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Breaks In Life
My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;  
 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  
 But let patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.  
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; ... James 1:1-5
       Our trip to MT to spend the holidays with our boys and grandchildren was very fun downhill skiing, cross country skiing, sledding, snow shoeing talking and playing together. Enjoyed the time with everyone and of course we enjoy the one-on-one connection the best. Did well until we went ice skating. After 40 minutes I had gained my confidence and entered a game of tag with Matthew's kids. After all I was stable even skating backwards carefully. That was my demise. Chasing my 8 year old grandson, I caught him several time so the next time he fell intentionally I think to the ground so I couldn't tag him. Well I just bent down lower and did tag him. But that turned me around backwards and my feet went out from under me and the rest is history. I lifted my arm because my wrist hurt quit badly and saw ... I broke it. Now I object because this happened far too easily in my opinion. This was Jan 1. We got it put right again with a brace above my elbow.

Sally's broken wrist
Wrist reduction
Reducing the displaced fracture.

We decided to go home to CO as the grandkids were passing the flu around. When we got home I came down with that nasty flu! Oh yuk. Double trouble and misery. The pain was very bad and I tolerate pain quit well. After 2 weeks my radius was still not holding so we set up an appointment for surgery.
      I cried out to God a number of times as I could not function because of all the pain and the flu to make it worse. Being a lefty wasn't so bad but no mate hand to help was terribly limiting. The pain medication created many additional problems the worst being brain fog. God helped me change my attitude when I finally admitted life was not as usual any more. I went to bed to minimize the pain with ice and rest. Talking with God I let go of my way and asked--what do you want me to do? God pointed out my need to change my attitude, expectations, and be at peace with Him walking through this with me. Do what I can but be content here and now. I chose & cooperated to think God's way instead. God empowered me to live above the pull of my thoughts and feelings by my choice to replace my thoughts with His thoughts thus His feelings ruled and my attitude changed. What a miracle it was to respond to my break in life finding contentment In Him. God can do this for us in every trial. Truly I endured by grace through faith. God's way is much better. 
       Got a new shorter cast but it seemed too tight very quickly but it surely looked more spiffy. Even got to pick my color. :)
CO cast
I was very miserable with pain 3 weeks before the pain let up. Dr Judkins did the surgery and put in a plate and screws Jan 17th to hold my radius in place.

After 3 full weeks the swelling and pain subsided to a tolerable level, and submission and hope took sight.

Brace & PT

       Now I'm in a brace I can be in or out of. I can do Hot & Cold treatments twice daily. Eat and compress with the comfrey herb to heal that bone. I am now ... doing PT. They had to make a number of adjustments to my brace as hot spots developed. Began some typing using my right hand to assist my left. They say its good for regaining my range of motion. I have long way to go here. Everything I do causes pain but I want to improve. I'm still limited to no weight, no pushing or pulling with my right hand. Progress seems slow for all the effort of exercise, massaging out all the fluids, creams, gels, hot and cold treatments, supplements and healthy diet. God was good to walk me through this far and will continue with me. PT tells me 6-8 weeks still because of my age.
       My first compliment from the PT gal was Just last Friday. She said my range of motion is way ahead of schedule for my kind of break. So maybe God is doing more than meets the eye? I'll hope in Him rejoicing in the small things.

       Now there is another mission impossible that took place with my broken arm I need to tell you. Jim and I are soon married 45 years. He doesn't cook, is very awkward and clumsy, but mostly has no interest to learn anything in the kitchen. I tried to manage meals but quickly realized this was impossible for me. Church friends gave us soups and rice and beans to help in our time of need. Jim came up to my need and took care of me, prepared meals for himself, prepared meals for me and called me to eat. He babied me, mopped the floors, folded clothes, did ironing, but the most unusual, out of character thing he did was set my hair every night--for I could not. Now that was very comical. I got some very interesting and some ugly hair do's as Jim is inclined to know a better way. I told him he had to improve some outcomes I didn't want to repeat, and he did. He even filed my nails and that too was very interesting. Oh wives it is so wonderful to see what marvelous things God can get our man to do when he is under God and willing to deal with the breaks in "our" lives and show love in such tangible ways as meeting our needs. PTL and thank you Jim!!
       Please friends, when you think of Jim and Sally will you please pray for us? And we will pray for you as well for we all have breaks in our lives that we need Jesus to be with us and work in us and through us in order to be more like Him in our trials. It is in a crises our true character is revealed--but then we have God who can change things if we let Him! Thank you! 
God & God alone,
Jim & Sally
Jesus is here for you and me!
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