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March, 2017
Blessings, CCS families!  The purpose of "Sam's Spotlight" is to communicate the noteworthy accomplishments of our students and staff, so we can celebrate as a CCS family.  

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SPECIAL THANKS to Kim Smith for starting this life-sharing resource!
A "Loverly" Legacy

One hour per minute. I was taught that every minute of a play should be rehearsed for an hour. By this math, the average time Mr. Beaver put into his 51 shows is 6,120 hours. This commitment spanned over the years where he taught Greek and Bible full-time, led European class trips, and filled the position of Superintendent at CCS. I have had the privilege of having Mr. Beaver as a teacher, a director, and now a mentor, and I've never seen him take a break. He is the hardest working person I've ever met; relentlessly pursuing excellence in all his work, giving glory to God every step of the way.  He's instilled confidence in those who participated in theatre, he's motivated and challenged students with his Biblical wisdom, and he's been a Spiritual warrior and leader for the school when it has faced trials. After graduating in 2012, I was devastated to think that I would never work on a play with him again or have his influence in my every day life. I wouldn't have the expectation he set for me to do better than "good enough." However, God had a different plan and planted me back at CCS. This time, alongside the man who gave me my first opportunity to explore my passion for theatre. My appreciation for him has grown even more during this year. Mr. Beaver is so respected because he places standards on his students and doesn't waiver on his hopes for what they can achieve.  I praise God that this is what Mr. Beaver's hands found to do. A legacy is often a "substantial gift that needs to be properly managed." Mr. Beaver's legacy as the Theatre Director is not something to be taken lightly. What he did for the school, for the students, and for his fellow teachers changed the community and dynamics of the CCS environment. It is now our responsibility to continue the pursuit of excellence, the path he laid out for future actors, choreographers, and stage managers. He used the theatre program to encourage students to practice their gifts and talents in order to use them to glorify and worship our God. He is the living example of Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." This legacy is something to be continued, respected, and honored as Mr. Beaver closes his theatre-directing career with the beautiful production of My Fair Lady. The seniors in the cast reached out to alumni of the theatre department and received exactly 51 letters for his 51 productions, showering Mr. Beaver with gratitude for the influence in their lives. His students adore him, his coworkers revere him, and his God is proud of him for his faithful service. 
~Leah Murphy, alumni 2012 & intern under Mr. Beaver 
100 Days Celebration

In first grade, the students came to school dressed as if they were 100 years old on the 100th day of school. At the elementary, they keep track of the days we've been to school as part of the math program. They do some special 100 Day activities in math that day and talk about how much they've learned. Chris Mellish says, "We're 100 Days Smarter!" 
"Chicken Fat"
"Chicken Fat" (also known as "The Youth Fitness Song") is a 1962 song written by Broadway composer Meredith Willson and performed by actor/singer Robert Preston. It was the theme for President John F. Kennedy's youth fitness program used in school gymnasiums across the United States throughout the 1960s and 1970s. When MarDee Moon was in elementary
school, her P.E. instructor started every class with the " Chicken Fat" song.  Carrying on the tradition, she leads her P.E. class through "Chicken Fat" once a year. Instead of playing the song on a 45 on a record player like her instructor did, she shows her class a video, which starts with a black and white clip of President Kennedy talking about the need for our youth to get physically fit. Then, the video shows a group of kids doing exercises with an instructor.  Mrs. Moon's Chicken Fat Day
 features the "Chicken Fat" video and other 'chicken' things, such as the chicken dance, rubber chicken relays and a 'chick, chick, chick, hen' chasing game. To hear the song click  here
Sports Kudos 
The CCS Athletic Department and multiple athletes have been
recognized this school year. For the specific articles, click on the links listed. Our athletes work very hard and compete honorably. Congratulations, Cougars! 

Girls' Volleyball Fall All-Stars.             

Payton Keiner wins Classic Title.               

The diligent Boys' Basketball team.          

Boys' Cross Country Fall All Stars.                                                           

Boys' Golf Fall All Stars.                                                                               

Boys' Soccer Fall All Stars.                                                                                 

Girls' Cross Country Fall All Stars. 


"Bowling Teams Pins 
Un-Bowl-ievable Season"
Title from Paw Print article written by Payton Keiner

The bowling team at CCS has been very successful from district champs to regional qualifiers. This year, Junior Cheyenne Wilson set the record for most pins in a game with 253 and highest series with 421. The teams are very close and continue to grow together. They are both undefeated in the Miami Valley Conference and the Varsity boys hold six of the top seven bowlers in the MVC. Kayley Harris and Aleia Hauer bowled on the boys team that won the MVC championship in 2014 when they were freshmen. They were filling in for some of the senior boys who couldn't be at the match. That was the first time the MVC had a bowling championship. Now, four years later  they are seniors and are on the first girls' team to win an MVC championship, and they won by 66 pins. The boys' team won by 400 pins. Mr. Peters is Coach of the Year  for both boys' and girls' teams! Cheyenne Wilson was  MVP of the MVC Ladies tournament. Tyler Parker and Kayley Harris were First team honors. Konner Logan and Lindsey Carney were Second team honors! This tournament was a huge success for our bowling team! Congratulations, Cougars!
Sophomore English Classes Do Their Own "Bachelorette!"
Twelve male students (six in each bell) took o n the identity of famous authors, (Herman Melville, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson), while two young ladies portrayed  Emily Dickinson.  Students studied not only the writings of the author assigned to them, but also the works of each author represented.  
In full-character attire, they used their newly found knowledge to spark in-character conversations and questions all in hopes of winning the heart of Emily Dickinson. In the next day's class, each Emily Dickinson gave her rose to her chosen favorite bachelor!  Side Note:  Mackenzie Turner intentionally gave a dead rose, to keep with her character's dark writings.  
Well done, Cougars!
Nathan Eshman, a CCS 8th grader, working collaboratively on a team-building project during the Bystander to Upstander conference.
Follow the Leader 
Seven junior high students attended a leadership summit at the Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education. It was a program designed to help kids move from being a bystander to an up-stander as they become engaged citizens in their schools and communities. It's been a great experience for our kids to attend each year.
Some of the kids going already possess strong leadership skills, while others have been identified as ones with strong potential. This list was generated based on the recommendations received from junior high teachers. The students who attended were Casey Anderson, Nathan Eshman, Devin McKinnon, Zach Schlake, Miranda Heid, Abby Minnich, and Maddy Cooley. The focus of the day centered around what small acts young people can do to form bridges and relationships between different types of people. Some of the conference also centered on being a good/strong "first follower" and not always the leader who initiates the movement. The students heard keynote speaker, Greg Forbes Siegman, and also attended interactive sessions to help them identify their strengths as individuals and critically think through ways to make change as a team.  They learned that both leader and follower are vital for change to occur.  What a neat opportunity for young leaders!
History Made!  
History has been made by the Cincinnati Christian School Girls Basketball team. For the first time in 8 years, the team advanced to the second round of the Girls Varsity Basketball Sectionals OHSAA Tournament. The girls played a very good, close game against Georgetown. They won by three points on a big defensive steal by Hannah Randall with only 8 seconds remaining. Senior Kylee Miller said, "I've had a great time playing with this team and hope to continue on in the tournament." 
And they did! On Saturday, March 4, the girls traveled to Troy for a Division IV district final against Jackson Center. This was their first-ever district appearance. Although they did not leave as the proclaimed winners, they left as champions. "Definitely an underdog situation, but I kind of love that," Cincinnati Christian senior guard Allie Statzer said. When talking about our team, Coach Reese from Jackson Center said, "If they're there, that means they deserve it." They certainly did! Congratulations, Cougars! Your teamwork, perseverance, and optimism paid off! 
Read the full article  here !
Individual Basketball Victories   
Miami Valley Conference
CCS Boys Basketball - 2017 MVC Gray Division Conference Champions (3-Peat)
MVC First Team - Dylan Woods
MVC First Team - Christian Keese
MVC Second Team - Brady Roberts
MVC Second Team - Josh Oates
MVC Honorable Mention - Daniel Nimmo
MVC Honorable Mention - Nick Hesselgesser
MVC Gray Division Player of the Year - Dylan Woods
MVC Gray Division Coach of the Year - Carl Woods
*Dylan Woods hits a career record 1,000 points!!
District 15
District 15, 1st Team - Dylan Woods (Senior All-Star)
District 15, 1st Team - Christian Keese (Senior All-Star)
District 15, 2nd Team - Brady Roberts (Senior All-Star)
District 15, Player of the Year - Dylan Woods
From Coach Woods, "As individual awards are big accomplishments let's not lose sight of the bigger and better goals we have in sight for OUR ENTIRE TEAM!!!"
History Made...Again!!
The Boys basketball team Won the District Championship on Friday, March 11! In doing so, they made history for the school and basketball program. They traveled on to regionals against Lima-Perry.  Though the final score was a tough 44-57 loss, they fought all the way. Thanks for a fantastic season, boys! You make us proud. 
For a complete description and summary of our teams' basketball seasons, click here
Project Mañana, Dominican Republic Mission Trip! 

Almost 20 CCS students, parents, and staff members served at our DR sister school, Colegio Evangelico Dios Da La Sabiduría during the week  of February 20-??! Throughout the week, the students planned and led VBS opportunities for the kids, helped build a home, delivered water filtration systems, and even gave drum lessons to the kids there. Students took turns leading devotions and Bible studies as well. Though sickness tried to weaken the team, our students persevered and continue to serve. We are so proud of our Cougars! Gina Smearsoll said, "They were truly the hands and feet of Jesus in San Pablo and formed new friendships with one another as well." Praise God for their safety and service in Christ's name! 
Our next group of students headed to the Dominican Republic already left and will be gone during Spring Break. Be praying that they too will have safe travels and have a trip filled with opportunities to serve our Lord by blessing others.
International Week

During International Week at the elementary campus, a different country is learned about and celebrated every day.  Each class studies a country, learning its customs, geography, history, culture, religion, food, and other topics. All the learning culminates when each class presents their country to the school. They share research along with pictures or a slide show on the Smart Board.   The students enjoy the preparation and craft time leading up to this event. There is much excitement and a great time of learning is had by all who participate!  This is a picture from the 2nd graders' presentation of China. 
The Music of Black History Month
Procter & Gamble joined with Cincinnati Christian Schools Jazz Band to celebrate the great American art form of jazz and Black History Month.
If you have praiseworthy news items to share with the Cincinnati Christian Schools family that involve either CCS students and/or staff, please email it to
Leah Murphy at  leah.murphy@cincinnatichristian.org