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Video courtesy of the SFFD
Fire erupts at apartment building in S.F. Bayview district
An apartment building in San Francisco’s Bayview district went up in flames Wednesday evening and firefighters were alerted that a 6-year-old child might be trapped inside. After an “aggressive search,” firefighters determined there was no one inside the building on the 1600 block of La Salle Avenue, said Lt. Jonathan Baxter of the San Francisco Fire Department. Fire crews were called to the scene at 6:22 p.m.
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Suspect arrested after house fire in SF’s Eureka Valley; 6 displaced
San Francisco firefighters have contained a two-alarm house fire in the city’s Eureka Valley neighborhood. The San Francisco Fire Department said they responded to 112 Eureka St just before noon. Officials say the fire was contained by 12:55 p.m. No injuries were reported. According to fire officials, police also responded to the scene for a report of a suspect armed with a knife who was seen fleeing the house fire. The suspect was later found and arrested within a perimeter of the area set up by police.

2 People Rescued from Fort Funston Cliff By San Francisco Firefighters
Two people were pulled from a Fort Funston cliff with one person suffering injuries Wednesday evening during a rescue by San Francisco firefighters. The incident began shortly before 5:30 p.m. when San Francisco Fire units responded to reports of two people seen on the cliff face waving for help. As of around 7 p.m., the two people had been pulled up from the cliff. San Francisco firefighters said Wednesday night that the people who were rescued were teenagers and that paramedics were evaluating them with minor injuries.

Inside Look at Street Crisis Team
There’s a new kind of ambulance in San Francisco. Dial 911 in certain neighborhoods, report a nonviolent mental-health crisis, and an experimental team of specialists arrive instead of the police. We spent the day watching this new team at work.

Women find career success as firefighters, construction workers
For Lt. Julie De Jarlais, Station No. 13 in San Francisco is home. It seems she was always destined to be a firefighter. "In fact when I graduated from the fire academy, my Dad made a congratulatory card with me in my little dress and my boots and my fire helmet and he just added a little badge," she said. Leah Turner grew up with her father and grandfather both in construction and she feels right at home on a construction site. You will often find her there as the operations manager of the special projects division at Turner Construction (no relation). She too says the love for building started early saying "I played with my Legos as much as I played with my Barbies. I loved to create things ever since I was a kid." Both women are finding career success in industries long dominated by men. Statistics show only 8 percent of firefighters are women. In construction, women make up 10 percent.

Firefighter injured while responding to fire in SF’s Sunset District
One firefighter was injured Friday while responding to a structure fire in San Francisco, according to authorities. Crews responded to the 1-alarm fire at 1234 26th Ave. around 5:45 p.m. The fire was quickly contained, but one firefighter was injured in the process. The San Francisco Fire Department says the firefighter will be O.K.
Photo courtesy of the SFPD
S.F. firefighters rescue motorist who drove into the bay near Marina Green
San Francisco firefighters rescued a man who is believed to have accidentally driven into the bay off the Marina Green park Sunday night, officials said. Rescue crews responded to the scene just before 8:30 p.m. The driver, a 64-year-old man, was the sole occupant of the vehicle, San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter said. The vehicle did not drift far into the bay, and fire personnel were able to walk into the waters and assist the driver to shore, Baxter said.

Roof-hopping burglar dies after getting stuck between buildings in San Francisco
Police say a burglary suspect died after being trapped between two buildings. San Francisco police officers arrived at the 2600 block of Hyde Street, near Bay Street, on Tuesday night while the burglar was moving among roof tops on the three-story residential buildings. Police say they lost the suspect but found “evidence of forced entry into a residential building.” The burglar was later found trapped between two buildings in a narrow space, and the San Francisco Fire Department was called to rescue him, police said.

Car Collision on Bay Bridge Injures Two People
On Sunday, March 7, at approximately 12:49 a.m. the San Francisco Fire Department reported that two people were injured in a car crash on the Bay Bridge on I80 E & The Embarcadero. First responders arrived on the scene of the vehicle collision and had to use a hydraulic rescue tool to extract one person trapped inside the vehicle.

1 victim rescued from SoMa fire
Firefighters saved one person from a fire on 6th St in the SoMa district on Tuesday. The San Francisco Fire Department tweeted around 11:45 a.m. to avoid the area. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Person Rescued from BART Tracks at San Francisco’s 16th Street Mission Station
A person was rescued from beneath a BART train at the 16th Street Mission station early Monday afternoon, according to transit officials. The @SFBARTAlert Twitter account posted about service at the 16th Street Mission station stopping due to a person on the tracks just after 12:30 p.m. Monday. The account later posted an update stating that the station was closed due to a “major medical emergency.” According to information on the website, the person reportedly was “stuck between train and platform” but was not struck by train. It was unclear if the person fell, was pushed or jumped. According to video posted on, San Francisco Fire Department paramedics as well as BART and SFPD police responded to the incident. The individual was pulled uninjured from the tracks by police personnel and was being evaluated by SFFD paramedics.

San Francisco Firefighters Rescue Man, 2 Dogs After 80-Foot Fall Off Fort Funston Cliff
Firefighters in San Francisco early Tuesday evening pulled a man and his two dogs to safety after they fell an estimated 80 feet down the face of a cliff at Fort Funston. The man and his two dogs fell over the cliff just north of the hang glider deck at Fort Funston at around 5 p.m. The San Francisco Fire Department’s Twitter account posted video showing part of the rescue effort. The post thanked the California Highway Patrol for helping out with their helicopter unit H32.

Video shows firefighters rescue dog from cliff at SF's Fort Funston
A dog had to be rescued Friday night at Fort Funston in San Francisco. The fire department climbed down to get the Labrador that had gone off the cliff. With ropes, one crew member was able to secure the dog and carry it to more stable ground where it could walk safely. The dog was fine, but firefighters say this is a good reminder for people to keep their pets on a leash and to remain on the trails. Officials say if your pet does get into danger, do not try to rescue yourself - Call 911 for help instead.

Invest In Your Safety Now
As City leaders deliberate the budget for Fiscal Years 2020-21 and 2021-22, it is critical to continue providing first-class service and unparalleled patient care. Please take a minute to visit our website and find out how you can Take Action.

Oakland OK's pilot program where crisis unit would respond to some 911 calls instead of police
As the nation grapples with the fallout from George Floyd's death and how to reimagine policing, Oakland city councilmembers on Tuesday unanimously approved trying out a pilot program where some 911 calls would be handled by a community crisis unit run out of the fire department. After nearly five hours of public comment and explanations about how the program might work, the council gave the green light to expedite the implementation of the "Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland," otherwise known as MACRO, from within the Oakland Fire Department.

Coronavirus Map: Tracking COVID-19 cases across California
Track the spread of coronavirus cases in the Bay Area and California and get live updates with The San Francisco Chronicle's exclusive map, the only comprehensive case tracker for the region.
California COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
California will adopt an age-based system to vaccinate residents and turn over its distribution to the health insurance company Blue Shield in an effort to speed up what has been among the slowest vaccination rollouts in the country. Meanwhile, the discovery of new variants that may spread more easily, including a mutation that took hold in the Bay Area in December, makes the rollout even more urgent to fix. San Francisco has said it wants to vaccinate all eligible residents by June; at the same time, questions have arisen over why people from out of town can get vaccinated there. Here's the latest on when and where you will be able to get a vaccine across the Bay Area. If you are scheduled for an appointment, here's what to do before and after getting the shot.

New study will help support and protect women in the fire service
As more women join the fire service, it’s imperative to understand the occupational risks involved for these women. And thanks to $1.5 million dollar grant from FEMA that will be possible. The funding will help support will help support research to examine how being a firefighter affects women’s health. “There’s the fires, the smoke that we breathe in, but it’s also the exhaust from the fire trucks, the ambulances that we get exposed to on a daily basis,” said Captain Liliana Pesqueira, the Tucson Fire Department. The study will be in partnership with the university of Arizona College of Public health, The University of Arizona cancer center and TFD. The study will include 200 firefighters in total from across the country that will take part in the study, both 100 new recruits and 100 incumbent firefighters. The study will take 3-years to conduct.

Golfer, antique car fancier, retired firefighter Phil Leanio dies at 70
Golf was but one joy of life pursued with gusto by Philip Leanio, a retired San Francisco Fire Department battalion chief who called Santa Rosa home since 1987. “He just loved golf,” said his wife, Theresa Leanio. “Whatever he did, he excelled. If he couldn’t do it 100% he didn’t want to do it.” Exploring on a motorcycle, ushering at San Francisco Giants games, helping out people less fortunate, pampering his 1940 Ford and spending quality time with his family also were cherished by Leanio, who collapsed at Petaluma’s Rooster Run Golf Club on Friday.
Remembering Our Fallen Brothers & Sisters
John Neil (Ret.)
Deceased: 3-9-21
Rank: H-20
Phil Leanio (Ret.)
Deceased: 3-7-21
Rank: H-20
Joseph Scannell (Ret.)
Deceased: 2-20-21
Rank: H-50
Robert Gregg (Ret.)
Deceased: 2-6-21
Rank: H-6

David Frisella (Ret.)
Deceased: 2-3-21
Rank: H-50
Michael Vandervort (Ret.)
Deceased: 1-16-21
Rank: H-2
John Linney (Ret.)
Deceased: 1-15-21
Rank: H-4
Maurice Murray (Ret.)
Deceased: 1-15-21
Rank: H-10

Stanley Rokes (Ret.)
Deceased: 1-12-21
Rank: H-2
Peter Roybal (Ret.)
Deceased: 1-3-21
Rank: H-40
John Sherratt (Ret.)
Deceased: 12-29-20
Rank: H-50
Gabriel Salvador (Ret.)
Deceased: 12-28-20
Rank: H-8

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