Sheri and Tom Bohigian were traveling through Edinburgh last September. While enjoying a walk Sheri noticed a garbage receptacle with a clear directive.

“I’m a bin, drop your litter in.”

What a smart way to communicate, Sheri thought to herself. She snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook.

After returning home, Sheri mentioned this positive messaging in a conversation with the Trust’s Executive Director Sharon Weaver. Sheri served on the Trust’s Board of Directors for many years and chaired the Operations and Maintenance Funding Committee, looking for funding mechanisms for parks and green space.

Throughout 2017 Tom was actively involved in public hearings and other meetings about the Fresno River West project. During those meetings, Tom listened to many people testify about the problems of blight and litter in the river bottom. This former Fresno City Council member decided to take action solve the problem. Using what he and Sheri saw in Edinburgh, he added some trashcans at Fresno River West with proactive messages about taking care of the river.