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The San Bernardino County Department of Airports plans, organizes and directs the County's airport and aviation system to provide high quality aviation facilities and services in a safe and efficient manner, optimizing the benefit to the communities and citizens of the county.
2018 NACo Achievement Award Recipient
The  National Association of Counties (NACo) has awarded the San Bernardino County Department of Airports an Achievement Award in Information Technology. 
The Department of Airports’ Maintenance Care implementation program is being recognized for its "QR Reporting Signage Program." The county and program will be formally recognized at the NACo Achievement Awards Luncheon in Nashville, Tennessee on July 15.
NACo President Roy Charles Brooks said, “Counties seize opportunities to deliver services more efficiently and build stronger communities every day. Achievement Award-winning programs are examples for counties that are determined to enhance services for our residents.”
Nationally, awards are given in 18 different categories that reflect the vast, comprehensive services counties provide. The categories include children and youth, criminal justice, county administration, information technology, health, civic engagement and many more.

 Advisory Circular on Flight Operations

According to the FAA, out of the 5,300 public-use airports, only about 500 are controlled. This means the vast majority of airports are uncontrolled or non-towered.  

A new Advisory Circular (AC) is now in place to help improve traffic, and more importantly safety at airports without operating control towers.  This new AC 90-66B titled Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations, replaces two previous advisories on communication guidance and traffic patterns.

The updated communication guidance “makes clear that airplanes terminating an instrument procedure with a straight-in approach do not have the right of way over VFR traffic in the pattern…and when circling to land, left hand turns are standard, unless otherwise documented,” as stated in a recent General Aviation News  article on the advisory.

The updated traffic pattern guidance standardizes the altitude to 1,000’ AGL, with left-hand turns, unless terrain or obstacles mandate otherwise.

For more on the  Advisory Circular AC-66B, visit the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration page at .
APV Duel in the Desert 

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Aerobatic Club IAC Chapter 49 on its successful 2018 Duel in the Desert Aerobatic Contest, held May 3 through 5 at Apple Valley Airport. It was a fun filled day with great planes and perfect weather. 
According to the IAC Facebook page, the group shares a common passion of Aerobatics as a personal challenge, to become a more well-rounded and safer pilot, and to have fun.   
IAC’s goal is to “spread growth, knowledge and enthusiasm through this wonderful sport we are so lucky to be a part of.”
For more information visit their Facebook page or contact .

The Johnson Valley Shared Use Area will be temporarily closed to the public August 1-30, 2018 while the Marine Corps conducts training.

The closure period will include the time required to ensure the Shared Use Area is clear of recreation activity prior to training and to confirm the land is clear of hazards prior to reopening the land for public access.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) states that over 43,000 acres within the adjacent Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area will remain open to the public
during the closure of the Shared Use Area and off-road enthusiasts can also enjoy the nearby Stoddard Valley OHV Open Area.

The Marine Corps will continue to implement robust public outreach to ensure
the public is informed of the temporary change in land use.

For additional information, including a map of the area, please visit:  or contact the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at 760-830-3737 or .

DYK Threshold Aviation?
Do you know Threshold Aviation Group which operates out of CNO? And did you know that Threshold offers a variety of services to business jet clients and employs more than 95 people? Did you also know that Threshold purchases aircraft from around the world and re-furbishes them at its Chino facility?
“Here, we are parting out a Gulfstream GV. What a shame to part out one of these beautiful aircraft!”
Threshold is excited to share some of their recent work:
“We have a unique helicopter here for a few weeks: Boeing Chinook. Operated by Columbia Helicopters and it is BIG!It weighs 22,000 lbs. and can lift (sling-load) 28,000 lbs.!” 
“We are hosting the first FAA Certified Electric Powered Light Sport Aircraft this month.The California distributer for the aircraft is completing the Proving Flights and Demonstration Flightsfrom our facility. It will fly for 1.5 hours on a single charge and at the cost of about $100k to buy, it is considered a very inexpensive trainer.”
EAA's Young Eagles Program at CNO
- Paul T. Glessner, M.S.
EAA's Young Eagles program was launched in 1992 to introduce young people worldwide, aged 8 - 17, to the world of aviation by providing a flight in a general aviation aircraft. Flights are offered free of charge through the generosity of our EAA members and volunteers. Since the beginning, more than 2 million Young Eagles have been flown with more than 40,000 EAA members volunteering their time, aircraft and expenses to participate.

At Chino Airport's EAA Chapter 92, youngsters get the chance to experience the wonders of flight 'gratis' through the support of numerous aviation enthusiasts and members of the chapter, including Les and Susan Whittlesey (Cal Aero Country Club), Harry Geier (Planes of Fame Air Museum) and Frank and Kristin Wright (Yanks Air Museum). Among the generous pilots who offer their time and use of their aircraft: Ed Martell, Joe Finnel, Les Whittlesey, Steve Livingston (Chapter Vice President), Gary Stone, and Rohn Williams and Chapter 92's Young Eagle Coordinator, Debbie Cavanaugh. San Bernardino County's Director of Airports, James E. Jenkins, is another strong supporter and proponent of programs like this and will ensure access to the tower is part of this long standing, valuable and formidable program. As test pilot, Elliot Seguin, stated, "Airplanes are cool!" 
For more information on EAA Chapter 92, please visit: .
Personnel Announcements
Congratulations, Nicole! 
Please join us in congratulating Nicole Leyden, Secretary I for the Department of Airports, for receiving the Employee of the Year Award. Ms. Leyden has been with the Department of Airports since 2014 and during that time has demonstrated the Countywide Vision through her increasing participation in the Apple Valley Airshow and as the "go to" person at Apple Valley Airport for tenants and pilots.  During the event she is the central point of contact and coordination for all the event pilots and vendors.  Ms. Leyden's dedication and level of professionalism makes her an asset to the Department and the County. Thank you, Nicole.

General Announcements

o   Yanks Air Museum event:Saturday, July 21 st Open Cockpit Day and Saturday, August 18 th Helicopter Open Cockpit Day.   
o   Plans of Fame: Tuesday, July 21 st The History of Cal Aero Field and Saturday, August 4 th The N. American P-51 Mustang

o   Runway markings have all been updated!

Tenant Inspection Update
o      Notifications for County tenants will be sent and scheduled for early fall.  All other tenant inspections will be scheduled for winter 2019.
About Us

The County of San Bernardino Department of Airports provides for the management, maintenance and operation of six county-owned airports. We also assist San Bernardino County private and municipal airport operators with planning, interpretation, and implementation of FAA general aviation requirements.

Our administrative office is located at 777 E. Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, in the heart of the picturesque San Bernardino Valley, approximately 60 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. The rugged natural beauty of San Bernardino County, from its awe-inspiring mountains to its vast expanses of colorful desert, makes it the aviator's destination of choice .
Airport Commissioners:
Roy Cox, 5th District, Chair  |  Jim Bagley, Desert At Large, Vice Chair  
Mark Taylor, 1st District | Christine Canepa, 2nd District   | William Smith, 3rd District
Ray Marquez, 4th District  |  Larry Asmus, Valley At Large
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