October 22, 2021

28: Auction Committee Kick-Off Meeting
29: Halloween Celebrations

11- No School, Veterans Day
15 - 21: Fall Book Fair
18: FOSB Meeting
Hello Salmon Bay Families,

We had a blast from the past drop by Salmon Bay this week. For 5 years back in the day, they were a SB middle school teacher and are now in SPS central office leadership. They had such glowing and positive comments to share about the look, feel and energy of our campus and culture. This commentary was good to receive as, sometimes, it's hard to see the forest through the trees. Without your lil' seedlings, the Salmon Bay forest wouldn't be so thriving and teeming with such brilliance. Thanks for planting them here!

We've almost wrapped up Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) for our 480 students in 4th-8th grades. We were impressed how students took the testing seriously and challenged themselves to do their very best. We do have 54 students needing to make up at least 1 section of SBA next Tuesday, October 26th. We definitely want to be entirely finished by end of day, so please have your student in attendance if at all possible.

Please remember that you can drop off and pick up students on both 18th Ave NW (heading south) and 19th Ave NW (heading north). It would be best if we get fairly even numbers in both zones to maximize traffic flow and minimize safety concerns. Also, please remember: Drive Like Your Kids Go Here!

Upcoming Weather
Next week, it's shaping up to be rather wet and windy. Please be sure your students have appropriate clothing and footwear. It is likely that some recesses and even lunch for our 360 middle school students may have to be inside.

With the combination of Halloween energy and extremely wet weather, next week is destined to be a great one. Please keep us in your thoughts.

In partnership,
Darren, Barbara and Suro
Seen at Salmon Bay
This week fifth graders participated in a Clean Water Challenge as part of a Field Study with IslandWood instructors. We learned about waste water which is the water that goes down drains. It can be very dirty. We made our own dirty water and then tried to clean it using various methods. We learned that it was very difficult to clean, but that is very important for waste water to be cleaned well before cycling back to the Puget Sound. You can help our city’s water system by keeping chemicals out of drains and never flushing wipes. 
Salmon Bay Community:
There are a few changes to the COVID protocols.

  • The symptom of cough (new, worsening, or changed) is now in the column that REQUIRES a negative COVID test prior to return to school.

  • We now accept an antigen test (rapid test) OR a PCR test

  • You can download an updated Covid symptom chart here.

I understand that our COVID protocols keep changing and can be confusing. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, or if I can be of further assistance. My direct line is 206-252-1727 and my email is: smjonas@seattleschools.org

Thank you kindly,
Suzanne Jonas, MSN RN
Salmon Bay School Nurse
Protect Your Family from the Flu
Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Visiting Nurse Association added more flu clinics for north end families

  • Eckstein Middle School on Saturday October 23, from 9 am to 3 pm

  • Catharine Blaine K-8 on Sunday October 24, from 9 am to 3 pm
Apple Health, Medicare and nearly all insurance is accepted. Sign up here for your appointment
Covid-19 Information
Please visit this SPS website for detailed information regarding what to do if your student has symptoms or has close contact with someone who has Covid-19.

IF there is a case of Covid-19 within a Salmon Bay classroom, a communication will be sent out to classroom families. Three classroom communications have been sent out to date. 
Nutty Squirrel Community Kit
Order the Community Kit and a $5 donation will be made to Salmon Bay School (or another participating school of your choice).
Each kit contains 2 pints of gelato, take-n-bake brownie tray, salted caramel sauce, squirrel stash sprinkles, honeyberry postcard and Nutty merch.
Order in stores and online at nuttysquirrel.com
New Volunteer Opportunity
We are seeking volunteers to provide additional supervision and support during afternoon recess for grades K - 2.
Afternoon recess is organized into two 20-minute blocks. The first begins at 1:35 pm. The second recess starts at 1:55 pm. Volunteers should arrive at 1:30pm to check in at the office before heading out to the playground. Ideally, volunteers would stay for both recess shifts.

Interested individuals should email Jodi, Volunteer Coordinator. All volunteers will need to complete the SPS volunteer application process and background check. Individuals must also be vaccinated.
Halloween Celebrations
We know that many students are excited to celebrate Halloween by wearing a costume and participating in classroom parties/ activities. As a school, we have set aside time next Friday, October 29th for Halloween celebrations. To ensure that these celebrations remain safe and welcoming to all students, we are sharing the following guidelines. 

Halloween Costume Guidelines
To minimize the number of students needing to change in and out of costumes, students are asked to arrive at school in their costumes for a morning celebration. Having costumes that students can either continue to wear throughout the day OR easily pull off (with regular clothing worn underneath) is extremely helpful.

If your student plans to wear a costume, please also review the following guidelines.

  • Costumes should not interfere with student learning. For example, if your student wears a large costume and cannot sit at their desk (picture a carboard box Rubik cube or large inflatable costume), they can wear the costume during the elementary Halloween parade or their homeroom celebration but would need to remove the costume for the remainder of the day. 

  • Please make sure the outfit is appropriate for the classroom environment. All costumes should adhere to school policies for dress code, messages, and safety.

  • Costumes need to be non-violent in nature

  • Weapons and toy weapons of any kind are not allowed.

  • Avoid costumes that are dressing as people from other cultures.

  • No costume masks. Per health and safety guidelines, students will continue to wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose.

  • Make up, if used, should not be disguising the identity of the wearer e.g., whiskers and freckles, not face paint.

  • Please be sure your student brings everything they need for their costume/ class celebration to school with them in the morning, so our office staff can remain focused on their work. 
Lost & Found - Parent Opportunity
Next Monday and Tuesday, October 25th and 26th, we will be moving our Lost & Found racks outside after school for parents to view and pick up any lost items. Items will be on display in the Panther Passage (alley) afterschool until 4 pm. If it is raining, we’ll place the Lost & Found under the large white canopy.

Our Librarian, Corinna, will also have carts of free books available for families to take home and enjoy!
Please be patient, wear your mask, and give others space when browsing for books and lost items. Thank you!
Middle School Fall Sport Photos Needed
Is your student playing soccer or ultimate frisbee this fall? We'd love to include some photos from the season in our yearbook. If you have photos to share, please send them to Jodi Russell, Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you!
Middle School Basketball
Hello families, middle school basketball will begin in November, please complete this survey if your child is interested in playing. There are 2 teams, a girls and boys team. Students are allowed to play on the team they best identify with (but may not change once the choice has been made). Practices will be twice per week with a game on Saturdays. There will be COVID mitigation measures in place and that information is TBA.

Required paperwork: Please follow this link to the required paperwork. All athletes MUST have ALL paperwork completed before they can play. Paperwork can be turned in to Ms. Telford via hard copy or a digital file (sent to: ejtelford@seattleschools.org) works as well.
Request for Financial Support
We have limited funds through a few funding sources for families in our school community. If you need financial assistance during this time, please fill out this Microsoft Form. The information will be sent to Jenny Brooks and Rob Bright, our Salmon Bay School Counselors.  
Auction Committee Kick-Off Meeting
Here's a fun opportunity! Join this year's Auction Committee Kick-Off Meeting via zoom on Thursday, October 28 from 7-8:30 p.m. Meet other parents and caregivers in our community and learn about producing our school's largest fundraising event of the year. The Auction Committee is responsible for planning the FOSB annual auction-- from
ideation to implementation. We'll hit the ground running at the kick-off meeting, sharing info on what planning this year's auction will be like, identifying
key roles and brainstorming a theme! Pop into the zoom room to say hello and learn more about producing this year's auction. No experience necessary. All welcome. Meeting Zoom link here.
Meeting ID: 852 9279 2167,
Passcode: SUPERFUN
Questions? Email Shelby
Community Announcements
If you are looking for something creative and hands on to do this Fall, get registered for Coyote's Fall session today! Now offering BOTH: In-person and online classes as well as Wednesday workshops!!! We have the same great programing: Sewing, Cooking, Robotics, Photography, Acting, Printmaking, Woodshop and MORE. The bonus? We provide all the tools and supplies you'll need! Coyote is for ALL students between the ages of 10-15. Classes start October 23/24 and runs for 7 weekends skipping Nov. 27/28! Remember, classes are always pay-what-works-for-you!
Here's what you need to know:
· Video Coyote: https://vimeo.com/610835219
· Link for more information and the opportunity to register: https://coyotecentral.org/register-for-classes
· $$$ wise: entirely PAY-WHAT-WORKS-FOR-YOU (The range of payment can be from 0 - full tuition).  
·  If you want to receive a follow up call to discuss further details add your name + number to this Interest Form: https://forms.gle/ACrrakpERUf3eBHz8
Weathering Uncertainty Well: Helping Kids Manage Life in a ‘Post" Covid World
Kids are back in school but the pandemic is not yet over. Families are experiencing significant overwhelm and uncertainty as a result of the ongoing pandemic. 

PNW Parent Education (www.pnwparented.org) is offering a FREE online presentation titled “Weathering Uncertainty Well: Helping Kids Manage Life in a ‘Post’ Covid World” with Christy Keating, J.D., Certified Parent Coach on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 6:30 pm
Free registration via eventbrite: http://tinyurl.com/weatheringuncertainty

This relevant and engaging workshop will be designed to address transitional and situational stress and how parents and educators can best support their kids during this particularly challenging period. The workshop will include: 
• Potential sources of stress for youth during Covid;
• An examination of brain development and what is happening with our children’s brains when their emotions become overwhelming;
• How to recognize and monitor signs of stress, anxiety, and emotional difficulty during the transition
period(s) throughout the year;
• The “to-dos” and “not-to-dos” of engaging kids in difficult conversations around stress, anxiety, and transition (as well as other challenging parent-child discussions);
• Specific strategies for managing both parental and youth stress and anxiety during these times.

Christy Keating is the founder of The Heartful Parent Collective. She provides coaching and
consulting services to parents, teaches workshops for professionals and parents throughout the U.S., and runs an online membership for parents (The Heartful Parent Academy). Christy is a Certified Parent Coach®, a Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, a Certified Gottman Educator, and has completed the Professionals Intensive through Hand in Hand Parenting. Christy is also a
licensed attorney in the State of Washington.