“We are very proud today to hear of the announcement that the San Antonio Athenians have chosen Cibolo, Texas as their new home. The Athenians are a semi-professional women's soccer team that has very experienced management and a large following. We are honored that Cibolo fit the style and feel for the organization and we look forward to a partnership for years to come. Starting this summer, you will see quality entertainment from a first class soccer team. There will not only be national teams coming to play from places such as Austin, Houston, and El Paso but also International teams as well. It will provide positive role models for not just our young women but for all of the areas boys and girls. Special thanks to Pete Veras and his sports marketing team (VSM), Cassandra Kearns (a local business owner), Councilman Joel Hicks and Peggy Cimics our City Secretary for initial discussions. This is yet another step in recognizing that Cibolo is a destination spot for not just organizations such as this, but also for our businesses and residents. Athenians, thank you for choosing Cibolo, the City of Choice.”