Salisbury Business Center Tenant of the Month SPOTLIGHT
Gwen Jackson, Owner

Established:  2011

Services offered:  Urban revitalization,
downtown development, destination branding,
event planning, community outreach  and engagement 

“The Salisbury Business Center is a new building and the city’s most modern office building for small businesses.  The building represents new growth and emerging markets.  That's where I'm at."   --Gwen Jackson, Owner, Urbane Environments

Downtown  Development Marketer
  Gwen Jackson, Owner of Urbane Environments, 
O ffers Unique Perspective
Urbane Environments implemented the branding and destination marketing for the
Goler Depot Downtown Neighborhood Master Development Plan in Winston-Salem, NC
Gwen Jackson, owner of Urbane Environments, is uniquely positioned to weigh in on the future of Salisbury’s economic development, downtown revitalization, and future growth. 

Her core business is working with teams of developers, community leaders, and various contractors and stakeholders to bring big ideas to life.  She provides the marketing, branding, and community engagement piece for downtown, urban revitalization, commercial and retail center development projects.  Some examples of her work include the Downtown Goler Depot in Winston-Salem, Brooklyn Village in Charlotte, and Historic West End in Charlotte among others. 

She has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local community and its roots, having spent her early childhood and teen years in Salisbury.  Now she has returned to the area as a seasoned professional and small business owner. 

Jackson has fond memories as a young girl riding her bike around downtown Salisbury and hanging out with friends.  She lived in Salisbury's West End and attended Monroe Street Elementary, Knox Junior High, and Salisbury High School.  She was a student during the time of school integration.  She said that her perspective and experience of how the young people and officials handled that transitional period was positive. 

After graduating she left Salisbury to attend college, lived and worked in New York City, Charlotte, and Winston, all the while honing her skills and expertise and building her portfolio of successful projects. 

She decided to put down roots in Salisbury at the Salisbury Business Center as the central location for her business, Urbane Environments, in December 2016. 

I’m staying as long as I can in Salisbury,” she said.  “I want to be here when it happens and be part of the new growth and the industry that represents urban revitalization, downtown development, and destination branding.”

Her preference has always been to live near where she works, which has now become the focus of her professional career.  “Redevelopment of downtowns requires more people living downtown,” she said. “It has to have density,” she added.  “Downtowns typically grow because there are more people.  More people require more services and amenities.  You can’t sustain it if you don’t have people.”

Her decision to locate her business at the Salisbury Business Center was clear she said.  “The building represents new growth and emerging markets.  The developer and anchor for the Salisbury Business Center building is a leader in their industry," she added.  Integro Technologies, the developer, is one of the world’s leading machine vision engineering companies.   

“The Salisbury Business Center is a new building and the city’s most modern office building for small businesses,” she said.  “Salisbury Business Center represents new growth.  That’s where I’m at.”    

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