AUGUST, 2017

   Some may have known, or practiced with Michael Stone, or just feel a compassionate connection to his story. 

  A Buddhist teacher, yoga instructor and author who died last week in Victoria presumably after taking "street drugs".

  It was later revealed that he had been living with bipolar disorder and may have been trying to alleviate his symptoms.

  Below are two heartfelt stories speaking of his life, emotional difficulties, and the Dharma.

The life and Story of Michael Stone.
 Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara

   The Dharma serves us all powerfully and can provide a strong structure for our lives, and yet, it does not fix broken bones, nor imbalances in our mental organization. Michael's last teaching is to remind us that caring for ourselves is how we care for the world.

Youtube Video Overview of Conference in Hong Kong 

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  We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer in Canada, and taking time to reflect and be nurtured by this amazing season.

  The last Sakyadhita Conference was held in Hong Kong this year in June. A few of our members were fortunate to attend and have shared some of their views and  experiences below. 

  As you will read, there are some changes coming to Sakyadhita International as well as Sakyadhita Canada. 

" The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

  When asked to sum the Buddha's teachings up in one phrase, Suzuki Roshi simply said, "Everything changes."

  As this lovely season of summer will soon change, may we all embrace with some form of acceptance the continual and constant flow of change through us, and around us.

Susan and Sakyadhita Canada

Sakyadhita International Conferences
    Every two years laywomen and monastics are brought together from different countries and traditions to share their experiences, and encourage projects to improve conditions for Buddhist women, especially in developing countries. 
    The conference this year was held in June, in Hong Kong.
Conference Overview 
By Jayanta

   This year was the 30th reunion, and the 15th international conference. Venerable Karma Lekshe who has been extremely dedicated and the driving force all these years, has announced her retirement. So.... there are definitely changes happening. The international committee is 'regrouping' and 'reorganizing' to fill this huge gap. On a similar theme, it has been 30 years since the late Ayya Khema asked me to be the Canadian representative for Sakyadhita. How the time has passed!  As founder and president of Sakyadhita Canada, I too am retiring. I am very grateful for ALL that Sakyadhita has given me, and I look forward to the board of Sakyadhita Canada carrying on the mission to connect, share and support Buddhist women in Canada.    CONTINUE READING HERE
Sakyadhita Canada meeting at the last day of the conference. Carmen Wyatt, Drolkar McCallum, Jayanta Johannesen, Vanessa Sasson. 
Conference Overview
By Drolkar
  I had the great fortune to attend this year. It was inspiring to talk with so many different Buddhists, to learn about their monasteries, current and future projects, traditions and to hear about what they are doing and what inspires them.

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  The official photographer for Sakyadhita was 
Olivier Adam  and he generously shares with us his pictures.

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"Buddhist Women: Practitioners and Teachers Past and Present"
Sat. Sept 30, 2017   9am-4pm
In this workshop we will hear about the activities of Buddhist women in both historical and contemporary contexts. The speakers will present examples from different cultural spheres, including China, Japan, and the US. 
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