The Half-Cent Sales Surtax
Brevard Public Schools is working to educate residents of Brevard County on the half-cent sales surtax that is up for renewal this election cycle. The current surtax, passed by voters in 2014, will sunset on December 31, 2020. An option to extend the surtax is on the November 3rd election ballot.
Significant progress has been made over the past six years to address the $757 million in critical school and facility projects identified in a 2014 district-wide needs assessment. More than $200 million has funded failed or failing infrastructure such as air conditioning, outdated technology and security needs.

Why it matters...
More than half of Brevard's public schools are 50 years or older. The need for sustainable progress remains vital to delivering a safe and high quality educational experience to more than 70,000 children.

Additionally, if the surtax is renewed, hundreds of millions of dollars will continue to enhance the local economy.
The proposed renewal is an extension of the current sales surtax.
It is not a new, added, or increased tax.
Get Informed & Help Spread the Word

Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins recently presented a detailed look at the surtax and the impact it has had on our schools and our community.

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