An Urgent Message from Scott Wheeler
author, producer, former investigative journalist
and GOP Trust Executive Director 

Dear GOP Trust Member,
Democrats are bringing San Francisco to your neighborhood. Radical San Francisco, with its huge homeless drug addiction problems and radical social issues are being forced on all of us.
Leading this radical agenda is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi comes from the most radical congressional district in the country and she runs the House of Representatives--where she and her radical Democrat allies are forcing their extremist agenda on all of us.
This Congress is filled with some of the most radical Democrats in American history.
It does not have to be this way. We finally have a president who is willing to  stand up for American values--now it is our job to  defeat the radicals in the House and take Nancy Pelosi out of power  by defeating Democrats from moderate districts who voted for her.

There are about 40 districts that elected Democrats in 2018, but President Trump won those districts in 2016. That means we can flip at least 40 seats and maybe more--that is enough to take Pelosi's Speaker gavel away.

Right now, the Democrats are determined to force through controversial, immoral, radical legislation.
They are supposedly our representatives, but right now they're too busy representing extremists -- which make up a very small percentage of the American population.
They do this by claiming that you support their agenda.
Not only are Pelosi and the Democrats endorsing immorality, Americans will be affected economically as well. Income taxes will go sky high, just like they are in California. Your tax dollars will pay for free needles and perhaps even free drugs for addicts.
Illegal immigrants and people on welfare will have the same healthcare you have--and they will be treated before you, and we will all have to pay for it.
President Trump has made us energy independent, but if we do not win the next elections, San Francisco will make sure that we are paying over 10 dollars for every gallon of gas we buy.


There is good news though, we are fighting this battle right now to win the hearts and minds of uninformed voters. Moving them to our side is the only thing that will save the country now.
It must be done and we are the only ones doing it right now.

A few special friends of GOP Trust have offered to DOUBLE every donation TODAY of $100 or $500. If you are able to do that today, it would greatly help us fight Pelosi and prevent San Francisco from reaching your doorstep.
If you won't help, I'm afraid there is little GOP Trust can do.  But the fact is, if every person receiving this message responds, we can get conservatives elected and counter what the radical Democrats are doing. But we can only do it if you will join us .

Yours in Liberty,

Scott L. Wheeler
Executive Director


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