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December 22, 2020, 2020 San Francisco Sheriff's Office
Newsletter Issue 83
VIDEO: Happy Holidays from Sheriff Miyamoto
Sheriff Miyamoto Shares Public Safety Message
Dear Friends,

Recently, there have been decisions by grand juries, convened by the District Attorney’s Office, charging law enforcement members when using force to effect arrests. 

Uses of force to protect public safety and prevent harm to others are responses based on the actions of the arrestee or those in crisis. 

Our public safety agencies are trained in de-escalation techniques and practices as a part of our use of force continuum. It is not just a simple progression, but constantly, sometimes instantaneously, determining appropriate responses to the behavior and actions of those that pose a threat to themselves or others. 

As much as we prepare for crisis situations, public safety officers are human beings who have human reactions. We walk a tightrope in determining whether a use of force is appropriate, or excessive, in response to each situation.

I strongly believe in accountability for one’s actions. As the Sheriff of San Francisco, I am entrusted by the people to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the actions of all members of the Sheriff’s Office in the performance of their duties safeguarding others. 
As members of law enforcement, we are held to a higher standard in our decision making and actions. I support and stand by all members of the Sheriff’s Office whose actions reflect their training, experience, and the standards of our profession.

Accountability also applies to the behaviors of those who pose a threat to themselves, others, or public safety. There needs to be a balance in this accountability when actions are assaultive and injurious to peace officers, or are otherwise unlawfully obstructing performance of public safety duties. 

Whether in response to a call for service, crime in progress, or person in crisis, law enforcement professionals are placed in situations that may require a use of force. The balance is already tipped as we react and respond to the actions of others. It becomes very difficult to maintain public order and safety if the balance is absent. 

I am confident in our judicial system and the due process allowed to the officers recently charged. Guardians of the public trust are afforded considerations and understanding in court not afforded to them in the court of public opinion. 

Just as we look to the courts to ensure all are innocent until proven guilty, let all of us as a community ensure we do not create an imbalance that implies peace officers are guilty until proven innocent.  
Sheriff's Office Suffers Colleague Deaths
On December 2, 2020, Dep. Linton E Martin, Sr. #1772 collapsed suddenly at County Jail #3 in the line of duty. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The same day, we learned that a former deputy, Joshua Mooney #2058, died.

News of these deaths hit staff hard as it had been a mere six months since we unexpectedly lost Dep. Charles Pangasnan #1403 who died of natural causes at home. 

None of these deaths was COVID-related but our colleagues’ premature mortality may speak to the stress that we experience on the job. We do have tools to help each other including a robust and professionally trained peer support group and a new wellness app called Cordico

The Cordico app, which is available through the Apple or Android app store, gives San Francisco’s first responders easy and confidential access to the City’s 24/7 Employee Assistance Program counseling support as well as a menu of other wellness resources.

Please take care of yourself this holiday season. Even though the vaccine is coming, we must not let our guard down, especially during this surge.

Stay home if you can and avoid gathering with people outside your household. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and keep six feet between you and the next person.

While it may be cliché to say, we are all in this together -- of that I have no doubt.

Stay safe, be healthy, and be well.
Sheriff's deputies line the entrance to County Jail #3 on December 13 and present a final salute to their beloved colleague, Deputy Linton E. Martin, Sr.
SF Junior Deputy Program Launches Toy Drive
The nonprofit San Francisco Junior Deputy Program partners young people ages 7-18, with SFSO members, public safety professionals and community volunteers.

This holiday season, the Junior Deputy program is conducting a toy drive for foster youth and children of incarcerated parents.

  • To order and donate gifts from the SF Junior Deputy wish list on Amazon, please click here.

  • Be sure to select Capt. J. Sanford as the recipient when you check out.

Sheriff's Office staff and volunteers will distribute your gifts, helping these youth feel loved and included this holiday season. Thank you for your donation!
VIDEO: SF Junior Deputy Program Raises Money for N. CA Wildfire Survivors
Sheriff's Office Raises $57K
for Combined Charities
The San Francisco Sheriff's Office raised approximately $57,000 to City and County of San Francisco's 2020 Combined Charities Campaign, which benefits non-profit organizations throughout the year.

Most impressive, we enjoyed the third highest rate of participation among City agencies. Thank you to our staff for their generosity this holiday season.
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