In an effort to provide you with more information about club processes, league information, upcoming deadlines, etc., we will be sending out a Coach & Team Manager Newsletter approximately two times per month. These newsletters will serve as the main form of communication between the club and the coaches/managers.

In these newsletters, you will see three main sections highlighted in orange: Coaches & Team Managers, Coaches, and Team Managers. Those main sections are further broken down into subsections highlighted in blue: All Groups, HP, Academy, Travel/Seasonal, etc. (HP=Navy, Orange, and White teams, Academy=Steel and Grey teams, Travel/Seasonal= Teal, Red, Crimson, and Scarlet teams).

At times, there may be a lot of information in these newsletters. It is our hope that by breaking it down into main sections and subsections, it will be easier for each group to identify what information is most pertinent to them.
All Groups
All coaches, players, and jersey numbers have been uploaded to TeamSnap. If a manager needs to be added or removed from your team, please do the following:
  • If you are the team owner, you will be able to make the change. Go to the Roster tab and select +New Player near the top or Delete to the right side of the screen.
  • If you are not the owner and the owner is no longer on the team, contact your director.
  • If the owner is still on your team, work with them to make the change.
High Performance, Academy, & 2001-2007 Travel & Seasonal Teams
All fall players should have ordered their uniform kit. If any fall player has not yet placed their order, please have them do this asap.

Winter/Spring players will need to place their order by September 15.

2008-2012 Fall Seasonal Teams
Salvo SC will be providing players with uniform kits for the fall season. When these items arrive, a team representative will need to pick them up from the Salvo SC offices and distribute them to the team. We will let you know when they will be ready for pick up.

If there is a player on your team who was not at Player ID and did not receive a Player ID shirt, we will include this shirt in their uniform kit.
All coaches and team managers are required to complete a background check, SafeSport, and Concussion Training.

Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) managers and coaches need to also complete Sideline Sport.

You will need an access code for the background check, SafeSport, and Sideline sport. Click here for the codes and links to complete all required items.
In the event of severe weather (thunderstorm, winter storm, etc.), Salvo SC will make weather-related adjustments by 3:30 pm Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
Communication about these adjustments will be sent through email, posted on our website, and posted on our social media pages.

Minnesota weather can be unpredictable. At times, a coach or referee may need to determine if it is safe for our players to practice or play a game. Please review our weather policy  here and use it as a guideline to determine whether a practice should be canceled.

Weather Bug and OSHA-NIOSH Heat Index are the two apps we refer to for weather information. You can download these apps to your phone using the links below:
We would love to hear how your team is doing throughout the season and share that information on our website, in our newsletter, and on our social media pages. If you would like to share highlights from your games, tournaments, events, etc., please fill out the  Team Highlights form. We will review the information and included it where we can.
We encourage you to attend a high school soccer community night as a team. This is a great way to get a team bonding activity in this fall and show your support for our communities. Visit our website here for more information.
Fall Teams
You will use the bookafield system to make reservations for fall practice fields. You can find instructions on how to use bookafield and reserve field space at  THIS LINK.

New this year, bookafield and TeamSnap are linked together. As you create a reservation in bookafield, it will carry through to your TeamSnap account. Please be sure that you activate this feature following the steps in the link above. It is very important that team names in each system are not changed!

For general information regarding practices, see our Manager page on the website at  THIS LINK.

If you have any questions or issues after reading the information provided at both links, please contact your field coordinator:

  • East - Colleen Hase - - 612-655-3556
  • South, Central, & High Performance - Mike Guillou - - 612-709-0137
Fall MYSA Teams
Fall game schedules have been released. You will have the opportunity to reschedule any games where there is a conflict from August 23 through August 30. Information on the reschedule process can be found here. We do not have field space after October 13. Any home games will need to be played before October 13.
Fall TCSL Teams
Fall game schedules have been released. You will have the opportunity to reschedule any games where there is a conflict from August 23 through August 30. You should have received information directly from TCSL on the reschedule process. If you didn't receive this information, please email Anne Olson at to confirm that you are listed with the team in GotSoccer.
All Groups
As a reminder, Salvo SC is a Nike Premier Club. When you are at practices, games, and events or promoting Salvo SC, you must be dressed from head to toe in Nike apparel. This does include your boots and runners when at the field.
If you are in need of equipment, please connect with your director.
Fall Teams
If you have not yet had or scheduled your first team meeting, please do so as soon as possible.

Winter/Spring Teams
Team meetings should be held no later than the last week in October. Winter training for High Performance, Academy, and Travel teams will begin in early November.
Paid performance coaches will be reimbursed for travel expenses when they attend tournaments that are 90 or more miles away roundtrip. Any tournaments under 90 miles are considered standard commute. Please review the Coach Travel & Expense Policy here for more information. 
All Groups
Manager meetings will be held next week. Feel free to attend the meeting that works best for you.

Wednesday, September 4
7:00 pm
Eagan Community Center Board Room
1501 Central Parkway
Eagan, MN 55121

Thursday, September 5
7:00 pm
HealthEast Sports Center Upper Level Meeting Room
4125 Radio Drive
Woodbury, MN 55129
Each team will have expenses that go beyond what the player registration fee covers. These expenses may include tournament registration fees, coach travel, extra dome space costs, winter league fees, referee fees, etc. 
Team Managers are not responsible for collecting these fees. Salvo SC staff will set each team's budget based on the expectations for the team. Families will set up their payment of these fees as a part of the registration process. We will adjust the team fees being collected as we finalize rosters and determine actual expenses incurred.  

Each team's budget can be found in the files section of their TeamSnap account. Seasonal teams will not have a team budget for the fall as their Salvo SC Fall Classic tournament registration fee is part of the player registration fee.

All questions regarding team fees and team budgets should be directed to Please include your team's name in the subject line of every email. Your team name is the last two digits of the birth year, gender, geo location, and color. For example, 06G East Red, 09B South Grey, 02B Navy. 
New this year and in connection with the new team budget process, Salvo SC staff will be working with each team to handle the registrations of tournaments. This will include Salvo SC staff setting up the registration and directly paying for the registration fee. Managers should no longer be completing the registrations or payments.

Managers will need to let us know what tournaments their team will be participating in so we can register the team. We are setting up a form for managers to fill out for each tournament they plan to attend. More information on this process will be sent next week.
Fall Teams
Please make sure you are keeping your training schedule up-to-date in bookafield. If you will not be using your space, please remove it from bookafield. You do not need to update bookafield for field closures.
If your team is participating in a stay and play tournament, the team should take care of their own hotel for the fall.

If your team is participating in a tournament that is not a stay and play, you should connect with your director and we will help you find hotels.
Director of Coaching - Performance: Carl Craig -
Director of Coaching - Community: Sean McKuras -
Director of Boys High Performance: Skylar Schulz -
Director of Girls High Performance: Brian Kallman -
Director of Central 9U-19U: Matt Cross -
Director of East 13U-19U: Blake Brackett -
Director of East 9U-12U: Delaney Marier -
Director of South 13U-19U: Stuart Trench -
Director of South 9U-12U: Stephen Reed -
Jeremy Handler - - High Performance team budget, expenses, and tournament registration
Megan Kaczmarek - - Central, East, and South team budget, expenses, and tournament registration
Anne Olson - - Player passes and player registrations
Mike Guillou - - High Performance, Central, and South fields and referees
Colleen Hase - - East fields and referees
Steve Peterson - - Uniforms
Nathan Wilson - - Central and South equipment
Megan Rasmussen - - East equipment

For all other questions, please contact your director (listed above).
Upcoming Programs & Events
Club Night with MNUFC
4:30 PM


Grab your team and join Salvo SC at Allianz Field as the Minnesota United take on the Real Salt Lake City.

Discounted tickets are available for all Salvo SC members!
SALVO SC Fall Classic

October 11th-13th

HealthEast Sports Center - Woodbury


Volunteer Opportunities
  • South Field Set Up
  • Ball Kids
  • Parking Attendants

Visit our website for more information.
2010-2011 BIRTH YEARS


Visit our website for times and locations. Specific session information will be available in early October.

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