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The Digital Asset Review
JUNE 11, 2019

"Microsoft announced the development of an open-source formal Ethereum smart contract verification scheme for the Solidity programming language.

Announced on the Microsoft blog, the tool will be called VeriSol–Verifier for Solidity. VeriSol will enable developers to write specifications for their contracts using an intermediate language that can then be tested using mathematical logic machinery. "

Interested in seeing what other lawyers think of the SEC filing against Kik as a result of its ICO?

Take this incredible opportunity to see deep into legal minds and gain insight into how they are evaluating the filing.

Believe it or not, but lawyers can make jokes, and you'll get to seem of them here.

At the MicroBT M20 conference in Chengdu, China, this May—Charles Song, the general manager for Samsung Foundries China revealed that the company had been designing and manufacturing 3nm and 5nm chips for Bitcoin mining.

According to internal documents from the company, Samsung has been fabricating these chips since Q1 of 2018. Samsung publicly announced its strategic partnership with MicroBT, the third largest designer of Bitcoin ASICs behind Bitmain and Canaan at the conference. "

Dave Hendricks is the Co-Founder & CEO of Vertalo. In this conversation, Dave and Anthony Pompliano discuss the structural issues in the legacy system, how we can fix them, what it means to tokenize venture funded companies, and how you at home could benefit from this movement.

"Given a choice between (a) selling millions of dollars of tokens in seconds on one hand; and (b) undertaking the private placement process, there is only one reasonable choice- sell the tokens, fund the project, and do your best to not run afoul of regulatory requirements.

Irrefutable Conclusion — My clients are going to opt to engage in an IEO no matter what I tell them to do. So would I. That being the case, the clear action plan is to take all measures to comply with Regulation S. "

"In anticipation of their upcoming security token offering (STO), Zapaygo has established multiple key partnerships with industry specialists. These include, both, Vertalo and Dealbox.

Through the combination of services offered by this duo, Zapaygo now has the ability to, not only, onboard investors, but to issue digital securities, all the while managing these assets through their lifecycle. All of this is crucial to seamlessly complete an STO for their pre-order/payment app. "

The FATF standards are expected to set tough operating procedures for crypto exchanges, going beyond the basic “know your customer” (KYC) rules that most major exchanges now abide by.

In addition to verifying and keeping records of their users’ identities, exchanges and other service providers would have to pass customer information to each other when transferring funds, just as banks are required to do – a procedure known in the U.S. as the 'travel rule.' "