March 21st, 2016 

San Jose Fire Deputy Chief and Council Member rescue local woman after alleged car jacking   
A carjacking suspect is in custody after Good Samaritans, including a San Jose Fire Chief and City Councilmember, wrestled him to the ground.       ABC7 

Roof partially collapses at San Jose business
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Firefighters responded to a report of a fire alarm activated in the 2100 block of Ringwood Avenue shortly after 8:30 a.m. They found a roof partially collapsed at a business in North San Jose (video)       KTVU          ABC7 


J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-1-73 
Deceased: 3-8-16

Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
Michael Rosingana (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 7-4-03
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Rick Wardell (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-21-11
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Robert L Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 5-7-85
Deceased: 7-9-15 
Harvey E. Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 11-6-91
Deceased: 5-8-15  
Leslie Harms (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1-5-03
Deceased: 4-10-15  
Randy Wiens (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 8-10-04
Deceased: 3-28-15   
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"Anxiously waiting for the return of a pumper truck at Fire Station 30! Thank you Mayor Liccardo for making this a priority and calling it out at the State of the City!"

        - Kathy Sutherland
       San Jose Resident



San Jose Public Safety, Finance & Strategic Support Committee accepts Citygate report    

On a 3-2 vote the PSFSSC finally accepted the San Jose Fire Department Organizational Review conducted by Citygate Associates.  The report now moves to the full Council on April 5th.  The report focused on Evaluating the Delivery of Fire Department Services, Evaluation of Technological Improvements as it Relates to Fire Department Response Time Performance and Evaluation of Potential efficiency's in Fire Department Operations.
This report like many before confirms the need to restore browned out companies, the historically low levels of fire fighters on duty daily and again reinforces the need to maintain the 4-Firefighter per apparatus staffing ratio.

The Executive summary of the report can be found on the city website along with a video of the meeting.

PSFSSC: March 17th     
Citygate Organizational Review Executive Summary 

4 displaced following 2-alarm fire in San Jose  
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Firefighters responded to the 3200 block of Mount McKinley Drive to reports of a fire in the backyard of a home displacing 14 people Sunday morning in San Jose, according to fire officials.               KGO7

Mayor Liccardo highlights Fire Fighter Staffing In State of the City Address

Mayor Liccardo gave his 2016 State of the City address, where he declared to applause:

"I've proposed a tax measure on this June ballot, this Council will be voting this Tuesday, to provide revenue to restore fire and police staffing and other critical services. We have the opportunity to ensure that we never again see families lose their homes to fire only a few yards away from a browned out fire station as we saw last week on Auzerais Avenue." - Mayor Liccardo

- Full State of the City Address

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In Memory..
35 years ago on March 17th, 1981, halfway through the shift on Engine 28, Captain Robert E. Sparks a 25-year veteran of the S.J.F.D. suffered a severe heart attack on duty. Members of his company performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation while rushing him to the hospital in the back of Pick Up 28. Despite the crew's gallant efforts they were unable to revive Captain Sparks and he passed away.

Captain Sparks sacrifice is recognized on the California Fire Fighters Memorial Wall in Sacramento. Memorial Wall 

LOCAL NEWS                                                                      
San Francisco firefighters leave to train rescuers in Nicaragua
Fires know no boundaries and neither do these eight San Francisco Firefighters on their way to Nicaragua. They conduct yearly training in several fire stations in the Northern part of the country.      ABC7 
Mudslide probably caused Bay Area commuter train derailment, railroad official says
A preliminary investigation shows that a mudslide triggered by days of rain probably caused a Bay Area commuter train to derail on Monday night, according to an official of Union Pacific Railroad, which owns the tracks.       LA Times 
Glitch disrupts Oakland police and fire dispatch radios
OAKLAND-- Oakland police and fire radio systems were reportedly down for at least 10 minutes Friday night, with problems continuing Saturday morning, officials said.        Inside Bay Area 

Four Rescued from L.A. River in Sepulveda Basin
ENCINO, CA - Firefighters in Encino fished out four people and three others were able to free themselves from being stranded Saturday at multiple sites along the Los Angeles River in the Sepulveda Basin.
  Encino Patch
Anaheim nurse practitioner responds to some 911 calls to help patients who don't need a hospital visit
Nurse Practitioner Victoria Morrison prepares to leave Fire Station No. 11 in Anaheim on a 911 call that appeared to be lower level and possibly treatable without a trip to the ER.        OCRegister
Redondo Beach explores taking over ambulance services
Redondo Beach officials want to bring ambulance services in-house after years of contracting with a private company.      Daily Breeze  
In Emergencies, Should You Trust a Robot?
In emergencies, people may trust robots too much for their own safety, a new study suggests. In a mock building fire, test subjects followed instructions from an "Emergency Guide Robot" even after the machine had proven itself unreliable - and after some participants were told that robot had broken down.(video)   Georgia Tech 
Stafford Co. volunteer firefighters suspended for transporting child to hospital in fire engine
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. - Two volunteer Stafford County firefighters have been suspended after they transported an 18-month old child to the hospital in a fire engine. The father of the little girl tells FOX 5 he is grateful for the actions of those two first responders, who may have saved his daughter's life.
   Fox5 DC 
State ignores fund that helps firefighters with cancer treatment
(WXYZ) - It's an epic failure by Michigan lawmakers to help our heroes. Politicians passed a law to help firefighters with cancer treatment, but they have never funded it - and firefighters are paying the price. (video)  WXYZ 
Terrifying video captures moment Lexington Firefighter helps man on fire
LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Rush hour drivers witnessed a horrific scene Wednesday afternoon after police say a man set himself on fire.           WTVQ


Structure  Fires                                                                   First Due 

2nd ALARM   
3.3.16  Casa Loma Court                                         Station 14
Communications dispatched a full first to a report of a house fire. Arriving units reported smoke and flames from a single structure. A second alarm was called and the fire was eventually contained to the single building and. Red Cross was requested for 4 individuals.

3.3.16  Amargosa Court                                          Station 24
A full first was dispatched to one call reporting an apartment fire.  E26 arrived and reported smoke from the area of a 2 story, 8 unit apartment complex.  Furniture was found to be on fire inside of one of the apartments.  One civilian was treated for injuries. 

3.4.16 Gay Avenue                                                  Station 2
Structure response dispatched after receiving one call reporting a stove fire. The call was upgraded to a full 1st for a working kitchen fire. Initial knock down was reported and the fire was placed under control.

3.7.16 Ringwood Ave                                               Station 23
E23 and T29 were dispatched to a commercial fire alarm. Upon arrival E23 advised that the roof was collapsed. USAR Taskforce was requested and responded with the lumber unit. HIT29 was also requested.

3.7.16  Warfield Way                                                Station 26
Structure Response to a report of smoke coming from a pipe after doing some welding work. E26 arrived and advised that there was fire in the wall.

3.8.16 Santa Teresa Blvd                                       Station 27
Structure Response and HIT29 dispatched to a report of a gas line that had been cut during construction. PG&E was advised. The immediate area was evacuated and PD assisted with pedestrian traffic. The gas leak was secured and the situation was placed under control.

4.10.16  Britton Avenue                                             Station 6
Full 1st Alarm to multiple reports of smoke from a house. Arriving units reported smoke coming from the eaves and subsequently a working attic fire. The incident was kept at a full first with a quick knock down.

4.12.16 South 14th Street                                      Station 8
Communications dispatched a full first after receiving one call for an electrical fire inside a house. E8 reported light smoke from the roof vents upon arrival and located a working attic fire.  Red Cross assisted with 5 displaced occupants.

4.16.16  Monterey Rd                                         Station 26
Multiple calls reporting smoke coming from a café.  A Full First was dispatched and the first arriving fire unit reported light smoke coming from the back of the business.  A fire was located inside of the structure. 

4.19.16 Alta Glen Dr.                                              Station 6
One call from a passerby reporting smoke from a building. The call was upgraded to a full1st after E6 confirmed light brown smoke from a 2nd floor window. The bedroom fire was knocked down and placed under control after 45 minutes.

2nd ALARM    
4.19.16  Mt McKinley                                            Station 21
Several calls reporting a vehicle on fire endangering a structure.  A Full First was dispatched at 0157 hours.  Subsequent calls revealed that it was an attached garage on fire.  The first arriving fire unit reported a fully involved shed with 2 other houses compromised.  A Second Alarm was requested due to the surrounding houses being threatened.  
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