October 29, 2021

3 - SED Executive Function Online Summit
11- No School, Veterans Day
15 - 21: Fall Book Fair
18: FOSB Meeting
22-24: No School - Parent Teacher Conferences
25 - 26: No School - Thanksgiving & Native
American Heritage Day
Good Evening Salmon Bay Community!
We are at the tail end of October! Where has the time gone? Although some days feel super long, I am amazed we are already almost into November. Today is an exciting day for staff and students. Halloween time at Salmon Bay is quite fun!
Although we had to modify how Halloween looks due to Covid, it was so neat to see students in all sorts of costumes and the staff as well. The outside parade for K-5 was a lot of fun. The smiles on the faces of students seeing one another’s costumes were a delight. For middle school, having a break from academics and just being able to hang out with one another was nice to see as well.

As we think of the weekend and Halloween festivities, please be cognizant about Trick or Treating or any get together. It will be fun to see kids out and about if parents choose to go out for trick or treating. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the last days of October.
In partnership,
Suro, Barbara, and Darren
Seen at Salmon Bay
Halloween Parade
It was all about Halloween this morning when elementary students (and staff!) donned their costumes and participated in the Halloween Parade! Although our celebration logistics were slightly different than previous years, the excitement and joy students expressed at seeing one another in costume was as genuine and heartfelt as ever. 
Rainy Day Visitor
Bre's class had a visitor earlier this week who wanted to take a break from the rain. (We all know what that feels like, right?) This inquisitive squirrel must love first grade because it had to be gently shooed from the classroom twice!
Lunchtime Stories
We caught this image of Mr. G reading stories during lunch in the gym! At a time when we are still missing some of our traditional ways of connecting, we relish these small moments and new opportunities to build relationships with students.
Elementary Student Lunch Update
We wanted to update you regarding lunch plans. With the weather being so unpredictable on Monday, we moved your students into the lunchroom. We had this already marked off for students to use in case of inclement weather. The spacing is great and the kids are so happy to be inside. We will continue using the cafeteria space for your students for now. The outdoor space has fostered some student issues that we are not seeing in the lunchroom. Some of those issues have been students not listening to the lunch supervisors, trying to go play, and ignoring social distancing expectations.
Now that they are in the lunchroom, students are seated, socially distant and eating their lunches, without the issues we were seeing outside. This is a much safer situation for our students and staff as it was difficult to monitor both students eating and student trying to leave the canopy to do other things. We plan to continue with this plan as it has brought some stability to lunch for students. 
Salmon Bay Community:
Please refer to the following documents, If Students Are Sick and Covid Symptoms, for our current COVID processes. Please keep your student home if he/she/they are not feeling well, because you will likely be contacted to pick up your student. 

If you are planning on getting your student vaccinated for flu or COVID, please try to schedule these appointments on Friday so your student is not sick at school. Currently, we will require a negative COVID test prior to return to school for students who are recently vaccinated for flu or COVID and present at school with symptoms.

Please contact me if your student is POSSIBLY exposed to someone with COVID, so I can determine next steps. Please DO NOT send your student to school until I have contacted you and discussed next steps. 

As always, please reach out to me with any questions/concerns/assistance.

Suzanne Jonas, MSN RN (she/her)
Salmon Bay School Nurse
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Covid-19 Information
Please visit this SPS website for detailed information regarding what to do if your student has symptoms or has close contact with someone who has Covid-19.

IF there is a case of Covid-19 within a Salmon Bay classroom, a communication will be sent out to classroom families. Three classroom communications have been sent out to date. 
Plan Ahead: Student Conference Week
November 22nd - 24th is set aside for Student Conferences. There will be no school for students during this week (there is also no school November 25 – 26th). Student conferences will be held virtually, and the school building will be closed to families during this week. Homeroom teachers will be sending additional information and sign-ups out to families for conferences soon. 
Used Marker Recycling Program
We are starting our used marker recycling program back up! Help us continue to recycle used markers by depositing dry markers in the collection bin located in the main lobby or Volunteer Coordinator's office.
Crayola will take all sizes and brands of plastic markers including highlighters and dry erase markers. We encourage all families to bring markers from home to be recycled too!
Volunteer Opportunities

K-2 Recess Support
We are seeking volunteers to provide additional supervision and support during afternoon recess for grades K - 2. Afternoon recess is organized into two 20-minute blocks. The first begins at 1:35 pm. The second recess starts at 1:55 pm. Volunteers should arrive at 1:30pm to check in at the office before heading out to the playground. Ideally, volunteers would stay for both recess shifts.

Interested individuals should email Jodi, Volunteer Coordinator. All volunteers will need to complete the SPS volunteer application process and background check. Individuals must also be vaccinated.

Direct Giving Bulk Mail Help
Help us kick start Salmon Bay's Direct Giving campaign on Monday, November 1st! We need your help putting together mailers to start this important fundraising opportunity.
Meet us at 9 am on Nov. 1 at Columbia Bank, 5605 22nd Ave NW (across from the Ballard library). If interested, please text Caitlin Collins at 206-947-5234 so we know to expect you.  We would love to see you there!  
School Photos
Student photo proofs have finally arrived! We are working to distribute them to classrooms now. Your student should bring home a photo envelope either today or early next week. Follow the instructions inside the photo envelope to order photos.

We are currently working to reschedule Photo Retake Day. As soon as retake logistics are finalized, we will share information with our school community.
Lost & Found - Parent Opportunity
Monday and Tuesday, November 1st and 2nd, we will be moving our Lost & Found racks outside after school for parents to view and pick up any lost items. Items will be on display in the Panther Passage (alley) afterschool until 4 pm.
Our Librarian, Corinna, will also have a cart of free books available for families to take home and enjoy!
Please be patient, wear your mask, and give others space when browsing for books and lost items. Thank you!
Middle School Fall Sport Photos Needed
Is your student playing soccer or ultimate frisbee this fall? We'd love to include some photos from the season in our yearbook. If you have photos to share, please send them to Jodi Russell, Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you!
Middle School Basketball
Hello families, middle school basketball will begin in November, please complete this survey if your child is interested in playing. There are 2 teams, a girls and boys team. Students are allowed to play on the team they best identify with (but may not change once the choice has been made). Practices will be twice per week with a game on Saturdays. There will be COVID mitigation measures in place and that information is TBA.

Required paperwork: Please follow this link to the required paperwork. All athletes MUST have ALL paperwork completed before they can play. Paperwork can be turned in to Ms. Telford via hard copy or a digital file (sent to: ejtelford@seattleschools.org) works as well.

Boys Basketball Coach needed!!!
If you are interested in coaching boys basketball this year, we would love to have you! Basketball starts on 11/29. The job requires 2 practices per week and a Saturday game. Please email Erin Telford if you would like to join the program or just want more information.
Request for Financial Support
We have limited funds through a few funding sources for families in our school community. If you need financial assistance during this time, please fill out this Microsoft Form. The information will be sent to Jenny Brooks and Rob Bright, our Salmon Bay School Counselors.  
Parent Education: The Executive Function Online Summit
FOSB's Special Education and Disability (SED) Committee is hosting viewings from Seth Perler's TEFOS (The Executive Function Online Summit). Next up: 

Mona Delahooke: Executive Function from the Ground UP: Understanding the Role of Physiological State Regulation in Relationships (Learn more about Mona)
Wednesday, November 3, 7-8:30pm (Zoom Link)
What You Will Learn:
  • The role of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in supporting calm states in the body, supporting learning and attention. 

  • How physiological state regulation builds capacities for learning. 

  • As human beings we start out grounded in our biological survival instincts—those processes that help us stay alive—and our “psychology” is built upon how our caregivers meet our biological perceptions of the environment.
Visit our screening event page for a list of other speakers and dates. 
Nutty Squirrel Community Kit
Order the Community Kit and a $5 donation will be made to Salmon Bay School (or another participating school of your choice).
Each kit contains 2 pints of gelato, take-n-bake brownie tray, salted caramel sauce, squirrel stash sprinkles, honeyberry postcard and Nutty merch.
Order in stores and online at nuttysquirrel.com
Community Announcements
Weathering Uncertainty Well: Helping Kids Manage Life in a ‘Post" Covid World
Kids are back in school but the pandemic is not yet over. Families are experiencing significant overwhelm and uncertainty as a result of the ongoing pandemic. 

PNW Parent Education (www.pnwparented.org) is offering a FREE online presentation titled “Weathering Uncertainty Well: Helping Kids Manage Life in a ‘Post’ Covid World” with Christy Keating, J.D., Certified Parent Coach on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 6:30 pm
Free registration via eventbrite: http://tinyurl.com/weatheringuncertainty

This relevant and engaging workshop will be designed to address transitional and situational stress and how parents and educators can best support their kids during this particularly challenging period. The workshop will include: 
• Potential sources of stress for youth during Covid;
• An examination of brain development and what is happening with our children’s brains when their emotions become overwhelming;
• How to recognize and monitor signs of stress, anxiety, and emotional difficulty during the transition
period(s) throughout the year;
• The “to-dos” and “not-to-dos” of engaging kids in difficult conversations around stress, anxiety, and transition (as well as other challenging parent-child discussions);
• Specific strategies for managing both parental and youth stress and anxiety during these times.

Christy Keating is the founder of The Heartful Parent Collective. She provides coaching and
consulting services to parents, teaches workshops for professionals and parents throughout the U.S., and runs an online membership for parents (The Heartful Parent Academy). Christy is a Certified Parent Coach®, a Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, a Certified Gottman Educator, and has completed the Professionals Intensive through Hand in Hand Parenting. Christy is also a
licensed attorney in the State of Washington.