September 10, 2021

22 - 24: Fall Connection Days (Middle School)
23: FOSB Meeting
27: School Photo Day
30: Curriculum Night
Hello Salmon Bay Families,

School was taken to the next level this week. Beyond building community, teaching and learning classroom and schoolwide expectations, and practicing health and safety procedures, we layered on content teaching in K-5 and a full, 7-period schedule in 6-8. Also, we began our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. In K-5, we’ll use Second Step and we’ll use Character Strong in 6-8. In general, students seem happy to be at school and in community.

Family drop off/pick up zone is going as well as can be expected. Bus routes are becoming more efficient. That said, we’re still working on a few routes and hopefully those will tighten up soon. To stagger entry into school, we’ll continue to line up at Homeroom spots each morning for the time being. This means playground and upper field are still a no go. Assigned staff supervise the Homeroom spots from 8:30 to 8:45, then Homeroom teachers meet their groups to manage the transition. If your student needs or wants breakfast, they head to the cafeteria, eat there or bring breakfast outside to eat close to their Homeroom. All in all, it’s been a whole lot of work and intention to start the year, and it seems most all of it is working pretty well. For those few things that aren’t working as well, we reflect, tweak and get better each day.

Right about now, you may be asking “Gosh, how can I help?” One thing we could use some help on is physical distancing. Can you please have a conversation at home around the importance of students keeping their safe space? It’s natural that kids lose sense of that safe space as they’re passing each other and connecting with one another at school. We all just want school to be what it was or what we imagined it to be. Sadly, we’re just not there yet. We can still be a connected school community, we just have to do it at a wee distance.

We appreciate all of your support and patience as we get things up and running. We’re confident that this year will be a safe, joyous and learned one.

In partnership,
Assistant Principal
Seen in the Hallways
Happy first days of school to our kindergarten students and families! We are so excited that you joined us this week.
New Staff Introductions
Hi, my name is Emily Halley! I am student teaching 7th and 8th grade science with Tina this Fall. I’ve spent the last 6 years as an assistant teacher in a kindergarten class and am excited to get to know your Salmon Bay Middle Schoolers. Currently, I am getting my Masters in Teaching at Antioch University and studied Environmental Science for my undergrad at WWU. I was born and raised in Seattle and have lived here most of my life. I’ve recently started bird watching and love to garden and cook.  
My name is Rae'Lu and I am excited to be student teaching in kindergarten this semester with Gabi. Following student teaching, I will be receiving my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Washington State University. Go COUG’S! I have 2 dogs (Carbon and Oxygen). I grew up in Eastern Washington and moved to this side of the mountains recently. Some of my favorite hobbies are trying new restaurants, cheerleading, and spending time with my family.
My name is Collin Crose. I will be Student Teaching this fall for Katie’s 6th grade social studies classroom. I am so very excited to meet all of the 6th Middle School students here at Salmon Bay. I hope to learn as much from you all as you learn from myself and Katie. I am currently in the last quarter of my Masters program at Antioch University. Some of my hobbies include hiking, walking my 7-month-old Pitbull Terrier named Stevie, and playing the drums. I look forward to getting to know you all this year!
My name is Catherine Cougan (she/her), and I am looking forward to student teaching with the 7th and 8th grade Cascade science through December! I am currently earning my master’s in teaching at Antioch University; before that, I taught art and pottery classes to all ages and worked and lived in the Ballard community for several years. I went to the University of Washington to obtain my oceanography degree, love spending time close to water, and am happy to call Seattle my home. 
Hi, my name is Jarika! I grew up in Minnesota before moving to Seattle to study at SPU. After working in physical therapy and strength and conditioning for the last few years, I began school at CWU to get my Masters in Teaching with a certification in health and fitness. This year, I am very excited to have Ms. T as my mentor teacher for middle school PE. I enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and taking my dog, Anouk, on new adventures! 
My name is Patience McGhan. I am a hairdresser and mother of one Salmon Bay Alumni and one third grader. In addition to running my studio, I will be one of two lucky mamas on lunchroom and playground duty. I will be going by Miss Patience (originally a southern girl but looooong time Seattle resident). I am over he moon excited to meet you and to be hanging at SB this year!
My name is Rebecca. I have a daughter at Salmon Bay in 6th grade. I am excited to join the Salmon Bay team as a Playground Supervisor this year! It will be fun to get to know the kids and work with an amazing staff in such a wonderful and caring community. When I’m not at Salmon Bay, I enjoy being with my family on bike rides, hikes, boat trips and movie nights! I also like to sew and take lots of pictures! 
Dear Salmon Bay Families and Community,
My name is Corinna, and I am thrilled to be the new librarian at Salmon Bay. Before this, I worked for many years at Olympic View elementary as a librarian. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes at Salmon Bay!

Your child will be bringing library book(s) home from our school library for the first time very soon. This is very exciting! In class, we will spend time discussing proper library behaviors and book care. Please reinforce this at home. In the beginning of the year, I try and use Ziplock baggies for books to help younger students remember to keep books dry, safe and separate for other books. I don’t expect students to do this all year, however. If you are able, can you please donate gallon size Ziplock baggies to the library? The bigger the baggie, the better.

K-5 students will be coming to the library weekly to check out books. To see how many books can be checked out per week, check below.
Some exceptions can be made, but this is the general rule for now. For middle school students, I am still working on collaborating with teachers and designing a library schedule, so please stay tuned.

If your child loses their book, a fine will be charged to replace the book. The fine does not accrue. Books are an asset to your child’s education, please do your best to keep track of them. 😊 You will be notified by email if your book is overdue. You will need to let me know if it is lost, so I can assign the fee. This way it will show up on “The Source” and you can pay online to remove fee from student’s account.

To pay for a lost book, please send in cash, or check (made out to Salmon Bay) for lost books with the child’s name and lost book title. You may also pay through “School Pay” online via “The Source”. If you are unable to pay fine, please let me know. I also accept book donations to clear fines and/or can work with you and your student for a solution. Here is a tutorial on how to pay for lost books online.

Overdue books- If your student has an overdue book, an auto-generated email will come from me weekly until the book is returned. Always feel free to email me if you have questions/concerns. I am very excited for the year ahead and look forward to reading and supplying engaging books for your scholars! 😉!
Corinna Wright
Teacher Librarian and Technology Teacher
206 252 1737
Salmon Bay
T-shirts & Sweatshirts
SBK8 and Middle School Panther Apparel can be purchased in our online store through September 18th. Items ordered will be shipped directly to your home. Late orders will not be accepted, so order soon if you are interested. Order online here.
Free Meals at School
This year SPS is providing free breakfast and lunch to all students. Please note, milk is available for both breakfast and lunch but students must get a meal to receive a milk. School menus can be found here.

Weekend Food Bag Program
Salmon Bay also participates in the Weekend Food Bag Program through a partnership with the Ballard Food Bank. To request a weekend food bag, please complete this form and return it to the office or your student's school counselor.
Student Drop-off Procedures
Travel Safely
Our number one goal is having everyone arrive safely at school each day. With all students traveling to campus at the same time, we are experiencing considerably more congestion than last spring. It is critical that cars slow down and watch for students walking and biking. Likewise, it is important to remind students of safe walking and biking practices, including increased caution before going into a street.

Of special note is the construction site just north of the upper field on 18th AVE NW. The sidewalk has been blocked several times during mornings, forcing kids to walk in the street. We understand the construction company is trying to keep the sidewalk clear before 9 am, but we ask everyone to be extra cautious as they travel to and from school along 18th.

We also ask that drivers do not drive north on 18th Avenue. Limiting the street to southbound traffic helps manage congestion and ensures all students are leaving and entering cars from the curb side of the street.

Arrival Time
Student arrival is between 8:30 - 8:50 am. Classes will start to enter the building at 8:50 am. If your student arrives after their class/teacher has already entered the building, they should come to the front door and check in at the main office.
Start of School Forms
Information on start of school forms was emailed to all families last week. Start of school forms are online this year and can be found here.

Haven't turned in your required forms yet? Here's your quick to do list:
1 - All families should complete a FERPA form asap.

2 - All families should update their student's Data Verification Form on the Source before Sept. 30th. 

3 - All students also need to complete the Technology/ Laptop Device Agreement Form. You can download a copy of the form here.

4 - Does your student need medication during the day? If so, complete the Authorization to Administer Medication Form asap.

New to The Source? The Source provides access to important student record information such as attendance, assessment scores, library information and more! To set up an account, parents and guardians use the email address that is currently on record at their student's school. Read more about The Source including how to set up your account.
New date: Our school Photo Day has been rescheduled to Monday, September 27th.
You can order photos before Picture Day at
Use code EVTQVMG97
Paper photo order forms are available in the main office. Purchasing school photos is optional. All students will have individual portraits taken on September 27th.
Middle School Athletics
Students are invited to participate in a fall sport!
We offer Girls’ soccer and Co-Ed ultimate during the fall season.

How to Sign up for school sports:
If your student is interested in participating in sports this year, please go to the following link and complete ALL paperwork. Required forms include:
  • Athletic Registration
  • Physical Participation Form
  • Covid Waiver Form
  • Covid Screening Form
  • Transportation Form (required even if your student is not using any transportation to events)
  • Concussion & Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form
  • Student Insurance (If Applicable) 

Completed paperwork is required before attending practice and can be turned in to Erin Telford via email OR a hard copy can be turned in at the main office. Please focus on getting your physical scheduled ASAP so that you can participate. 
Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is a student-led and coach-organized sport that emphasizes SPIRIT above all. Ultimate is uniquely identifiable as you will not see a referee on the field. Instead, you will see a sport that is self-officiated where players must build and maintain the respectful but competitive environment they wish to play in. We are a no-cut program that creates teams based on grade level, not ability. It is our belief that through this process and structure the greatest learning and growth will happen.

Order an Ultimate Jersey TODAY
Ordering a jersey or shorts is OPTIONAL. We have a set of jerseys for players to borrow for the season if they want. However, we offer families and players the option of ordering a personalized jersey.
To order a jersey, please use this link.
Deadline to order: Friday, Sept. 10th.

Practice & Game Schedule
Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from end of school until 5:00 pm. First Official Practice will be on Tuesday, September 14th

  • Tuesday practices are at Loyal Heights & Thursday practices are at Salmon Bay
  • 90 minute games are held on Saturdays
  • There will be a team at each grade level (6th, 7th, and 8th)
  • All teams are coed

Questions: Please email Sam as he will be creating the official roster and email communication list. 
Girls' Soccer
▪ Mondays @ Salmon Bay Playfield 3:40-5 pm
▪ Thursdays @ Loyal Heights 3:40-5 pm
▪ Games are on Saturdays

This is a no cut team. Our goal for this season is to get a group of players out onto the field to have fun, exercise, learn the game of and love for soccer. We typically field both a Varsity and Junior Varsity team and will this year as well if we have over 28 players wanting to play.

Girls Soccer is currently being coached by Jai Paguirigan, who has been a coach for Salmon Bay for the past 4 years. We are looking for an assistant coach to help at practices and potentially coaching JV games on Saturdays.

Questions about Girls' Soccer:
Please email Jai at:
BLT Parent Rep Introductions
Each Seattle public school has a Building Leadership Team (BLT), whose primary function is to promote and facilitate a collaborative decision-making process. Specific BLT responsibilities are to oversee the facilitation and development of the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), professional development, and the school budget. Salmon Bay’s BLT includes five teacher representatives from grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, a Specialist, an office team member, Administration and 2 parent representatives. 
Cynthia Anderson,
My name is Cynthia Anderson and I am one of the parent representatives on the Building Leadership Team (BLT) starting this year. I’m the mother of two children at Salmon Bay who are in 1st and 4th grade. 
I have 15+ years’ experience in leadership, collaboration, and advocacy in my position as the Director of Learning Communities in the Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) Department at the University of Washington and also with my community-building work both locally and globally.
I hope that my participation on the BLT can be a way for me to connect with faculty, parents, staff, and administration to collaborate among common goals. This kind of work is exciting to me!
As one of the few parents of color at Salmon Bay, I have to believe that our school can rise to its mission statement and goals of empowering all of its students to be independent thinkers who are thoughtful, reflective, and ask questions – lots of questions! I’m looking forward to working with others to find many ways for our students to have opportunities to continue being active and engaged citizens who have a deeper understanding of the diverse world they are a part of. 
Please reach out to me if there are things you would like me to bring up at upcoming BLT meetings.
Lafcadio Darling,
My name is Lafcadio Darling and I am the parent of a Salmon Bay 7th Grader (Declan) and 5th Grader (Penelope). This will be my eighth year in the Salmon Bay community. Aside from being a parent, I also live across the street from the school so SB is ever-present in my life!

In my day job I am a lawyer practicing primarily in commercial and maritime law, working with the fishermen and maritime businesses in Ballard and beyond. My lovely wife, Christine Alar, works in transportation for the City of Seattle.

I got involved with FOSB and the BLT because of my desire to help the school achieve excellence, giving opportunities for all students to reach their potential based on their abilities/needs. SB is a unique place and I want to be sure that uniqueness helps kids in their future endeavors.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or input. I probably won't know the answer, but you can try!
Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB)
Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) is our parent teacher organization. All parents and guardians are automatically members of FOSB. If you didn't get a chance to read our welcome letter in the electronic first day packet email, you can read about us here.

September FOSB Meeting
The first FOSB Meeting of the year will be held on Thursday, September 23rd at 7 pm. You can join the meeting via this Zoom meeting link
Meeting ID: 852 5885 7228
Passcode: 216702
Volunteer Opportunity: FOSB Co-Chair
Our Middle School Co-Chair position has reopened and we are looking for a candidate to join us for THIS school year! If you are interested in finding out more, our Officers are happy to meet with you. (See our officer introductions below!) Please reach out to Secretary Kelly Tilford at to set up a time to chat!  

If you are interested in joining FOSB in this role, please notify either our Chair or Secretary BY September 10th: or
SED Committee Meeting
The Special Education & Disability Committee aims to create an environment of sharing and learning that is inclusive to all; to foster building bridges between the general and special education communities, that is respectful and affirming to our families, students and staff and reflects our commitment to creating more understanding and acceptance around disabilities and Special Education.

Please join us at our first SED meeting of the year on September 15th at 7 pm
Join the Zoom meeting here.
Meeting ID: 897 8021 8347
Passcode: 409173
Community Announcements
Family Connectors University
Seattle Public Schools (SPS) families are invited to join North Seattle College’s Family Connectors University (FCU) class, a family-focused online course designed to help parents support their child’s learning and growth.  
In partnership with North Seattle College and SPS Family Partnerships Department, topics include:
·        Helping your child with learning
·        Social Emotional Learning ideas for home
·        Becoming a supportive partner at your school
·        Helping your child with ‘big emotions’
·        Supporting your child with reading and math
·        Talking to kids about race, racism, and antiracist actions
Take this course in real-time or attend offline at a time that works for you. Check out video here and course details here.

Participants report that this year's pandemic-informed curriculum has been immensely helpful to families during remote learning:
The Family Connectors University class was a wealth of practical ideas, and definitely worth the time investment!”
“…the conversations about self-care, supporting our kids' social emotional growth, dealing with "big feelings" and recommendations on supporting reading and math were fantastic.”
 “Implementing just a few of these ideas brought the pressure level in our 'locked-down' household from a 9 to a 2.”
“I loved the chance to have one hour to myself each week to get ideas for helping my child and talk with other parents.”
The class takes place online via Zoom for 10 weeks beginning Tuesday, September 28th at 6-7 pm. Parents can participate synchronously or asynchronously, as sessions will be recorded.
Course is facilitated by NSC Parent Education Instructor Lea Evans, Principal Janine Roy, SPS Family Partnerships Coordinator Asosa Sailiai, and special guest speakers.
The cost for the 2-unit class is $39.42 and some scholarships are available. Email Asosa Sailiai to enroll or find out more information: