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Summer 2017 Recap
Blessings, CCS families!  The purpose of "Sam's Spotlight" is to communicate the noteworthy accomplishments of our students and staff, so we can celebrate as a CCS family.  

If you have praiseworthy news items to share with the Cincinnati Christian Schools family that involve either CCS students and/or staff, please email 
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Leading By Serving 

The Southwest Hugh O' Brian Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY) provides leadership and service training for Sophomore students. The students are chosen from both public and private schools in the area. Cincinnati Christian chose to send Merrick Heid for the June 2017 session and workshops.  Once there, students are split into groups and together, they learn about leadership through a series of activities, including a project where they directly address issues in the local community. Each HOBY student left with an understanding of the important role service plays in communities when it is put it into action.  Merrick said, "My group helped with landscaping and construction at a local park. It truly was a life-changing experience for me as I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learned how to grow into leadership potential throughout the camp." 
An Eclipse to Remember

At the elementary campus, the teachers found activities for the students to do in the classroom, and at  2:00pm, the school gathered in the gym to watch videos explaining the eclipse and to witness the live feed from NASA. At  2:15 the teachers took the children to a window so they could see outside. 
At the senior high campus, several students traveled with their families to witness the eclipse and many more stayed at home to watch in their own backyard. From homemade glasses to NASA-sponsored lenses, the eclipse on August 21 was enjoyed by much of the CCS family!

European Class Trip 

Ten students and five adults toured  Italy and Greece this past summer revitalizing a program that has introduced many, many CCS students to international travel through the years.  This year's trip visited the Italian cities of Venice, Pisa, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Pompeii, and Sorrento while the Greek sites included the Meteora region, Delphi, Tolo (on the Aegean Sea), and Athens.  The students were mostly graduating seniors and rising juniors and, while some had traveled internationally before, this was the  first time visiting Europe for most of them. 

The group at the church in Assisi
The trip was organized by Susan  Zaffiro, Language Arts 
teacher at CCS, who participated in three European Classroom trips with her o wn daughters (all CCS alumnae) when the program was led by Mr. Beaver. Mrs. Zaffiro was very pleased with the trip, especially noting that the CCS students were grea t, very attentive, and engaged in the tour.  Mrs. Zaffiro also said that, when she asked the students about their favorit e city and favorite moment of the trip, each student had a different response.  "This just shows that the entire tour was meaningful from start to finish," said Mrs. Zaffiro.

European Classroom is part of the CCS Global Experiences program that helps teachers plan and organize international trips. About one-fifth of CCS students travel internationally at some point during their high school years either for a mission trip like those to our sister school in the Dominican Republic, on a language-focused tour like the German trip to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland this summer, and other trips like the biology-focused trip to Costa Rica planned for June of 2018. 

For more information about CCS Global Experiences, you can contact Susan Zaffiro (susan.zaffiro@cincinnatichristian.org). For information specifically about the 2018 Costa Rica tour, contact Gina Smearsoll (gina.smearsoll@cincinnatichristian.org). 

Alumna Serving Beautifully 

Alumna Brooke Hill from the class of 2015, is currently on a mission trip in Haiti. For the past month she's been living within Destiny Village, an orphanage in the small town of Saint-Marc. She is serving as an intern and working with the children who live in the orphanage. Her main responsibilities include looking after the kids and completing the necessary daily tasks. 
She said, "The most amazing part of this trip is being able to love and bond with every kid. Getting to know them as individuals and hear some of their stories, has impacted my life in many ways. These kids are so young and have already experienced hard life lessons, but their faith in God has left me speechless. The orphanage is raising them and guiding them to be men and women of God." What an incredible experience, Brooke. Thank you for your servant's heart! 
Baptism on the Beach 

On a youth trip to Daytona Beach with his church, Riley Reutener discussed with his pastor the steps of salvation and what it means to proclaim our faith. Riley felt led to take the next step and publicly proclaim his relationship with Christ. "I felt like God was pushing me to finally be baptized." Therefore, while on the trip, Riley was baptized in the ocean by his head pastor, Scotty Neal!

And They're Off!  

Two students from the class of 2017 are launching on the World Race Gap Year in September. Bernadette Beachem and Nicholas Hesselgesser have hearts for the Lord and hearts for people. 
Here, you can access their blogs and stay up to date on their travels, experiences, and what they are learning. They both have a way with words and their blogs are incredibly inspiring. Bernadette's can be found here and Nick's can be accessed here. Donations for their travels are still welcomed and much appreciated. 
If you have praise-worthy news items to share with the Cincinnati Christian Schools family that involve either CCS students and/or staff, please email it to
Leah Perry at leah.perry@cincinnatichristian.org.