MAY 2019
Climate and Energy News from the San Diego Region
Member News
Staffing Changes at the Climate Collaborative
First and foremost, we want to thank Laura Walsh, for her stellar contributions to the Climate Collaborative over the last several years. Laura has literally set sail this month announcing her departure from the Climate Collaborative and embarking on a sailing adventure in the South Pacific Seas. Bon voyage! We will miss you, Laura!

In her absence we have welcomed two new team members to provide part time support at this time, Lisa Walker and Darbi Berry. Darbi joins us from the University of San Diego, she completed her master's in Environmental and Ocean Science and has a background in geomorphology, GIS, wetlands and water. Lisa Walker has a Masters in Sustainability and an economics background. She previously worked in Australia to help build community-led nonprofits.

This half-mile stretch of beach was designed to protect scenic highway 101 from increasing ocean surges. This living dune provides new habitat encouraging an ecological uplift in the local biodiversity while providing its' residents and beach goers increased safety and public beach access. 

The San Diego Airport Authority has completed its public review draft of the Climate Resiliency Plan (CRP). The CRP will serve as the Authority’s overall strategy for addressing the potential impacts of climate change, including sea level rise.

As part of its FAA-funded sustainability management planning initiative, the San Diego Airport Authority has developed two additional draft plans and welcomes feedback at this time: The Carbon Neutrality Plan and The Clean Transportation Plan.
Regional News
The City of San Diego received a grant for $73,790 from Partners for Places to help advance the implementation of their Climate Action Plan, with a focus on social equity in Southeastern San Diego. The San Diego Foundation will match $75,000 for a total grant award of $148,790. These funds will help the San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition work closely with the City of San Diego’s Sustainability Department to meaningfully engage communities of concern, establish energy efficiency and weatherization projects in a mobile home park setting, and support the efforts of the Social Equity Specialist.

California is in a drinking water crisis. Across the state, residents pay billions of dollars for clean drinking water — and we use this water only once.

Los Angeles releases its own 'Green New Deal', ensuring 100% renewables by 2045. Los Angeles met or exceeded 90% of the near-term goals from the original plan either on time or early. Now, the updated plan steps up actions in acknowledgement of climate change reaching "crisis" level.
Climate & Energy News
This project serves as a critical tool for climate adaptation and uses a science-based framework for developing adaptation strategies that are appropriate for the diverse shoreline of the Bay and that take advantage of natural processes.

A solution based approach igniting a call to action for conservation based funders in the wake of climate change and need for adaptation.

In many low-income neighborhoods, upgrading to energy-efficient lightbulbs costs more than twice what it does in higher-income areas, climate change is not always equitable.

When budgets are tight, efficiency needs to come first, efficiency in new construction is more cost effective! 
Upcoming Events & Opportunities
Funding & Resources
This grant round will fund planning and implementation of managed retreat, natural shoreline infrastructure, living shorelines and habitat enhancement projects. Applications due July 1. 

The 2019 Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers and Innovation Technologies Funding Opportunity Announcement will invest up to 47 million dollars, to allow all interested parties (universities, corporations, non-profits, national labs) to research and develop innovative technologies that will improve energy productivity, improve flexibility, security and resiliency, as well as lower energy costs. Applications due July 15th.

USDA's Sustainable Agricultural Systems Request for Applications focuses on approaches that promote transformational changes in the U.S. food and agricultural system in the next 25 years. Applications due September 26.