San Jacinto County is now RED!

Makes History!

Hello everyone - I finally have the time -after the dust settled- to sit down, decompress, drink a cup of coffee, and let everyone in on the historic news in our little county.

Tuesday night was electric - to say the least. San Jacinto County has been blue (some say purple) since its' inception in 1870.
Yes, you read it right 144 years of Democrat reign.

 We are now RED!

Here is the breakdown:

258th Judge  ---   was D   now R
County D.A. ----    was D   now R
County Judge --     was D   now R
County Sheriff -     was D   now R
County Clerk ---      was D   now R
County Treasurer - was D   now R

*We now hold 3 positions on Commissioners' Court (including judge).

The precinct races were tight and we loss by only a range of 95-399 votes in these races. The candidates did a marvelous job and, despite unscrupulous tactics from their opponents, they still were able to give the Dems a run for their collective lives! In fact, the opposition are already talking retirement after this cycle because they cannot imagine running against our candidates again. 
Everyone ran with honor and integrity.

Our county-wide victories were decisive. We won by margins of victory ranging from  6 points to 37 points !

Today is the third day living in a RED county. We appreciate every bit of advice and help we have received along the way.

My term in office started 6 months ago, and it has been one of the biggest challenges in my life so far, but Tuesday night was a nice way to gauge our efforts.
We have begun planning for the 2016 races (some are even talking 2018 plans as well), we hope to continue these successes and make this little county a shining example of Republican values and team effort.

We thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement.

Yours In Liberty! 

Dwayne Wright
County Chairman
San Jacinto County

~The Majority is no longer silent~

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