Every day, thousands of cyclists, hikers, runners, and dog-walkers enjoy the San Joaquin River Parkway’s trails and open spaces.

Every night a different group of users comes out. If you are in the right place at the right time, you might hear the skitter of tiny raccoon feet, the flap of a beaver tail on the water, or the screech of an owl. Elsewhere along the Parkway you could listen for the soft munching of a mule deer, followed by a gentle rustle of grass as it bounds away after being startled by a bobcat or coyote.

Thousands of wild creatures call the San Joaquin River Parkway their home. Half of the River Parkway Trust’s staff spends every day creating better living quarters for local wildlife. We work with partner organizations to design habitat enhancement and restoration projects to benefit our native wildlife species, then spend several years planting trees, shrubs, and under-story plants to provide hiding places and feeding or hunting grounds for fish and wildlife.

Thank you for being a champion for the beavers, owls, mule deer, raccoons, bobcats, and the hundreds of bird species that call the San Joaquin River Parkway home. 

Photo Credit: David Hunter, Artist-In-Residence