MAY, 2015
We are looking for one volunteer position of Treasurer, (Accounting background required) and one volunteer position of Membership chairperson, on the Sakyadhita Canada board.  Both positions are 
a 2 year term.
Volunteers are also need for the Vesak celebration in Mississauga on May 24th
The RELIC'S TOUR in Calgary on Aug.14/15/16 
Are asking for volunteers.
For more information regarding any of the above 
please contact :

Membership and support for Sakyadhita Canada. 
Your generosity and kindness will help to nurture and encourage Dhamma
(the teachings of the Buddha) 
in our day-to-day lives.

We have all recently 
heard of the earthquake 
that has devastated Nepal. Wishing compassion for all.

A Pali Buddhist Compassion Chant
Dukkha pata ca nidukkha
Bhaya pata ca nibhaya
Soka pata ca nisoka
Hontu sabbe pi panino.

May those in suffering be free from suffering.
May those in fear be free from fear.
May those in sorrow be free from sorrow.
And so too may all be.

Devatauyyojana Gatha


Happy Vesak...

Vesak Day is the most significant day of the year in the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated by Buddhists the world over. The day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha and is a day of immense joy, peace and reflection.
In determining the day of vesak, a traditional lunar calendar is followed. It does not always coincide with a specific date of the western calendar, but it does fall on the full moon day of the month of May.
      There are many Vesak celebrations across Canada.
Just a few are listed below...

* BC Buddhist Festival
  Saturday May 30th, 9:30-6:30
  UBC, Vancouver.

* Vesak For World Peace
  May 16th, 1-7
  Italian Cultural Centre
  Vancouver BC

* Vesak Celebration
  Missassauga, Ontario
  Sunday May 24th

Have a look in your area for more celebrations.
Or create something of your own.
* Light a candle or lantern.
* Honour, encourage, and reflect on your practice.
* Cultivate happiness for yourself, and others.


Sivaka, "It is said, 'The Dhamma is directly visible.' In what way is the Dhamma directly visible?"
The Buddha, "What do you think, when there is greed in you will you know there is greed in you? When there is no greed in you, will you know?" Sivaka, "Yes."
"When you know of the greed present in you that it is there; and when you know that when greed is absent it is absent --- that is the way that the Dhamma is directly visible." It is the same with hatred and delusion. With expanded mind and contracted mind, etc. An. VI. 47

Vesak is often a time when followers of the Buddha's Path reflect on the teaching and make resolutions to follow along more closely. It can be helpful when doing so to strengthen intention by examining some of the basic principles. This was brought to my attention recently by a woman, who, after hearing a Dhamma talk, commented that it is all speculation. She, like many, believed that death is a necessary factor in determining kamma and rebirth; therefore, establishing the validity of the teaching is not possible. This couldn't be further from the truth. As the Buddha pointed out many times, he taught suffering and the end of suffering. He also taught that choice is kamma. The two, when understood and practiced together, can give us direct feedback on the validity of the teaching. An easy, immediate way to experience the truth of this is to do a little experiment: Smile and spend a moment or two feeling what happens in the body, then, frown and spend a moment or two feeling what happens in the body. You can take the experiment a little further by investigating further; what thoughts rise in the mind when you are smiling and what thoughts rise when you are frowning. Add Kamma to the experiment by acknowledging the choices that have been made; the choice to smile, to frown, to investigate. The possibility of seeing dependent origination is present: reading, doing, investigating --- each step being dependent on the preceding step. As simple as this experiment seems, it can show us the basic way in which we operate as conscious beings. And, it shows, in large part, what the Buddha was asking us to comprehend. As understanding of the process deepens, the choice to renounce the mental factors of greed and hatred, in all their many forms, both gross and subtle, becomes very attractive; they can be seen to take us out of the divine, radiant, mind states. They feel bad. Delusion then becomes unappealing and right view can become firmly established. As mindfulness of right view is stabilized, the desire to focus on the process is deepened, thus intention is strengthened. The Dhamma really is visible, here and now, if we take the time to see. What a lovely way to start the New Year!


The Buddha image above was made, 
and submitted by Thaibao Tran. 
Many thanks to him for sharing his beautiful creation with us.


Anagarika Dhammadinna was perhaps the first nun (female monk) of the Theravadan Buddhist tradition in Canada.

Born Anna Burian in 1913 in Austria, she immigrated to Canada in 1951 with her young son, and lived in British Columbia.

It wasn't until 1960 that she took a freighter to India in search of answers to the questions she had carried since she was a very young child.

This quote from Anagarika says it all:
"I early asked questions to which no answers could be found. Forty years later while walking India's highways and byways in search of holy men I chanced upon Nalanda - India's oldest Buddhist University and a monastery as well. There I heard the Abhidhamma expounded in a masterly way...and my "fate" was sealed. Ordination in the Theravada Buddhist tradition was the direct result."

In Sri Lanka, in 1964, Anagarika was ordained by the late Venerable Nyanasatta Thera, who gave her the name Dhammadinna. She preferred to be called Anagarika, a term used in Theravada Buddhism referring to "homeless one", a person who has given up most of their worldly possessions and responsibilities to commit fully to a Buddhist practice.

In 1965 she returned to Canada, and lived again in BC, continuing her studies and practice of the Dhamma, and living a simple life. She had a strong commitment to her own path, as well as enthusiastically sharing with others.

She died September 19th, 1990 leaving a rich legacy, and a continued lineage of grateful, well informed friends and students.

The Dhamma Buddhist Society (which Anagarika started) and Sakyadhita Canada (which Anagarika had a 'hand' in ) will be co-
sponsoring the memorial day celebration (25 years!) in her honor on September 13, 2015.

Following this celebration there will be a 5 day retreat offered at the same facility.


                       5 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat
with Jayanta, ( Shirley Johannesen)
September 13-17th, 2015
Surrey BC

For more information regarding this retreat,

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