Last week, the River Parkway Trust's Restoration Technicians made an exciting discovery at Fresno River West. Peaking out from behind a large coyote bush was a burrowing owl that recently made its home near the H Pond on the property.

The Trust has been working to restore wildlife habitat on the property since 2015. Though our habitat restoration projects benefit many types wildlife, they are especially focused on improving habitat for riparian birds.

Burrowing owls are listed as a species of special concern in California. They nest in burrows created by squirrels and other rodents. Spotting a burrowing owl actively using the enhanced habitat at Fresno River West demonstrates the value of wildlife restoration on the Parkway.

Burrowing owls have also been spotted at Jensen River Ranch below Woodward Park. Next time you visit Jensen River Ranch, look out for burrows that have feathers near the entrance. But please don't disturb owls! Stay at least 150 feet away if you see a bird in the area.

Thank you for making the Trust's wildlife habitat restoration work possible. Your support is making a difference for our local wildlife!

Thank you to Trust Restoration Technician Josh McLaughlin for snapping the above photo of the burrowing owl.