Luis had never used a pair of binoculars before. He was visiting the River Center on a field trip as part of the Madera Unified Sixth-Grade Program.

He lined up with his classmates at the beginning of the Hidden Homes Trail. The Trust's Education Docent gave a lesson on how binoculars can help us see wildlife a little closer, then handed each student a pair of binoculars to use.

The group set out on their nature hike, using their new skills to look at egrets, mallards, and the turtles sunning themselves on the logs in the Hidden Homes pond.

At the end of the hike, as he was returning the binoculars, Luis said, "I think I found a new hobby!"

Over the next few weeks, every sixth-grade student from Madera Unified will visit the River Center on a field trip, where they will have the same opportunity Luis did to see wildlife a little closer.

Thank you for making these experiences possible.