Samantha laughing
November 11, 2016

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

I have been sick with worry all week waiting for Samantha's pathology report -- the report arrived this morning and my worst fears were realized. 
A lump was discovered on Samantha's breast.
Dr. Schirmer surgically removed the tumor.
Samantha wakes from anesthesia in Kari's  arms.

Samantha's pathology report was received just this morning from Dr. Calderwood Mays. 
It read, "The mass was a mammary adenocarcinoma.  Prognosis for long-term survival should be considered guarded."

I took this video the day I discovered the mass -- Samantha is looking happy and healthy.

We believe in miracles at Jungle Friends, and we need one now! 
Please think good thoughts about Samantha, send healing energy and pray for a miracle for my co-founder and best friend, Samantha.

Lots of monkey love, 
Kari and the monks
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