Love Your Hair
August - 2019
Dear Love Your Hair Friends,
August is focused on the simplicity of hair wear... How it can be more time consuming and frustrating when you don’t have enough hair to create the style or look that you want.
It is as simple as adding a little hair to a specific area that can make your day a little better!
Simplicity In The Hair!

How simple it is to do a quick easy up-do with this fun little add-on human hair piece. Instead of taking you 30-45 minutes to get that dressed up look, this easy add-on will only take you 5 minutes! It's really helpful if your own hair isn't long or full enough to achieve this stylish look!

Love Your Hair - Customer Feedback

My restaurant and catering business calls for long hours and short netted hair. Thank you Tracy for suggesting a little added hair for the after and fun hours and good times for a more formal look.

De Pere

The Scoop From Coop

It’s the simple things in life that are fun and make you happy. Just look at Cooper's smile as he’s holding this little toad for the first time.
Spicy Grilled Chicken With Shaved Zucchini Salad
Hot days and cool dishes are great in August. Here's one of our favorites for an easy meal with a lot of flavor and family appeal. Try it. You'll love it.

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