May 17th, 2016 

Woman Rescued From 3-Alarm Fire At San Jose Mobile Park
An elderly woman was rescued during a three-alarm fire at a mobile home park in East San Jose.  Crews responded to multiple calls of a fire at La Buona Vita mobile home park off of North Capitol Avenue and north of McKee Road. (above photo)
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San Jose firefighters rescue man who crashed near station
San Jose firefighters scrambled to cut a man out of a car who crashed near a station. The man crashed right across the street from Fire Station 9 on the corner of Hillsdale Avenue and Ross Avenue.(video)         ABC  

San Jose Fire Fighters show their support for the SJ Sharks and the hunt for the Stanley Cup. This photo under San Pedro Square was featured on the video board for the NHL Playoffs at the Shark Tank!     Shark Tank video 

Fire destroys San Jose auto shop
A fire destroyed a San Jose auto shop Sunday night, and there is growing concern the building may collapse.The fire broke out at Tagami Auto Repair Shop on South Almaden Avenue. (video)        KTVU       NBC Bay Area 

J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-1-73 
Deceased: 3-8-16

Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
Michael Rosingana (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 7-4-03
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Rick Wardell (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-21-11
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Robert L Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 5-7-85
Deceased: 7-9-15 
Harvey E. Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 11-6-91
Deceased: 5-8-15  
Leslie Harms (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1-5-03
Deceased: 4-10-15  
Randy Wiens (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 8-10-04
Deceased: 3-28-15   
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San Jose Fire Fighters hosts State and National Leaders at Bi-Annual State Convention

A United Voice, A Shared Commitment - For four days in April, a record number of firefighters from throughout California gathered in San Jose with a united voice and a shared commitment for California Professional Firefighters' biennial convention.

Delegates took the measure of 4 top tier candidates for Governor 2018.   
                CPF Firevision Convention 2016 (video)   

San Jose leaders vow to take action after 2 fire hydrants fail to work
San Jose city leaders said they're going to take action after fire crews discovered two fire hydrants were broken as they were fighting a fire.  No one knows why the fire hydrants went unnoticed for so long. But San Jose's vice mayor said Wednesday they're going to take steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.     KGO  (video) 

San Jose Fire Fighters GO RED for Women

San Jose Fire Fighters were proud once again to support the 2016 GO RED FOR WOMEN event to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year - more than all cancers combined. Events like help to raise money and educate women that 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes.   GO RED 

 Fire Fighters take a moment to remember SJFD Hook & Ladder #1 Foreman Paul Furrier who died 110 yeras ago. He sustained life threatening injuries as a result of the Fire Station collapsing during the 1906 Earthquake, April 18, 1906.   YouTube

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LOCAL NEWS                                                                      
East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters go above and beyond
East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters literally went above and beyond the call of duty last week, aiding a local painter who tumbled from his ladder.
After prepping the man for transport to the hospital, the firefighters gained their captain's approval to complete the injured man's interior painting job for him and his wife 

Rancho Adobe firefighters rescue Charlie the horse
Rancho Adobe firefighters rescued a horse, which became pinned in a corral fencing.  Firefighters were called to the Liberty Road property and found Charlie with his back legs stuck through the piping and on the wrong side of the fence.   Press Democrat   
Firefighters rescue blind dog from steep hillside    (photos)
FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Firefighters used ropes and a harness on Thursday to rescue a blind, disabled Bernese Mountain dog who had wandered down a steep greenbelt.
  Rescuers from Federal Way Police's animal services division and South King Fire and Rescue found the dog 100 feet down a steep hillside. The dog, who weighed 100 pounds, was put in a harness and carried up a steep slope.  KOMO
Call 911 with no emergency? Mesa might send you a bill
For nearly a decade, medical professionals across the nation have watched as Mesa developed and honed alternative emergency-response units designed to more efficiently tackle increasing numbers of medical calls and curtail unnecessary emergency-room visits. (video)   AZ Central 
Paramedics More At Risk Of PTSD Than Soldiers
Paramedics are nearly twice as likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than soldiers coming back from war.  An Oxford University Study shows that 10% of paramedics are at risk of the condition, compared to between 5 and 7% in soldiers. 

Structure  Fires                                                                   First Due 

5.16.16  Lincoln Ave                                                   Station 6 
Fire Communications dispatched a structure response for white smoke from a detached garage. E13 requested a Full First upon arrival to white smoke showing. The fire was knocked down in 30 minutes.
5.15.16  Ettersberg Dr                                              Station 35
Full first response to reports of a garage on fire, first arriving unit confirmed smoke from the eaves. A family dog was rescued and the fire was knocked down at and placed under control after 30 minutes.

2nd ALARM     
5.15.16  Almaden Ave                                                  Station 3
Fire Communications received reports of a commercial building on fire. While enroute, units reported smoke showing. First unit arrived and reported a garage with a vehicle on fire. After 10 minutes a 2nd Alarm was requested. 

5.10.16 Lalor Dr                                                        Station 12
Full first to a report of a kitchen fire. Arriving units confirmed a working fire breaching the residence. One civilian was evaluated on scene for injuries and one firefighter was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

5.10.16  Heppner Ln                                              Station 13
Structure response to a report of smoke in the area of a house. Arriving units confirmed a working fire and a full first was dispatched. The call was upgraded to a second alarm within 10 minutes. One firefighter was evaluated on scene and one firefighter was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries.

5.9.16 Mineta SJC Airport                                       Station 20
2nd Alarm at the request of station 20 personnel after receiving a call from the tower that an inbound Southwest Boeing 737 reported smoke in the cockpit. The plane landed safely without incident. Light smoke was located in the cockpit and was reported to be electrical in nature.

5.9.16  East Capitol Exp                                           Station 24
Communications dispatched a single unit for a report of a grass fire. Engine 31 arrived on scene of a 20 feet by 20 feet grass fire, the call was upgraded to a Tier response.

5.8.16 Oak St                                                            Station 3
Structure response for reports of smoke seen from a school area. Battalion 1 upgraded the call to a full 1st response while en route. Engine 3 arrived on scene at 1719 hours of a large elementary school. Engine 3 reported light smoke showing from the roof and located a small attic fire in the library.

5.7.16  South 9th                                                    Station 3
A full first was dispatched to calls of smoke seen from an apartment building.  E3 arrived at 0607 hours and reported smoke visible from the 2nd floor of the apartment building.  E3 stated there would be a rescue of civilian occupants.  A 2nd alarm was called. PG&E assisted with securing utilities, Red Cross assisted with one displaced occupant. One patient was transported to a local hospital and one firefighter sustained a minor injury.

5.4.16  Dixon Landing Dr                                             Station 25
Commercial alarm at the Newby Landfill. While en route the site reported flames and smoke within the building. The call was upgraded to a full 1st response at 0517 hours. Milpitas Engine 88 arrived on scene of a commercial recycling building with a smoldering fire contained to a concrete building. The fire was placed under control at 0550 hours. No injuries were reported.    
5.3.14  S. 28th St                                                     Station 8        
Fire Communications received a caller reporting a townhouse on fire. The first arriving unit advised that it was a possible extinguished fire on the 2nd floor. Multiple patients were treated at the scene.

5.3.15  McLaughlin Ave                                            Station 26
Report of someone hitting a gas main. The first arriving unit requested a structure response. PD responded for traffic control and PG&E was requested for assistance.

5.2.16 Roberson Ln                                                     Station 5
Fire Communications received a call of smoke from a building. The first arriving unit reported a working fire in an office. A precautionary ambulance was dispatched and PG&E was requested for utilities.


5.2.16  Giannotta Way                                                 Station 2
Full First Alarm Assignment to a report of smoke and flames from a house. E19 and E2 reported two mobile home fires.  E19 reported a barn on fire B2 requested both a 2nd and 3rd Alarm . Red Cross assisted with two displaced occupants.

4.29.16 Del Mar Ave                                                    Station 4
Fire Communications dispatched a Full First Alarm Assignment to a report of smoke in an office building. E4 arrived and reported like smoke on the first floor. A small working fire was located and knocked down within 20 minute

4.29.16 Curtner Ave                                              Station 26
Report of heavy smoke and grass on fire.  E26 was dispatched.  While E26 was en route, fire communications received multiple calls as well as a report from AIR2 that a structure was being threatened. The call was upgraded to a structure response as units arriving on scene reported a slow moving grass fire, approximately 20 by 200 feet.


5.9.16 East Capitol Exp                                          Station 24 
Communications dispatched a single unit on a solo vehicle accident with the vehicle catching fire. Engine 10 arrived on scene to a fully involved vehicle fire and a 30 feet by 30 feet area of vegetation burning.  Engine 10 requested additional resources to assist including Wildland Brush Patrols. The fire was contained at after 1 hour.

4.30.16 Rue Ferrari                                             Station 27
Fire communications received multiple calls for a grass fire. The first arriving unit advised it was a fire an acre in size moving a slow rate of spread. A TIER response was requested and the fire was placed Under Control at after 45 minutes.


5.4.16 Meridian Ave.                                                   Station 6 
An employee at the Indian Health Center reported that a small container of a chemical used in dental procedures was spilled, and that occupants reported feeling dizzy.  E6 arrived and determined the nature and scope of the issue, requested the response of additional companies, chief officers, the HAZMAT team and County ambulance resources.  Based on initial reports, an ambulance task force was requested and responded.  A total of 14 people were decontaminated at the scene and transported to local hospitals for further treatment


5.15.16 Malone Dr                                                     Station 35 
Fire Communications received reports of a vehicle into a tree, with possibly one person trapped. A rescue response was dispatched, and the first unit arrived on scene. Patient was extricated from the vehicle and unfortunately did not survive.

5.13.16 Gimelli Way                                                       Station 2
Communication dispatched a single unit on a report of a vehicle accident. After multiple calls reporting a possible entrapment the call was upgraded to a rescue response. Engine 2 arrived and confirmed a total of 3 patients with 1 trapped inside the vehicle. One of the vehicles was partially blocking the VTA Light Rail tracks and VTA was advised to suspend light rail service.  The patient was extricated and the incident was placed under control. Light Rail service was allowed to resume within 45 minutes.

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