Volume 104 - July 31, 2019
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Today is the last day of July...

I continue to tweak my newsletter this week with some additional changes. Its good to shake things up on occasion.

Last night, just a few minutes before midnight, Mercury stationed, ending its retrograde period that started in early July. This is a phenomenon that many people have heard of but isn't always understood by the general public. Check out the Astrology this Week section of today's newsletter for more details.

In this week's blog I write about one of my favorite topics, vibrational frequency . Its that subtle area of life that we aren't always tuned into, but is critical to our journey. I even get to incorporate my Grandmother's lemon meringue pie into the story. See link below.

Welcome to August... soak in the summer weather while you can.

Blessings sent your way.


This Week's Blog
When a vibrational frequency is pleasing to us rather than dissonant, we often call it resonant. When something is resonant, it has a deep and full quality to it. Its expansive and feels amplified. There is a sense of matching or confirmation. This experience can range from people or places, to things. These are the encounters in which we feel at home, peaceful, and embraced.

Photos of The Week
Astrology This Week
Mercury Retrograde

Even for the neophyte to Astrology, Mercury Retrograde has some familiarity, albeit, often in an inaccurate and convoluted manner. The term retrograde has to do with the perceived direction which a planet is travelling from our perspective here on earth. Retrograde is the period where a planet appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac, opposite of its usual motion.

Venus and Mercury are the only two planets that orbit between the Earth and Sun. When they are between us and the Sun, this is the period in which they appear to be retrograde. Typically, a planet is noted to be retrograde in a natal chart by the placement of an Rx next to the planetary symbol and with the degrees and minutes shown in a red font.

Planets that are retrograde in a natal chart are said to have their energy turned inward. The manifestation of this energy in the native’s life can seem delayed, impeded, or hindered in some manner. They take on a more internally driven nature, and tend to be more introspective.
The current Mercury Retrograde will station at 23 degrees and 59 minutes of Cancer on July 30 th at 11:57:41 pm here in Cleveland. It will resume its direct motion on August 1 st at 11:57:41 pm . It will then journey through the remaining degrees of Cancer, ultimately entering Leo on August 11 th .

When Mercury is in Cancer, thoughts, ideas and our communications take on a nurturing and self-protective posture. One may find their conversations becoming more emotionally based and sensitive in nature. As Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo, this can represent a shift in the mind to thoughts of creativeness, enjoyment, and playfulness. Communicating in a dramatic or colorful manner also can occur.

Mercury turns retrograde three times per year for approximately three weeks.

Shamanism This Week

Kintu Mesa

Paqos (practitioners of the Inka tradition) use a mesa or misha (mee-schah), a term that describes the holy ritual bundle with which they work. It consists of a rigid outer cloth, which in turn contains a variety of objects. These objects of power (khuyas) connect a Paqo with places, people, or situations in his life that are important to him.

Thus, the mesa is an aid for establishing energetic connections between people, places, situations, and oneself. It becomes a reflection of the spiritual power of a Paqo. If he loses the mesa, he does not lose his spiritual power, however, as he can make up a new mesa at any time.

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