Dear Love Your Hair Friends,

Hey everyone! Miriah & I just want to check in with you all. We realize that during this time of social distancing it easy to look at the negative but we want to spread some positive! We have so many things to be thankful for, many of those things are you, our wonderful clients/friends. So we put together a few product package deals including freebies, and an Easter egg surprise.
We hope this will bring a smile to your face! Please keep in mind that we can customize any of these deals to best suite your needs (Offer is for three products or more, prices will vary).

They have changed the mandatory salon closer from April 24 to April 30. We will be contacting you as it gets closer to our reopening date. (Hoping that they don’t extend this any further out!)


Tracy & Miriah
The first option is a Restructure Package. This shampoo and conditioner will help to restructure the bonds that are damaged by things such as: hot tools, chemicals, color, every day wear and tear. This specialty product is recommended to be used for 5-7 washings in a row then up to a 2 week break. During which you can use a different professional every day shampoo and conditioner. Any hair type can benefit from this treatment and it will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated, strong and healthy.
The Amazing benefits conditioner is a leave in spray that is to be used on damp hair. Among its many benefits, this product helps to hold moisture in the hair, detangle and seal the cuticle.

Regular price for this package is $70 Our sale price is $60 (tax included).
The second option is a Healthy hair and scalp package. This shampoo and conditioner revitalizes your hair from the inside out. While doing so, it removes build up and debris on your scalp which promotes healthy hair growth. By ridding your scalp of unwanted debris it also eliminates unnecessary hair loss. This is great for all hair types and can be used every day.
The Miracle Creator is a leave in Spray conditioner that is to be used on damp hair. This product has many benefits, It prevents heat damage, breakage, adds moisture and shine - just to name a few.
Regular price for this package is $53
Our sale price is $45 (tax included)

These packages will be available for a limited time and as stated above we will be happy to customize products to suit your needs.

Please call, text or email us with your orders and we can arrange Salon pick up time. We can also ship to you for additional fee.
Healthy Carrot Cake
This Healthy Carrot Cake is made with coconut flour, which makes it gluten-free, clean eating, paleo and low-carb option. Frosting options range from whipped coconut cream, dairy-free yogurt or traditional cream cheese icing.


Hey Guys,

I know we're all waiting for the major league baseball season to begin. It's anyone's guess when we will see our Brewers in action again. In the meantime, I'm keeping in shape to do some relief pitching.

Put me in coach!

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