhist images.

View these thoughtful creative, Canadian art works, 
 plus the app at:

For more information 
 regarding this event:

June 22-28, 2017
 The Sakyadhita International Conference is being held in Hong Kong from June 22 - 28, 2017.  
Check it out   HERE
and see preliminary information on panels, workshops, etc., under the theme of  " Contemporary Buddhist Women: Contemplation, Cultural Exchange & Social Action"    

 There will be three Sakyadhita Canada board members presenting papers/workshops.
Sakyadhita Canada has a limited amount of scholarship funds available to help offset the costs of a monastic or layperson to attend the conference. Any interested persons are invited to contact for further information.  


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May, 2017
Celebrating Vesak

   The significance of Vesak lies with the Buddha's teaching of cessation of suffering and universal peace to all humanki nd. It is a message to urge followers to do that which is good and of peace and perfect equity.

  Many countries, especially in Asia celebrate Vesak on the Full Moon day in May. And activities are organized throughout the country to signify this day of importance.  
   Buddhists observe "sila" (observance of the percepts), participate in meditation programs, organize places where food is offered free, especially to the needy, and also create Vesak lanterns, to light the way.

  From the early hours of the morning on Vesak day, temple bells can be heard ringing, and dressed in white, people are observed making their way to temples, signifying their intention in following the teachings of the Buddha.

We will continue to post Vesak celebrations on our Facebook page. Please  look there for more coming events in your area.

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No other thing do I know, O friends, 

that brings so much suffering 

as an undeveloped and uncultivated mind. 

An undeveloped and uncultivated 

mind truly brings suffering. 

No other thing do I know, O friends, 

that brings so much happiness as a 

developed and cultivated mind. 

A developed and cultivated mind 

truly brings happiness. 
                                                            An 3, 1-10 

There are times, for many of us, that it seems like a nearly impossible task to follow the Buddha's teaching. We live in a complex society that makes many demands on our time and our minds --- a kaleidoscope of constantly changing situations and stresses. It is not easy to understand that life is not situational but internal, however, when we do so, when we tap into our feelings and the resultant thoughts, we have the opportunity to still the swirling kaleidoscope. We can bring peace and happiness within. We can live in peace and happiness. Not because the world has changed, but because how we view the world has changed. This usually takes practice. For many, most, of us, a lot of practice; but it is not an impossible task, just one that we must deeply desire. Yes, desire. We must really want peace and happiness. The undeveloped and uncultivated mind must be tamed through recognizing it and the suffering it brings. Fighting with it won't work. Seeing it for what it is and desiring to release its hold does. Here lies the strength of the Buddha's teaching: the simplicity of it. Desire samsara or desire peace. When we desire peace more than we desire all the feelings that rise from the conflict in samsara, we can see that the task is the choice. Choose peace over and over, until it is so deeply ingrained in the mind that it is the mind. The Buddha told us that the awakened ones enter into, and live in, loving kindness, compassion equanimity and sympathetic joy. True happiness. When it seems difficult to truly follow the Buddha's path, just resort to the simplicity of it. Look where desire is. Is it in samsara or is it in peace? Make a decision. Choose peace, happiness is bound to follow.


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