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Be patient and persevere: results on the path will come in due time, and sometimes all at once, like the sudden melting of snow.
Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni

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Thursday April 7th, 2016, 7:30pm
 at the
Seoraesa Korean Temple,
 8611-33 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB.

Please join us for a report on the activities from the past year, review and approve last years' financial statements, elect directors for the next 2 years,
 and share our plans for 2016. 
For those who cannot attend, and would like to voice their opinions at the meeting, we would appreciate a short email before the meeting date.
Only members of SC are entitled to vote at the meeting, but all are welcome to apply for membership.
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"All conditioned things are impermanent"
When one sees this with wisdom,
One turns away from suffering.
This is the path to purification.
"All conditioned things are unsatisfactory"
When one see this with wisdom,
One turns away from suffering.
This is the path to purification.
"All things are not-self"
When one sees this with wisdom,
One turns away from suffering
This is the path to purification.
                                                               Dhammapada, 277, 278, 279

Impermanent, Unsatisfactory, Not-Self:  how easy it can be to let our practice of Right Mindfulness slip into the modern secular practice of mindfulness, by neglecting to keep these foundational aspects of the Buddha's path in mind. The Noble Eightfold Path starts with them as Right Understanding. The opening of our hearts to the experience of them leads to liberation --- that is how very important they are. When we are able to see the truth of them, disenchantment with becoming is not far behind. Being able to face the truth of the nature of our attachments, makes it so much easier to see and accept all things with equanimity. When seen with equanimity, the troubles of the world can be seen as the result of Sentient Beings, stuck in samsara, doing what they can to alleviate their suffering; no matter how misguided they may be.  The Buddha didn't ask us to judge samsara, but to see it with discernment; to see it as it is, impermanent, unsatisfactory and not-self.  He invited us to "Come and see" for our self what this means.  When we keep these corner stones of the Path in mind, mindfulness becomes Right Mindfulness, the guiding light to clear and radiant consciousness.  Peace and happiness are right here.
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