Samuels Seafood Market Update
The Latest Highlights For Today's Chefs, Retailers and Mongers
Lobster Demand is Hot Hot Hot
Due to increased heightened demand and a limited Canadian lobster season harvest, live Lobsters, Lobster Tails, and Lobster Meat are fetching high prices globally. Restaurants are reopening, vacation season is upon us, and now cruise lines are revving up to hit the seas with one of their culinary mainstays…Lobster tails. With attractions such as “Lobster Night,” cruises love providing their guests with Lobster dinners. With the resurgence of the cruise line industry, the already high demand for Lobster is rising higher.

Lobster prices have been increasing since the beginning of the year. Prices for live product in the New England market on May 1st were the highest they have been in five years. In addition, poor catch and a late start due to cold weather limited catch during Canada’s season and did not help matters. With the Canada season about to close, New England watermen are beginning to put their traps in the water for a summer season that generally experiences a late start.

Samuels Seafood’s Purchasing Agents are bringing in the best variety of options and alternatives in anticipation of these strong markets. In the meantime, check out our specials in June featuring the best values of the year! We have first of the season, Spring Pack Canadian Lobster Tails on special available in 3-4 oz and 4-5 oz. sizes
Crabmeat Cravings
After months of decreased availability and rising demand, Indonesian Pasteurized Crabmeat continues its all-time high prices. Also experiencing high demand, Chinese Pasteurized Crabmeat is at year-long highs. Lack of catch off both countries and labor and logistical issues are the reason for the increased prices. However, as the pandemic tapers off, demand (especially along the U.S. mid-Atlantic) is coming back to life for Crabmeat, a staple in our seafood diets.

Samuels is doing the best job in the business, staying supplied as best as possible. We recommend speaking with your Sales Agent as they will provide you the best options. Like everyone else, we hope availability becomes a bit more optimistic within the next several months.
Happy Alternatives
Do you know what's great about seafood? The exciting and wide range of options! If you're looking for excitement, check out our Crawfish options. It's an excellent alternative to Crabmeat! Why stop at Gumbo? Crawfish Sliders, Crawfish Cakes, Crawfish Mac & Cheese, are among the choices. Samuels carries Crawfish Meat, and cooked whole Crawfish from Spain, the Mediterranean, and Egypt; this tasty Shellfish is for more than just the bayou! In fact, Crawfish have been commercially harvested in Egypt since the late 90's!

Our purchasers are getting creative! Ask about our Tahitian Bass, an amazing fish that is long line caught off Tahiti. The thick fillets range from 5-10 lbs and cook up a firm white meat.
If you want a tropical treat, Red Drum from Mauritius Island is on special during June. Great for grilling and also crudo applications, Red Drum or "Redfish" has firm meat with great flavor and oil content.
What's Next for Wild Salmon?
Fishermen off the Alaska coast headed out to Copper River this week during another short opening to take advantage of this 300 mile long river's Sockeye Salmon. A few weeks ago, Samuels reported that the Copper River had opened and closed its season's first openings. Just recently, the sonar's that count Salmon migration in this river provided good news of an abundance in fish which prompted another short opening. We expect a shipment of Sockeye early next week. On June 15th, the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest will open up for King Salmon, and we are hoping for some big fish. In the meantime, Alaska is predicting good numbers and we are looking forward to the season opening up fully. For now, your Sales Agent and our Daily Specials are good indicators of what is being caught at the moment.
Locally Caught
Buying locally caught seafood is an exciting way to keep down carbon footprint and support local fishermen that work under National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) guidelines.
The fish are delicious too! This week we have:
  • Wild Striped Bass, NY
  • Monkfish, ME
  • Skate, ME
  • Squid, RI
  • Porgies, RI
  • Black Sea Bass, RI
  • Hake, MA
Fluke remains limited due to fishing closures that are just now preparing to open up fully. And also, a shrimp season down south that is attracting fishermen to go Shrimping. Samuels is staying supplied with Fluke and we hope for availability to improve soon.
Featured June Fish
Oishii Shrimp
Oishii Shrimp have reached an impressive standard as they are the first Shrimp to ever be processed immediately after harvest. Oishii Shrimp go from swimming to frozen and on their way to you, within four hours, resulting in an unbelievable freshness, straight from the water.  

Oishii Shrimp is available in many popular sizes, including U8, U10, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, and 26/30 counts, packed in 1 lb and 2 lb units. Prepare for summer grilling season in style with Oishii Shrimp in U/12 and U/15 count, which will be on sale for the entire month of June at Samuels! Stay tuned.
All prices featured only applicable to Samuels Seafood account holders and 7 Fish Club Members
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