Dear Love Your Hair Friends,

Hi everyone! Miriah and I are anxiously waiting to get back to work and to see each one of you, our valued clients and friends. We are planning on a May 26 target date (to be confirmed). Please stay tuned.

We have exciting news... Salon Nouveau is looking to expand its Salons on Huron operations. We are accepting applications from entrepreneurial-minded hair stylists the opportunity to operate their own business in a private leased salon suite. I invite all interested career-savvy licensed cosmetologists to apply > HERE


Tracy Belleau
Laser (Hair Restoration) Therapy Is Available At Salon Nouveau

Laser Hair Therapy uses a non-thermal low level laser light that is applied to the scalp and hair. The result is a restorative reaction that stimulates blood circulation, clears the debris from the hair shafts, swells the cortex, and closes the cuticles, leading to a healthier scalp.

The Scoop From Coop
Hey Guys,

Check this out. I had a choice between a new cell phone or one of my grandpa's toys when he was my age. Well, you can see what I took. Besides, I really don't have anybody to call yet except for my mom, and she's usually in the next room. Anyway, I can't wait for warmer weather and playing with my truck and blocks in the back yard.
Mexican Street Style
Grilled Cauliflower
This Mexican Street Style Grilled Cauliflower is what summer flavors in Texas (and now in Green Bay) are all about! This easy cauliflower recipe is great for a BBQ or cookout side and perfect for entertaining! 

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