April 22, 2022
22: Day of Silence
25-29: Future Education & Career Week
27: Elementary NED live stream assembly
28: Elementary Class Photo Day
28: FOSB Meeting, 7 pm
Salmon Bay Families,
I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Like mid-winter break I enjoyed the sun, rain, hail and snow! That is spring for you! It has been a great week back! Students rolled right back into expectations and routines.

The salmon were released this week by the 5th graders, and I have heard several children walking by the empty tank mention how they miss the Salmon already!

Next week is Future ED and Career week! Jenny Brooks and Rob Bright have a great line up of careers and presenters for students to learn about! Make sure you check in with your child and find out what they are learning and if you are one of our presenters, thank you in advance. This is such a great opportunity and experience for our students to see and hear about the different career and educational options they have.

We also have a fantastic live stream assembly for K-5 students on Wednesday, April 27th from 12:15 – 1:00pm! Ned’s Mindset Mission, Ned is on his way! Ned is promoting academic achievement and supports our school goals. His mantra is Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best®. If your child is learning from home at that time, please use the link and password below to join. You are welcome to join, too! Make sure to log in 5 minutes early so we can get started on time.
You can join the live stream assembly at this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84999554345?pwd=eThDWDYzSGFGVjRXVWJzTzZYb3Bzdz09
Password: NED123
Next week we will be able to relax social distancing! On Monday expect that students will still line up as usual. However, Monday afternoon you will receive information regarding the new plan for morning entry. Expect to receive an announcement that will explain the new entry plan and we will implement starting Tuesday April 26th!
In Partnership,
Ms. Dixon, Suro, & Darren
Seen at Salmon Bay
Salmon Release
Marian/Nicolette and Megan’s class are salmon caretakers. On April 20th, we went to Carkeek park to release the salmon (and have fun). We went to the imprint pond, where the salmon stay until they know the smell of the creek, so they come back to the creek, not the salmon tank at Salmon Bay (because they can’t since it’s not a thing anymore). 

When we got to Carkeek, someone took the salmon closer to the imprint pond so they would be nice and cold and safer. When we got to see the salmon, we had to take turns to actually put the salmon in the imprint pond. We each got a cup full of 3-4 salmon and then put them in the real imprint pond, safe and sound until they know the smell of the creek and are ready to go on the big journey ahead. Salmon Bay got about 220 salmon, but sadly we only brought 192 to the imprint pond.

When some of the 5th graders were with the salmon, the others were on a scavenger hunt for beads for a bracelet. At every spot where you got a bead, you learned something about salmon and they all had a theme. Red: (redd), Orange: (salmon eggs), yellow: (predator), green: (plants), blue: (watershed), black: (pollution), Silver: (adult salmon), iridescent: (spawning), white: (dead salmon), and clear: (clean water). 

We hope you enjoyed having our salmon friends here at Salmon Bay! Let’s all wish them good luck on their journey ahead!  

Thanks to 5th grade students, Penny and Chicken, for sharing this field trip report with us!
6th Grade WEB Assembly
Students in sixth grade attended an assembly on Thursday morning led by 8th grade WEB Leaders. The assembly introduced students to an upcoming Field Event currently being planned by the 8th grade WEB team. The event is planned for Homeroom on Friday, April 29th. WEB Leaders will be visiting their 6th grade groups in the coming week to help them decide and practice which 6th grade student is participating in each of the individual activities for the overall event. The winning Homeroom will be delivered donuts on Monday, May 2nd. WEB stands for Where Everyone Belongs and is a peer mentorship program. WEB leaders have been meeting with sixth grade students throughout the schoolyear. 
Staff Appreciation Week: May 2-6
Throughout the year, FOSB engages in staff appreciation efforts on behalf of our parent community. We also organize opportunities for parents to participate in a variety of Staff Appreciation Week activities. Participation in appreciation week efforts is completely optional.
If your family would like to volunteer and/or donate towards Staff Appreciation Efforts, here are several options:

  • Every staff member truly treasures the handwritten notes and cards they receive from students and families. You and/or your student can draw or write a note and deliver it during Staff Appreciation Week (the office can also assist with delivering messages if needed).

  • We've created a sign-up to support a staff breakfast, afternoon snacks, and our traditional potted plant day. To learn more about these efforts and sign-up, click here.

  • On Thursday morning, May 5th, parents will host a coffee cart for staff in the Salmon Bay lobby. If you'd like to contribute to these efforts, please reach out to Katie Roberts at katieQroberts@gmail.com

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Jodi Russell, Volunteer Coordinator at jrrussell@seattleschools.org Thank you!
Afghan Refugee Children Donation Drive
Students from Marian's and Kim's classes are teaming up with a group of Salmon Bay parents to collect art supplies and other donations for locally settling refugees. We will be putting together art therapy kits to distribute over the coming weeks. We are also collecting cards expressing "Welcome to Washington" and "Happy Ramadan" to include in the kits. Used donations are fine -- just please make sure markers work and remove used pages from coloring books and notebooks. Items and cards can be dropped off in collection boxes near the main office (see photo of lobby collection box above). 

Examples of items we're collecting include colored paper, printer paper, glue sticks, markers, crayons, pastels, colored pencils, notebooks, watercolors and brushes, stickers, collage materials, small picture frames, pencil sharpeners, ziplocs, rulers, beads, board books and early readers, file folders, playdough, and tape. If you have any questions, contact seattlerefugeeaid@gmail.com.
Middle School Theater Donations Needed
The Middle School Theater Production and Theater Tech classes are putting on Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” (Set in the early 1900’s) for our Spring Show. If you have any of the following items or crafty skills you would like to donate, please let Rachel (rbstreet@seattleschools.org) know.
Show Needs:
  • Wooden ladder shaped like an upside-down letter V.
  • Black umbrellas
  • Early 1900’s Dresses (long dress and sleeve, size small), colored button up blouses and skirts
  • Long overcoats or coats appropriate for the time period. (Small women and men sizes)
  • Plastic grocery bags (for costume storage)
  • Item or Project: Machine (or idea you can create) that illuminates stars or lights on the ceiling or wall (lights need to be strong enough to show up in the theater space).

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for Salmon Bay School’s “Our Town” coming June 9th and 10th.
Final Call for Lost & Found
Our Lost & Found racks are overflowing! Please encourage your student to stop by and look for any missing items in the next week. The lost and found racks are located in the front lobby. Parents can also step into the lobby next week to search for lost items. At the end of next week, on Friday, April 29th, we'll sort and prepare to donate remaining items.

Volunteer Opportunity: We are seeking a small team of parents to assist with Lost and Found efforts. Needs include:
  • 1 - 2 parents needed to do a final check for names on lost and found items. Flexible timing next week.
  • Volunteers are also needed on Friday afterschool to sort and bag remaining items to be laundered.
  • Parent volunteers are needed to help launder items before they are donated.
If you can assist with these volunteer needs, please contact Jodi Russell at jrrussell@seattleschools.org
Save the Date - 5th & 8th Gr. Promotions
Plans are underway to celebrate our 5th and 8th grade students at the end of the year. Mark your calendars now!

5th Grade Promotion will be held on Tuesday,
June 14th, 7 pm, Salmon Bay School

8th Grade Promotion will be held on Thursday, June 16th, 7 pm at the Ingraham High School Auditorium

Additional details will be shared with families soon.
The last day of school is June 17th!
Elementary News: Class Photos
All elementary classes will have a class photo taken on April 28th. Parents will have an opportunity to order a copy of their student(s) class photos from at mylifetouch.com Use code  MPVPHNTVE

*Please note, in non-pandemic years we typically collect an enrichment fee from all elementary families. That fee pays for field trips as well as a class photo for each student. We did not collect an enrichment fee this year so families have not paid for a class photo. IF families would like to order a class photo, you can do so using the link and code listed above.
Future Education & Career Week- Next Week, April 25th - 29th!
K-8 students will be learning about educational journeys and jobs/careers next week. Hopefully, they will have some conversations with their caring adults (parents, family members, neighbors, educators, and friends) about their own journeys. Here are some possible questions your child might come home with next week:
  • What is your job/career (paid or unpaid)? What tools do you use in your job? What jobs have you had in your life?
  • What did you choose to do after high school? Did you get training to do your current job? What do you hope for my educational journey?
  • What interests and skills should you have to do your job? How does your job give back or benefit others in the world?
  • How did you choose your job? What are your favorite parts of your job? What is hard about your job?
  • What did you want to do in the future when you were my age?

On Friday, we will have a photo booth and the community (kids and adults) is encouraged to dress in college gear, college colors, Salmon Bay gear, or as a specific job/occupation. It is also completely okay not to dress up. 

We are working hard to emphasize the following:
  • There is no one right educational path.
  • Most people have lots of jobs in their lifetime.
  • Universal traits such as responsibility, cooperation, creativity, persistence, and kindness are needed for all jobs.
  • The future holds exciting adventures and possibilities! 

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to speak in a classroom (in person!) or be interviewed (recorded) on Teams. We have a wide variety of speakers who have super cool jobs. If you’re still interested, please reach out to your child’s teacher (K-5) or to Jenny Brooks or Rob Bright. We appreciate your partnership! 

In Community,
Jenny Brooks and Rob Bright
Salmon Bay School Counselors
Middle School News
Attention 8th Grade Students:
Auditions for the 2022-2023 Ballard High School Dance Team are coming this Spring! 
Tuesday, 4/26/22 - Friday, 4/29/22
4:30pm-7:00pm each day
Location: BHS Gym 
Technique (jazz/lyrical/pom/hip-hop) and routines will be taught on Tuesday-Thursday, and final auditions will be held on Friday. All students currently in grades 8-11 are eligible to audition!    
To register for auditions, please complete the following steps: 
  • Visit the BHS website here to create a Final Forms profile
  • Complete all required forms in Final Forms, including submission of a sports physical. 
  • When choosing a sport in Final Forms, choose "Spring Dance Tryouts".  

To learn more about our team, please click HERE
Contact us at bhsdanceteam@gmail.com for more information. 

Attention Families attending Lincoln HS next year: The Lincoln High School PTSA invites you to a Zoom Q & A on April 27th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm to learn more and chat with current PTSA Committee Chairs. To receive the Zoom link, please email LincolnPTSAVP@gmail.com

Help us grow Lincoln's PTSA! In addition to a new Co-President, we're looking for volunteers to join us in the following committee chair positions for the 2022 - 2023 school year:
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Membership
  • Athletics
  • Communications
  • Class of 2024 Parent Rep(s)
  • Staff Appreciation
  • DEI
  • Volunteer Coordinator
Join us Next Thursday April 28th for our Monthly FOSB Meeting!
Our meeting this month is a week later than usual to allow everyone some time to catch up after Spring Break. Please join us next week on Thursday, April 28 at 7pm where we will come together as a community to learn about end of year activities and happenings, review next year's FOSB budget and discuss opportunities to get involved with YOUR school community group. You can find this month's agenda as well as last month's minutes on the FOSB website and via these links.

Please join the April FOSB Meeting via Zoom here:
FOSB Seeks Officers, Directors, Committee Members for 2022-23 School Year!
As we develop the slate for next year's FOSB Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs, I ask each of you to stop and consider your time. 

This year, I told myself I would commit to serving one year with FOSB for each of my children at Salmon Bay. I have two. Though I've attended meetings in the past, this is the first year I really "got involved." I told myself I didn't have time and took comfort in the fact that other people were showing up and doing what needed to be done. And let's face it, sometimes it's just not the right time. We all have those years. This year, one of my boys is in 8th grade, his last year at Salmon Bay after 9 years, and I was getting very nostalgic. I decided it was time. I can't begin to tell you how rewarding my time as Middle School Co-Chair has been and I would implore each and every one of you to ask yourself if this is YOUR year? I also want to say THANK YOU to all those who have served this year (and all the years before) when I could not.

Is it your time to take the baton? Is this the year you may be able to work it in? I promise you if you do, you will reap the benefits. Giving back always feels good, especially when it comes to our children. If not you, who do you know that could be great? You can use our Google Form to nominate yourself or someone you know for a FOSB Officer, Director or Committee member role. If you're not sure of which role, that's fine too. There's room for everyone and no role is too small. If you're thinking about it, but worried it's too much, please reach out to one of our current Officers or Directors. We're happy to talk to you! FOSBChair@gmail.com, FOSBtreasurer@gmail.com, FOSBsecretary@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Jackie Thai
FOSB Co-Chair
FOSB Equity Fund Call for Proposals
Last year, FOSB voted to approve $15,000 to fund parent driven racial equity work in Salmon Bay. This was in response to a call from BIPOC students and parents for increased partnership around addressing structural racism they had experienced in the school (as is present in all schools and systems). FOSB has worked with Principal Dixon to develop a process by which BIPOC parents and guardians are empowered to direct the spending of this money in the form of a parent review committee and proposal process. Partnership with Principal Dixon and this committee will help ensure implementation and serve to inform work ongoing.  

If you are a BIPOC parent who would like to be included in the parent review committee please email either FOSBchair@gmail.com or Principal Dixon, bbdixon@seattleschools.org.

If you have a proposal to submit please email it to: SBEquityFund@gmail.com

Proposals do not need to be overly formal however it would be helpful to include: 
  • Description of the project, speaker, training, etc.
  • Estimated cost, or other resources that may be needed
  • Any relevant contact information

For each proposal, the parent review committee in partnership with Principal Dixon will consider: 
  • the intention of the Equity Fund
  • logistics of implementation
  • impact of project idea including whose voice is centered
  • needs of the school and community

We are excited to hear from all individuals who have ideas and thoughts to share! Our goal is to award project funding this spring. We encourage you to submit a proposal by the end of April.

If you have any questions about the Equity Fund, please reach out to the FOSB Chairs at FOSBchair@gmail.com
Lunch Menu for April 25 - 29th
Community Announcements
Girls on the Run 5K
We would like to invite girls at Salmon Bay to join in on the fun at our end-of-the-season 5K at Renton Memorial Stadium on Sunday, May 22nd. Girls can register as community runners here https://www.pinwheel.us/register/index/PugetSoundSpring20225K and will receive a bib and a commemorative 20th Birthday medal at the event. 
Thanks to a grant received by our organization from the Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL), we are pleased to award free entry and shoes to girls who identify as Black or Black LGBTQ and live in Seattle. Specifically, DEEL has granted Girls on the Run of Puget Sound funds to expand and implement Culturally Specific & Responsive Programming for Black girls and young women within Seattle city limits who will be ages 11-19 during 2022. Those community runners who qualify can use code DEEL for a fully paid race entry. 
If you have any questions, please email Izzy@girlsrun.org
Summer Basketball Camp
Join us for our first outdoor summer basketball camp! We'll be learning and building basketball fundamentals in a fun and inclusive learning environment. June 27 - July 1st, 9 am - 3 pm.
Webster Park Seattle (3025 NW 68th Street, Seattle). Open to elementary - 7th grade students. Cost $350. To reserve your spot, email a.t.seattletraining@gmail.com or visit https://atseattletraining.com
Summer Drama Opportunities at the UW
UW Youth & Teen Programs is excited to announce summer theatre arts opportunities for 4th - 8th grade students: including:
  • Young Actors Workshop (Elementary)
  • Actors Workshop (Middle)
  • Scenes from Musical Theater (Elementary and Middle School sessions)

Visit youth-teen.uw.edu for complete details and registration information. 
University of Washington Summer Enrichment
 Registration is now open for online and in-person summer enrichment classes at the University of Washington. This is a great opportunity for 4th - 12th grade students looking for unique learning opportunities.  A variety of STEM and Arts/Humanities classes are scheduled including:
  • 3D Design & CAD Modeling
  • Actors Workshop
  • Debate
  • Esports, Gaming & Broadcasting
  • Coding in Python
  • Inside the Courthouse
  • Make It! Innovation Design Lab
  • Mixed Media & Mosaics Arts
  • Photography
  • Welcome to Ancient Rome: Latin Fundamentals
  • Writers Workshop
And more!
Visit www.youth-teen.uw.edu for registration information and to see a complete list of summer 2022 courses.  
Ballard Basketball Summer Camps
Ballard Basketball has been locally owned and operated by Sara Wetstone for over 10 years. Coach Sara and her staff are thrilled to keep kids active and happy all summer long with five weeks of camp- come to one or come to all! Camps are designed to improve player skill, decision-making and mindset through drills, games and prizes. 
- For all genders entering 4th-8th grade in Fall 2022
- Most weeks for beginner to intermediate players. Some weeks for intermediate to advanced players. 
- Scholarships for any family in need. 
For more information and to register, visit: http://www.ballardbasketball.org/camps
Red-Tailed Hawks Aviation Day Camp
Rising 6th - 12th grade students are invited to Aviation Day Camp, July 22-23rd, 2022. Friday Zoom session focuses on aviation history, STEM careers and allows you to engage with aerospace professionals. On Saturday, camp is held at Boeing Field where you get a chance to fly and engage in Earth and space sciences. Space is limited and registration is required. Sign-up by sending an email with student name, rising grade, shirt size and parent contact information to flywa.bpa@gmail.com