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Happy New Year!

This is our 4th edition of the Biosimilar Market Report.

As of January 2024, the FDA has approved a total of 45 biosimilars across 14 unique biological molecules. Of the 45 approvals, 38 have been launched and introduced to the market. In this report, we provide pricing and market share trends of these biosimilars.

We also analyzed the patient benefit from biosimilar adalimumab cost options. The underutilization of Humira biosimilars is a missed cost-saving opportunity for both healthcare systems and patients. Many biosimilars are designed to reduce drug prices and spending. However, patients cannot benefit from these savings if biosimilar medications are not accessible to them.

In this report, we compare patient out-of-pocket costs between high WAC and low WAC biosimilar options. 

Samsung Bioepis is proud to be a competitor in the biosimilar market space. Our high-quality, safe, and effective biosimilars provide a route for improved patient access and benefit.

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