I thought I'd try something a bit different, this sale is "After the 4th", and has 2 options. Only one coupon per person.

SALE ENDS: Sunday, July 11 midnight (central time zone)

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I hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day. I live in a very small town, so it was a very welcome quiet and peaceful day.

Last week I had a "bug in the ear" event, it was a first for me. Looking back, it was a bit hilarious, but it did end in an ER visit to extract, and I'll spare you the squeamish details. From a Facebook post, I was surprised how many people replied they have had this happen. I think I've figured out my million dolor invention, a bug screen for the ears. If you never hear from me again, you'll know I've figured it out.

I went through chemo earlier this year. My waist long covid hair fell out and I looked like GI Joe, and not exercising on a regular basis left me wondering if I could ever get up off the floor if I fell. Instead of going the 'life alert" route, I opted to downloaded a yoga app to my phone instead. This is much more enjoyable than the wii I had a few years ago. I'm already on level "hard to get down on the floor, but don't need a chair to get up". By the time Glass Craft re-opens in Vegas next year, I hope to be able to use the stairs instead of the escalator, not that I ever used the stairs before..... (grin)

The last big thing that happened this year was getting into a new gallery. Like most of you, new jewelry creations pilled up. I'm now in 3 galleries and am shooting for selling bead in some of the Facebook groups again this fall. I've become real fond of the new heart CGBead-Press. Here's some with my "web" pattern. Simple but striking.
Jane is my "class clown" cat, and does yoga with me. This is her "when you're hungry NOW" position.
Thanks for letting us stop by
-Donna Felkner-