December 18, 2016


Samantha, Jungle Friends Co-Founder, is 24 years old today. Most of you know that last month Samantha was diagnosed with a very aggressive, terminal breast cancer . Please celebrate Samantha's Birthday with us by making a Donation in her honor.

Think good thoughts, send healing energy, hold her in your heart, see her healthy and whole and pray for a healing for my sweet Samantha, we believe in miracles here at Jungle Friends! 

Charlotte opened most of  Samantha's Birthday Presents, I am sure she was just trying to be helpful to her big sister.
Samantha has been on CBD oil since her diagnosis. The folks at im.bue botanicals are not only donating the oil for the monkeys, they are donating 20% for all orders using the coupon code JUNGLEFRIENDS.  

Samantha has had a couple more lumps appear since her surgery, and I am not sure, but one seems to be shrinking and the other one is not growing. Even though the oncologist only gave her 6-12 months to live, I am hopeful.
Sam is sedated to remover her tumor.
Samantha wakes slowly from her surgery.
Samantha's incision has healed very nicely.
I can't imagine life without my Samantha, I console myself knowing that we have had monkey miracles happen here at Jungle Friends. I believe the sanctuary is a magical place and I expect a miracle for Sam. Meanwhile, she will be doted on and smothered with love and of course, lots of yummy treats.
P.S. Shout out to Susan, Claude and Sara for their very generous donations to our Hurricane Fund 
and a huge thank you to 
Dorothy for donating the funds for the generator, wow!!
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