March 2nd, 2016 
4-Alarm Blaze Destroys San Jose House Across Street From Fire Station With No Engine  
Residents displaced by a destructive four-alarm house fire in San Jose Friday afternoon were asking questions about whether the outcome might have been different if the fire station directly across the street was equipped with a working fire engine. (above photo)          CBS 5           NBC Bay Area         KGO7       KTVU2 

Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
Michael Rosingana (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 7-4-03
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Rick Wardell (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-21-11
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Robert L Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 5-7-85
Deceased: 7-9-15 
Harvey E. Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 11-6-91
Deceased: 5-8-15  
Leslie Harms (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1-5-03
Deceased: 4-10-15  
Randy Wiens (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 8-10-04
Deceased: 3-28-15   
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Macaw rescued from 4 Alarm Fire

Captain Alaniz rescues one of two pets from the 4 Alarm fire on Auzerais Ave.

San Jose: Woman dies from injuries after being hit by van while pumping gas
An elderly woman has died of injuries sustained when she was hit by a minivan Thursday while pumping gas at a West San Jose service station, police said..         San Jose Mercury News

San Jose: Caltrans dismantling homeless encampment near Rosemary Gardens  
SAN JOSE -- Crews on Monday started dismantling a "larger than typical" homeless encampment sandwiched between Interstate 880, Highway 87 and the Rosemary Gardens neighborhood, officials said.        San Jose Mercury News 


Hydrant Shut Down
Generally reserved for the junior member of the crew when a hydrant is broken it must be shut down at the valve. Photo by: @cuong_son

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LOCAL NEWS                                                                      
Firefighters prepare for butane hash oil season
Butane hash oil labs are a growing concern for law enforcement this time of the year as some look to get a stronger high from their medical marijuana plants. Fire crews said they typically see more fires because of the illegal labs during spring. "Butane hash oil season," that's the name dubbed by the Santa Cruz fire department, as drug labs are seen more often across the state during spring time. Santa Cruz fire said every year several explosions happen there. (video)      KION 5 

Fresno Firefighters Battle Dangerous Trend
FRESNO -There's a growing concern for local firefighters who are dealing with a deadly and dangerous trend, of fires destroying vacant buildings around the city. These buildings are often occupied by transients and squatters. The fire department says it costs a lot of money and time to fight these fires, and even worse, they're putting lives at risk. Now the city is trying to crack down on the issue. 
Santa Barbara Fire Department Adds Dog Rescue Harnesses for Cliff Rescues
Whether by accident or adventure, dogs are going down cliffs on ocean bluffs and finding it too hard to get back up these days.  Santa Barbara City Firefighters had to make another in what appears to be an on going flow of calls in recent weeks for dogs over the edge of cliffs. (video)      KEYT 3 
Modern furnishings up the stakes for escaping a fire
For the last several years, firefighters have noticed a stunning trend in house fires. Homes are burning faster, hotter and more toxic. (video)   KCTV5 
Squatters surprise firefighters inside vacant Seattle house 
Firefighters are always prepared to rescue those in danger, a crew responding to a reported house fire in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood found more than smoke and flames once they got inside. The firefighters ran into three squatters who appeared to be staying at the vacant house.  It turned out to be a minor fire and nobody was hurt, but the discovery of squatters raises concerns about the hazards posed by strangers illegally camping in untended properties.         KOMO News 


Structure  Fires                                                                   First Due 

2.17.16  Booksin Avenue                                             Station 6
Engine 6 arrived and requested a full first for fire extension into the wall of the school. The fire was knocked down and under control with 45 minutes. E6 requested a responsible for Booksin Elementary due to the school being closed and PG&E to assist with an electrical panel in one of the classrooms.

2.18.16  Bermuda Way                                             Station 16
Single call for a house filled with smoke. A bedroom fire was knocked down by 1104 hours and placed under control within 30 minutes.  Red Cross assisted the displaced occupants.

2.22.16 Sweet Av                                                      Station 14
Report from an alarm company reporting a residential hallway smoke detector alarm with no reset.  Upon arrival, T14 reported smoke in the structure and requested a Full1st.  T14 located an occupant inside and requested an additional ambulance for occupant patient care.

2.23.16 Story Rd                                                        Station 16
Communications received a call from Waste Connections Dispatch advising that one of their drivers had a smoldering load in their truck.  A structure response with HIT29 monitoring was dispatched.  T14 arrived on scene at 1440 and reported a dumped load on fire that was impinging on wires as well as embers threatening neighborhood roofs. The fire was knocked down at 1500. PD was requested for traffic control.

4th ALARM 
2.26.16  Auzerais                                                   Station 30
Communications dispatched a full first to a report of an unknown type fire in a residential area. Arriving units reported a working fire to the rear of the location and the call was upgraded to a second alarm at 1213 hours. A third alarm for exposure problems was called at 1225 hours. A fourth alarm was dispatched at 1245 hours. MUTAID was requested for 2 Battalion Chiefs, one to assist with the fire and the one to assist in coverage of the city. The fire was knocked down at 1326 hours and under control at 1548 hours. Red Cross was requested to assist 12 individuals. Board up was requested to assist with securing the property. No injuries were reported.

3rd ALARM  

2.27.16 Kammerer Avenue                                      Station 34
A full first was dispatched to a single call stating smoke was seen from the school.  E34 arrived and reported a large column of smoke from the center of the school and requested a 2nd alarm.  A 3rd alarm was called 30 after 1.5 hours.

4.1.16  S. 14th St                                                     Station 8
Fire communications received one call reporting a fire in the basement of a residential structure.  A Full1st was dispatched.  The arriving units reported smoke from the basement on the bravo side and assumed fire attack. The fire was under control after 30 minutes.


3.1.16 Capitol Ave/ McKee Rd                              Station 2
SJPD reported a single vehicle on the light rail tracks. A rescue response was dispatched. PD assisted with traffic control and VTA was advised to shut down the light rail tracks in both directions. A patient was treated at the scene.

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