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Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Perhaps you've heard that we recently successfully completed the fundraising portion of the capital campaign. Perhaps you were one of the people who donated to that campaign. Perhaps you'd be interested to know when the capital improvements will be complete. Rest assured that the staff and volunteers are doing everything within their power to ensure that the project is completed effectively and efficiently. While we're not yet in position to provide a firm timeline on construction of the new studios, conversations are taking place daily between the staff, the engineers and the board of directors to to get everything in place to move into action. Our intention is to have a ribbon-cutting celebration in the spring when the project is done and ready for your inspection. It could make for a second consecutive epic birthday party. Stay tuned.
Sweet Stuff On The Radio

Julian Jackson
Sad to report that there's just one more chance for you to enjoy the dulcet tones of Julian Jackson in his regular time slot. After two decades of presenting the best jazz, blues and American songbook, Julian has decided to retire while he's still at the top of his game. We know that Julian will continue to be a stalwart advocate for community radio and we hope to lure him into the occasional guest appearance, but he's hanging up the headphones for now. Show him the love this Friday August 2 from 1-4 as he goes out with a fund-drive bang. We'd like to see him walk out of here without touching the ground as he rides off into the legendary Cape Cod sunset. You can make your pledge in Julian's honor now.
76 Trombones

Lady Di
Trombones or not, there will be a big parade. The theme for this year's Carnival is Enchanted Forest, and Pandora Peoples is leading the effort to create the WOMR float, "Curiouser and Curiouser," with an Alice In Wonderland theme. With Pandora's exquisitely creative eye, and our very own royalty in Lady Di atop the float, things are shaping up for this to be our most dramatic spectacle ever. There's still room for you to get on board, whether you've got construction materials to donate (newspapers, rope, paint) or if you've got the moxie to be one of the characters (Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, King of Hearts). Contact Pandora to see how you might fit in among the mushroom forest. The Provincetown Carnival week provides the crescendo of the summer season and the parade goes down the rabbit hole of Commercial Street on Thursday August 22.

Matty Dread will yet again be a person of interest to the Orleans Police Department. Happily, it will not be part of an enforcement action this time. Instead, Matty is providing the soundtrack for the Orleans Block Party on Main Street, Wednesday August 21 from 5:30-9. It's a beautiful slice of Americana with trucks and boats from the first responders on display, classic cars and games for the kids. Come on out and share a smile.
Program Notes

Daria From Bulgaria
Although Julian Jackson is leaving his Friday afternoon jazz show effective this week. Hank and Andy will continue to present Stirred Not Shaken on the middle Fridays of each month. There has already been interest from folks who would like to fill Julian's shoes, so we should have something to report within a few weeks. It looks like we'll be able to continue the tradition of presenting jazz and American songbook on Friday afternoons for the foreseeable future.

In other news, Daria From Bulgaria is back for another summer. Daria brings unparalleled enthusiasm to her show, East End Europeans, which gives a Balkan perspective on life in Ptown alternate Friday mornings at 9am. Helping Our Women Executive Director Gwynne Guzzeau has a new program, Here 4 You. Gwynne covers topics of health, wellness and personal development alternate Wednesdays at 12:30pm. Disco Tony Lewis takes control every other Tuesday afternoon with Studio 494 as DJ Perhaps works the opposite Tuesdays from 1-4pm. The two make a nice pair with Perhaps spinning jazz and RnB to complement Tony's disco show. DJ Fran has also joined the schedule with her Spin Class from 5-8pm on alternate Tuesday evenings. Fran has a theme-oriented show where you might hear rock, blues, jazz or country in any given week. You should also keep your ears peeled for Mark O'Leary who recently joined our team of Celtic DJs. Mark is in the mix on Monday evenings from 5-8pm and has jumped at the chance to pick up other shifts as well to show off his impressive knowledge and collection of authentic Irish tunes. Some people were just born for show business.

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors has filed its report in anticipation of our annual meeting in November. If you or anyone you know would like to participate in the management of the station by joining a committee or the Board of Directors, please contact Executive Director John Braden.
Radio's A Beach

Many of you have already responded to our summer call for membership renewals. Thanks for that. The on air portion of our summer fund drive takes place from Friday August 2nd through Thursday August 15th. Tune in for lots of guests, special surprises, enticing thank you gifts, and an extra-heavy dose of Outermost personalities. Here's a sneak peak at the gift we're offering to sustaining members:

It's a towel

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